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About fifteen minutes into my session I realized how extremely squinty-eyed I'd become. And, once I realized I also had a Huge grin on my face I got to giggling at the thought of how goofy I must've looked. Second bowl in and I'm high AF, have slits for eyes, I'm grinning from ear to ear, giggling occasionally, at absolutely nothing. In a complete state of euphoria and I'm thinking, "shall I smoke a THIRD bowl?", having already decided that was definitely going to happen! Hands down, my new favorite for kicking insomnia's ass to the curb!

Got some in a BOGO pre roll it's a mellow evening buzz easy going taste and exhale I would try some in a bong but for a penny I got a whole gram in a PR very relaxing my body feels separate from my head that's off of half I'll save the last hits for sleep. One would assume that the strain White Cookies would look white from a dense covering of trichomes, but this is only half true. While the calyxes of White Cookies are, in fact lightened with trichomes, this strain also has a plethora of fiery orange pistils that give it vivid color. Scent and taste are reminiscent of sweet wildflowers with a dash of creamy confectionary. Its no wonder since its parent strains are a cross between White Widow and Girl Scout Cookies. Reviewers have stated that White Cookies enhanced their mood while curbing their symptoms of chronic stress and pain.

Some note that White Cookies might make the mind a little foggy, but in a pleasant way that eliminates negative or racing thoughts. Others experienced the munchies so having snacks around might be a good idea. There are a lot of marijuana producers who are trying to separate their cookie strain from the competition. As a result, brands are starting to cross it with exotic strains in an effort to stand out in the cannabis industry. It’s a genetic combination of White Widow and Girl Scout Cookies strains, which makes for a wonderful concoction. Currently, many believe it to be one of the best strains on the market. White Cookies is an indica-dominant hybrid strain of marijuana. It’s a cross between White Widow and Girl Scout Cookies that was originally bred by the Canadian seed bank, Crop King Seeds. The idea was to combine the best of a classic strain with the best of a popular favorite. The White Cookies strain is 60% indica and 40% sativa. The seed bank lists the strain as containing 19.25% THC and 0.75% CBD. Featuring a very strong and potent THC level, White Cookies weed is best to be enjoyed by experienced users. Beginners and users with a low tolerance should be cautious of the dose they use to avoid couch-lock. Although White Cookies is an indica strain, the THC content is more in line with a sativa-dominant strain, so it offers users the best of both worlds. You can expect this strain to give you an uplifting euphoria that relaxes the body, enhances the mood, and relieves pain. A combination of both its parent strains, White Cookies, begins with a head rush of a high that’s both euphoric and relaxing. Many users find themselves becoming more social and giggly after taking a hit, with all their worrisome thoughts being completely erased. White Cookies definitely makes users feel stoned and will leave you feeling relaxed. Due to its well-balanced high, White Cookies is good for day and evening use. Something important to note is that some users experience extreme munchies after smoking White Cookies. So keep some snacks close by and in large quantities. This strain is not easy to find in dispensaries, so when you get your hands on it, be sure to stock up. The taste and effect are so good that it may even be worth growing your own. White Cookies has an earthy scent, along with a pungent, nutty lemony aroma. It’s described as being a rather complex yet satisfying aroma, with top notes of pepper and herbs, moving down to a full body of chocolate, and lastly, dank and earthy base notes.

The White Cookies strain has a sweet vanilla flavor and features a hint of minty chocolate. It also packs a tantalizing hint of peppery spice, which works wonderfully at cutting through its sweeter leanings. For the most part, the taste is like the lovely Girl Scout Cookies flavor – full of chocolate, mint, vanilla, as well as rich buttery hints. A lot of people would assume that White Cookies would look white because of a dense covering of trichomes, but this is only half true. Although the calyxes of the strain are lightened with trichomes, White Cookies also has a multitude of fiery orange pistils that give it a vivid color. The nugs of White Cookie are typically a minty green color with the yellowish-orange accents from the trichomes. Buds are small to medium-sized and feature layers of trichomes, which gives it a white appearance. White Cookies is a relatively moderate strain for home growing.

It has a short flowering period of only 9 to 10 weeks and brings about decent yields of between 200 to 400 grams, depending on the conditions. It’s an option that’s great for either indoor or outdoor cultivation and features plants that get to the one-meter tall mark. White Cookies has an outdoor harvest time of mid/end September, which makes it a feasible choice for outdoor growers in a lot of Europe.


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