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This nifty and secretive way to consume marijuana consists of 2 parts: the base of the vaporizer, which is the battery pack (it really resembles a pen and is typically small and lightweight), and the cartridge itself, which is packed full of a marijuana-based liquid that is manufactured using specialized production techniques. In order to take a hit, all that you need to do is connect the cartridge to the battery pack, place your mouth over the piece and inhale. It is actually this simple, and best of all there is almost NO SMELL at all.

Likewise, this method does not produce heavy vapor, so practically no one will even be able to tell that you are enjoying yourself some fresh green, unless of course they know what to look for. Once the cartridge is empty, you just toss it out and connect a new one. Cartridges and pens do sometimes arrive in different measurements, but many companies use the universal size, which is called a 510 thread. Be sure to check the descriptions from your manufacturer before commiting to the purchase of a cartridge. These concentrate-packed selections are produced after dried flower is processed down into a gooey and sticky substance using specialized techniques. It typically contains somewhere around 60% THC, so a little goes a very long way. Sometimes, taking a few hits off a cartridge is comparable to a “weak” dab, (although no properly made dab is actually weak). The price point of a concentrate cartridge in a legal state, say on the West Coast of the USA, is usually somewhere between $40-$80 per one gram of concentrate, and even if this may seem expensive, it is really quite reasonable, because the THC concentration is dense and even just a hit or two will get you pretty damn high. A multitude of cartridges are available for purchase, some being lower-end, while others sit at the top shelf.

It is vital to do some research and figure out what options would be best for your own needs, tastes and requirements. What to Beware of When Purchasing Cartridges of Concentrate: The two primary aspects to look out for when purchasing a cartridge of marijuana concentrate are both related to purity. Glycerin and flavoring agents are sometimes added into these connectable packs, which not only cuts down the quality of the cannabis itself, it is oftentimes used to cover up something that is not right. For some, the flavoring agent is actually desired, which is perfectly fine, but if you just want pure weed, you have to know what signs to recognize. Regarding glycerin, no one probably wants this, because it lowers the potency of the THC content and in some ways it means you are getting ripped off, but definitely not as ripped. Additionally, some studies hint that glycerin may not be very good for your overall health, especially in a region like the lungs. What may seem shocking is that manufacturers of concentrate cartridges do not actually have to state if there are additives in their formulations, so the only way to know is to look out for certain tell-tale factors. If you take a hit of your concentrate and it resembles some sort of strong flavor, whether that be candy, cream, tropical, cotton candy, or any of the above, it means that it has been cut with some type of inorganic flavoring agent, which is likely to be artificial. If, after taking a puff, you are able to exhale a massive plume of smoke, the concentrate is likely cut with glycerin. When you tilt the cartridge itself, the liquid should be quite thick and viscous. If it seems like it is thin and moving around a lot in the container, it is likely cut with glycerin. Search for companies that produce marijuana cartridges with only pure cannabis; these will often be recommended by your dispensary or budtender, and the professionals here will (hopefully) steer you in the right direction. Which Weed Pens are Worth Purchasing and are Discreet?: Even if many brilliant weed pens exist on the market, here are 5 options that are discreet and have become some of our favorites: 1. Galaxy Mercury Vaporizer by Kandy Pens : High-quality, handmade design, with dual quartz rods, titanium coil and a quartz crystal chamber. 2016 “Best Vaporizer” High Times Magazine award winner. Pax 3 by PAX : Over 1 million sold devices and many satisfied customers, meaning the device is produced by a reputable company. Can be used for both loose-leaf and concentrates, allowing for greater versatility. Very high-end pricing costing between $199.99 and $249.99. Not as sleek and discrete a design as some of the other products on this list. Check out the best prices over at www.paxvapor.com. The Disposable Oil Vape Pen by Honey Stick: Inexpensive option, costing only $12.50. Convenient for those who are on the go or travelling and do not want to make a big financial commitment.

Disposable and must be thrown away once cartridge has been emptied, but considering the price this might be OK. Features a flavor, which may not be desired by all buyers. Ares by Linx Vapor: Free shipping on orders over $60. Dual temperature adjuster, allowing high or low temperatures. Sleek and discrete design that appears like a stainless steel office pen.

Expensive, costing $109.95, but you are paying for top quality. Only can be used along with concentrate cartridges, which is limiting for some.


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