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Churning weed in a bucket may be everyone’s cup of tea, so here is the easy choice – a bubble hash machine. There’s a washer-spinner in the bottom of the machine that agitates the cold water and herb together. After the automatic process is complete, simply pour the stirred ice, weed and water mixture into the filtration ‘bubble bags’ to produce your hash extract. Bubble Bag Dude’s bags are the original best bubble bags, made in the USA.

Although the price is slightly higher than imports, the durability and long life of these bubble bags makes them worth the price. With a range of different screen sizes for ice hash production, the iPower 5-gallon hash bags are a good, cheap buy for a lot of bubble bags. They are made of strong waterproof coated nylon material. Bubble hash bag screens are color coded and are sized as follows: Purple: 25 Micron, Yellow: 73 Micron, Green: 120 Micron, Red: 160 Micron, and Blue: 220 Micron. This may be a lot for the hash maker to deal with, but many hash connoisseurs want to be able to have the finest of the finest when it comes to bubble hash. The many filtration screen sizes of these bags lets you divide hash material into separate quality batches. Easy to use, easy to clean and reuse, plus freebies like the others. A cheaper option for those wanting to get a full collection of bubble hash bags. Geneva Barns Herbal Ice Bubble Hash Bag Essence Extractor Kit.

A surprisingly high-quality and best reviewed product for its really low price, the Geneva Barns hash bubble bags gives you the standard 5-set bubble hash bags kit for making ice water hash extractions. Years ago you would pay hundreds of dollars for bags like this at your local headshop. Nowadays, you can replace them online for a few bucks. The Geneva Barns bubble hash bags have everything you need to get started producing potent ice hash minus the bucket, water, ice, something to stir with and of course herb (all explained in the instructions below). BUBBLEBAGDUDE All Mesh 5 Gallon 8 Bag Hash Ice Extractor Kit. Another type of bubble bags that the Bubble Bag Dude offers are the all-mesh bag kits that drain faster and hold up to even the coldest of freezing temperatures. These bubble bags last long, yield better and drain quicker than many of the other cheaper models, which you might be holding up for a long time when processing big loads. While the mesh bags are a little more expensive, they drain and process ice hash in double the time it normally takes. The color coded bags are equipped with micron screen sizes: 220, 190, 160, 120, 90, 73, 45 and 25. Most people just use one bucket when they are making hash. I will instruct how to use two buckets, in order to speed up production, get better yields and a longer lifespan out of the bubble bags. You’ll need to buy another bucket, but it’s well worth it for those who are making bubble hash often. This ‘two bucket method’ is explained here: DIY Bubble Hash Making Instructions. 2 same sized buckets (1 gallon or 5 gallon) bubble bag kit cold water and ice a stirring stick (stick, broomstick, power tool) 25 micron pressing mesh screen towel a spoon cannabis (leaf, trim, buds) Bucket 1 : Use bucket 1 for filtering. Line the bubble bags into the inside of this bucket, using the fine screened small micron bags first at the bottom and the larger screened micron bag last on top. Bucket 2 : Use bucket 2 for stirring the cannabis material together with the ice and water. The benefit of using a separate bucket is you can really work it without damaging any bags inside that you’d need to replace otherwise. 1.) Add your cannabis buds or trimmings into bucket 2, along with some ice cubes and water. Using only ice cubes with no water will make it hard to stir, but the colder you get it the easier it is to knock trichomes off. So try just adding a bit of water until you can start to work it. “Pinchy” buds, leaf and a few nice buds in a 5 gal bucket. 2.) With your stirring stick or broomstick, put it in the bucket and start churning the cannabis and ice water mixture together. This will knock off the trichomes and release them into the water, which will be filtered, collected and dried after this to produce bubble hash. What’s great about using the two bucket method is you don’t have to worry about hitting the bottom or sides of the bucket, which damages bubble bags if they are lined in there already.

3.) Keep stirring the mix for a good 10 minutes or longer. Sometimes the weed will stay compressed in the bottom, so flip and stir thoroughly. If you mix too hard you’re just going to get the fine particles of leaf filtered thru into your hash, so consider a good medium level of stirring. Some people like to use kitchen appliances or power tools to help stir.

When you are ready to do a filter run, bring your bucket 2 mix over to bucket 1.


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