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So far. So good. So what? HUMIDIPAK CURE.

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Jarred three of my four plants on the 1st of March(fourth plant, cotton candy still flowering, damn sativas).

Decided to go the humidity pack route for cure for the first time. Can’t really find much info on humidipak cures so I just said f-it and will give it a try. I have read some threads mostly on other forums with people saying you should only use humidipaks after cure for long-term storage, and some saying you need to burp others say no burping, some say you need the 75%, another the 65% and another the 62% packets, and some say don’t use them at all. Seems like if you want something done you have to do it yourself.

Now I’m not a gardening master nor do I put out large quantities at harvest but I have been growing this plant for about 6-7 years mostly on and off but about 2 years straight now with my 1 month perpetual setup finished just beginning the harvest before this one. I care about quality, from aroma to potency to taste. About the only avenue in the entire grow process I wish to experiment with, other than added CO2 in the near future mainly in a attempt to gain yield, is the curing process. I’ve done all the tricks in veg(different light schedules, pruning, lst) all the tricks in flower(more pruning, ice water flush, flush, no flush, dropping temps last few weeks, low rh, 24-72 hours of darkness at harvest, 24-48 hours darkness at 12/12 switch, mh mixed in with hps, ect, ect.) and I’ve tried all the tricks in dry(hanging entire plant, hanging by each branch, brown bag, high temp low humidity, low temp high humidity, short dry, long dry, ect). Most everything out of the ordinary has been pure bullshit in my experience.

Anyway. For curing I’ve always done it the same. Glass mason jars mostly full in dark cool place, burped about once a day for 15 minutes for a week then less often over time. I have smoked 3 day cured weed and 1 year old cured weed. More time in cure and storage is definitely a positive all around, no doubts there. So here I go with Humidipak cure.

THC Bomb, White Queen, NL x BB, and Cotton Candy whenever she decides to finish.

Did fan leaf removal one day before cut. Harvested, trimmed well once don’t plan to trim again. Hang dried three strains for 8 days at 68 degrees/55-65% RH in custom dry room with darkness and proper ventilation/air circulation.

Here are a few pics of it jarred up. Forgive me for the jar labeling, I’m usually much more anal and have precut circle labels I tape to lids but I was in a hurry. I’m good at eying the dry yield and I guess the three plants(not counting the 350+ grams of popcorn and trim I got) at about 1 lb 1 oz. I will take close-up pics of buds and weight before I store.
First pic shows hygrometer/humidity gauge in 1/2 full jar at 62% RH after 85 hours in unburped jars. Each 32 oz. widemouth mason jar has only two small 62% humidipaks in them, one at very bottom one in middle. I believe they advertise the small packs for 4 grams of herb. I think this is BS so I only threw in two small packets for up to 30+ grams in each jar. So far it’s all good. Just for shits and giggles I burped my jars after I took pics. I left them open for about 20 minutes. It’s now been 1 hour maybe and another random jar I took about half the weed out to fit in gauge(I just ordered two small hygrometers) and it is reading, 62%.

So far these packs are working well. Upon opening jars for first time in almost 4 days the aroma is amazing. Definitely a stronger smell then usual. I have done THC Bomb before and it has this specific sweet smell to it, and it’s much more intensified now using the paks and not burping for so long. No signs of mold, condensation, fogginess or any other typical signs of there being too much moisture inside a sealed glass jar. Buds are of course sticking together as they are caked with trichs and fit it somewhat tight. The bigbud nl smells great but hard to describe and the white queen smells like strong mint. Very strong aroma from each and every jar.

I will continue to monitor RH levels and condition of bud. If the peeps waiting on this bud absolutely need it ASAP I will at least keep one jar of each strain so I can do a long-term test. Time will tell.

EDIT-I’m using the medium packs, not small.

Jarred three of my four plants on the 1st of March(fourth plant, cotton candy still flowering, damn sativas). Decided to go the humidity pack route for…