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Top 10 Indoor Cannabis Strains

Published: December 27th, 2019

Not everyone can (or wants to) grow cannabis outdoors. Maybe you are living in a nosey neighbourhood or your climate just isn’t optimal for an outdoor grow. No sweat! These days, many people choose to grow cannabis indoors, where they can enjoy the privacy and discretion of cultivating top cannabis at home.

Then again, not all cannabis seeds are equally suited for indoor growing. For example, you wouldn’t want to select strains known to reach gigantic heights if space is limited. Moreover, how long it takes your plant to reach harvest can also impact strain selection. After all, you’ll be supporting your indoor plants using artificial lighting and other cost-intensive resources. The longer the grow phase, the more expensive your operation. Then again, monster yields from plants that take longer to flower can sometimes make up for any dents in the energy bill.


Here is our list of the top 10 indoor cannabis seeds. We’ve listed these seeds in no particular order—the best way to find your personal favourite is to read the descriptions and try the ones that look most appealing. You can source each of these fabulous cannabis seeds via our partner website,


Purple Punch by Barney’s Farm is a cross between Granddaddy Purple and Larry OG. Combining some of the best US West Coast genetics, this 90% indica shines with enormous potency and a superb taste.

There are several things that make this gorgeous plant great for indoor cultivation. She won’t get taller than 90cm, so she is perfect for any kind of tent. Despite her compact size, Purple Punch will reward you with an incredible yield of up to 700g/m², thanks to her numerous robust side branches. A short bloom phase of 50–60 days is another welcome plus. Smoke Purple Punch, and you will experience a fantastic indica effect, which is no surprise given that she contains a whopping 25% THC. Take a hit, and she will caress you with deep waves of relaxation and a deliciously sweet and fruity aroma.


Super Skunk Automatic by Sensi Seeds is the autoflowering version of Skunk #1, a strain that, ever since the early ‘70s, has delighted growers and smokers with many great qualities. Not that the photoperiod version is difficult to grow—far from it—but the automatic variant of this legendary strain is just perfect for a small indoor operation, where she makes a great figure in tents, closets, and other small spaces.

A great advantage of autoflowers like Super Skunk Automatic is that you don’t need to bother switching light cycles, and can simply keep them under 18–24 hours of light from seed to harvest. After only 7–9 weeks, you can look forward to a respectable amount of resin-drenched flowers from SSA. Her Afghani roots ensure a super-relaxing stone that makes Super Skunk Auto the perfect strain to enjoy at the end of a long day.


Bubba Island Kush by Dutch Passion is a cross between Granddaddy Purple, OG Kush, and pre-‘98 Bubba Kush that impresses with good potency, top flavour, and massive resin production—ideal for making hash and concentrates!

Indoor growers will like that this indica-dominant hybrid doesn’t get too tall. She will stay below 100cm indoors, so she is very manageable regardless of spatial limitations. With a short flowering time of only 7.5 weeks, you won’t need to wait long until harvest, where you will be able to fill your bags with plenty of sparkling and incredibly resinous buds. When you can finally set a light to this girl, you will enjoy comforting Kush earthiness that she blends with fruity and sour notes. As you would expect from a top Kush like her, Bubba Island Kush will gift you with a fabulous and extremely relaxing stone.


Super Silver Haze by Zamnesia Seeds is a legendary sativa that, unlike some others, is uncomplicated and easy to grow. This makes her one of the few Hazes that’s also well suited to less experienced growers. And, of course, this cultivar has the potential to really shine indoors. This cross of Haze, Skunk, and Northern Lights also scores with good potency (20% THC) and a superb Haze high.

Super Silver Haze isn’t the most compact strain on this list, but given that she only reaches a medium height, she should still fit in most grow tents. Despite her slightly taller stature, she features a short flowering period for a Haze of about 9–10 weeks, with a respectable yield of up to 550g/m². Set a light to the herb, and enjoy a very potent, sweet and spicy smoke with a heady high that’s energetic and uplifting—a phenomenal mood lifter that’s great for stress!


It shouldn’t come as a shocker that Easy Bud by Royal Queen Seeds is really, well, quite easy. Even those new to growing can see good results with this autoflower (55% indica, 15% sativa and 30% ruderalis) no matter where and how they grow her.

