how to use a hookah with weed

How to use a hookah

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Hookahs or Shishas are everywhere nowadays, with many bars stocking them; a flavored hookah goes along greatly with a few drinks. Bars usually have a wide range of flavors in their hookahs, but they don’t stack them with cannabis or hash. If you have a hookah at home, you can enjoy it when friends come over and you can also fill it with weed or hash. Today we’re going to show you how to use a hookah and how to set it up; it takes just two minutes to start smoking.

How to use a hookah or shisha

In order to use your hookah, you’ll need to open it up and fill the base with water, if possible cold, or you can add in a few ice cubes. You’ll need to fill it up over the tube, which is where the smoke comes through. This smoke needs to filter through the water in order to cool down. The more water the smoke has to go through, the cooler it’ll be. This means that larger bongs tend to produce more pure and cooler smoke. If you have a small hookah, you will need to use incredibly cold water or else the temperature of the smoke may make it uncomfortable – large hookahs will do with tap water.

Fill the top bowl up with whatever you’re going to smoke; flavored tobacco, cannabis or a mixture of both. Make sure not to pack it too much; the smoke needs to be able to go down through the holes and if it’s too packed you may block them up.

What can you smoke with a hookah?

Flavored Tabaco comes with a mixture of cane fibers, molasses, sugars and additives used to give it flavor. This “tobacco” doesn’t contain tobacco or nicotine at all, which means that it contains no additive substances.

If you want to smoke flavored tobacco, you can add some cannabis or hash for a more personal touch; they’re perfectly compatible. You’ll need to use coal for burning, unlike a bong.

Many people use hookahs like normal pipes or bongs, although you need to have a decent torch and you’ll be wasting a bit of your cannabis or hash. If you use coal, your mixture will last a lot longer and it’ll be ready to smoke in seconds. If you wet the tobacco very slightly it’ll last much longer, too, allowing you to enjoy your weed for longer if mixed with the tobacco.

How do you light a hookah?

In order to properly use the coal, cover the bowl with tin foil (with the tobacco/weed inside) and then make small holes on the top using a perforator. This allows the heat from the coal to go through the holes down to the bowl.

If you use a metal cover, you won’t have to use tin foil, which can run out and that can be a pain on a Sunday afternoon. All you have to do is clean it and let it dry – it’ll be ready to use again in no time.

You’ll need a pair of prongs to grab the coal, as it’ll be red hot when in use. Trying to heat it up with a lighter is quite a waste of time; it’ll take forever and it won’t light properly. You can easily heat it up with a torch, a gas heater or the kitchen range.

You can also use a double bowl, which allows you to combine two different flavors or even hash and cannabis, or even two different cannabis strains. There’s plenty of options, we recommend trying out different mixes and finding out which one you like the best.

You’ll need to make sure that the hoses are fully attached – if any air gets in, you won’t be able to take a hard enough drag for the smoke to reach your lips.

Hookah’s come with air valves on the hoses. If you unscrew it you’ll see a little ball inside which acts as a filter. Depending on how tight this filter is screwed in, the air flow will be more or less intense.

If you want, you can attach a joint to this hole in order to give your hookah a little spice. Keep in mind that it’ll smoke super-fast and the smoke produced from it won’t be cooled down by the water. This combination of smokes, the cooler and hotter smoke, makes for quite an interesting sensation and the flavors combine spectacularly. It also produces quite an intense effect, so keep an eye on that joint.

How to use a Hookah | Hygiene and Aftercare

It’s always a good idea to use a mouthpiece when smoking, as hookahs tend to have metal mouthpieces which don’t taste too well. It’s also much more hygienic when smoking with friends – each person should have their own mouthpiece, and they’re not that expensive at all. If everyone has their own, you can smoke comfortably without accidentally getting someone else’s spit in your mouth.

Once you’ve finished using your hookah, you’ll need to take it apart and clean it properly or else the next time you use it, it may not taste that nice. If you clean it while it’s still warm it’ll be much easier than when it’s cold. If you don’t feel like cleaning it after using it, you can do it the next day using hot water or alcohol and a bit of salt.

As you can tell, it isn’t that hard to use a hookah as long as you have the right materials. You can still make your own, though, although it’ll never be quite the same. Until next time!

Today we're going to talk about how to use a hookah correctly; it can be done easily at home and you'll be ready to smoke in just a couple of minutes!