Not exceeding 50—60cm in height, Easy Bud is just the right plant for the smallest of spaces. Impatient growers will like that she delivers in a blazingly fast 8–9 weeks after germination. With 12% THC, Easy Bud may not be the strongest strain, but this shouldn’t be viewed as a negative. The strain is very capable of inducing a nice body high; and thanks to her mild potency, you can enjoy each and every toke of her intense, sweet and skunky notes without needing to put her down. She is a fabulous smoke for some nice chilling in the evening, and great for watching movies.


Chocolope is one of DNA Genetics’ most popular strains. This multi-award-winning sativa isn’t just easy to grow (allowing newcomers to get their feet wet with a top sativa); as a cross between Original Chocolate Thai and Cannalope, Chocolope has a delicious taste and induces a superb high.

When your grow Chocolope indoors, she may stretch a bit taller than some other strains, but with a little training you can easily keep her under control. After a flowering period of 8–10 weeks, get ready to harvest up to 600g/m². One of Chocolope’s biggest highlights is her flavour. Unlike most Hazes, where the flavours are normally dominated by citrus notes, Chocolope sends you right back to the ‘80s with her amazing retro Chocolate taste! She adds to this a dazzling high that is happy and uplifting. Chocolope has already won 10 prestigious cannabis awards, including High Times Strain of the Year 2007, 1st place at Hydro Highlife Cup 2008, 2nd place at High Times Sativa Cannabis Cup 2010, and many more!


Industrial Plant by Dinafem, a cross between the popular Northern Lights and select Skunk varieties, was developed as the perfect strain to grow indoors. Get ready for record-breaking yields of some of the finest-quality cannabis!

Industrial Plant is a balanced hybrid (50% indica, 50% sativa) that grows vigorously and requires very little maintenance. In good conditions indoors, the plant performs like a well-oiled machine, rewarding you with up to 625g/m² of top buds after a super-short 45–50 days of flowering. Her resin-drenched flowers delight with a variety of citrus, spicy, and skunk notes. With a THC level of 10–14%, she isn’t overwhelmingly strong, but potent enough to induce a powerful yet pleasantly balanced high. She will relax you and plaster a huge smile on your face. A superb all-rounder smoke you can enjoy at any time!


Sticky Beast Automatic by Zamnesia Seeds brings us the best from three immensely popular cannabis strains. The delicious Bubble Gum, the famous OG Kush, and the profit-yielding Critical Auto have joined forces to create a spectacular hybrid that’s perfect for the indoors.

Seeing that Sticky Beast Automatic is autoflowering, she makes the growing process pretty much hassle-free. At a height of just 40–80cm, she can fit even in very small tents. Despite her small size, you can expect a respectable 400g/m² after a super-short 8 weeks from germination. The strain packs 18% THC, so her effect hits fast and lingers for quite some time. Being indica-dominant, she produces a very relaxing high with an uplifting note, which makes her an awesome nighttime smoke for eliminating stress. She blends sweet and earthy notes for a very pleasant smoke.


Northern Light x Big Bud Ryder by World of Seeds is an autoflower that shines with a whole lot of great qualities. No surprise there, given that the strain combines the iconic genetics of Northern Light with the profit-yielding Big Bud!

The fact that Northern Light x Big Bud Ryder is autoflowering doesn’t just do away with the hassle of needing to switch your lighting schedule, but also ensures a very fast life cycle of only 55–60 days. The plant can reach a height of 150cm, churning out very good yields of 450–600g/m². Smoke Northern Light x Big Bud Ryder to enjoy an aroma and taste that blends sweet pineapple notes with refreshing citrus. With 21% THC, she is very potent and will deliver an incredibly relaxing high.


Blue Dream by Humboldt Seeds, a cross between the mouth-watering Blueberry and Haze, is one of the most popular strains in California, and the world for that matter. This gorgeous plant makes for an awesome figure in any grow room with her developing bluish hues. Get ready for incredible flavour and a wonderfully balanced high!

Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid that grows fast and vigorously—ideal for indoor cultivation. After 65–70 days of bloom, she’ll develop massive clusters of big buds loaded with 18% THC. She starts you out with a heady and uplifting sativa effect, which after some time turns into a nice indica stone for ultimate relaxation. Her flavour is top-notch as well, as she blends the sweet notes from her Blueberry parent with the earthy and sour citrus flavours from Haze.

Discover ten of the best cannabis strains to grow indoors. With this list of great cannabis strains, you shouldn’t have trouble finding your favourite!