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Wirkung: Die LSD ist das ein gutes Beispiel dafür, dass die Genetik nur nach ihrer Wirkungsweise selektiert worden ist. Die Wirkung der Sorte war sehr stark anregend und trippig. Insgesamt hat mich der Effekt eher an Sativas erinnert als an Indicas.

Ich kann mir vorstellen dass der Effekt selbst erfahrene Raucher überfordern kann. Direkt nach dem Rauchen fühlt man sich zunächst im Kopf fokusiert und leicht entspannt an. In dieser Phase nimmt man jedes Geräusch oder jede Sinneswahrnehmung viel intensiver wahr !! Im Anschluss daran ist man kurzzeitig total überdreht (also energie geladen) und man fühlt sich geisitig verwirrt an. Danach folgt eine Phase in der die Sorte total Gedanklich anregt. Insgesamt fühlt man nach dem Rausch etwas verspult an. Ein Freund von mir hatte beim Konsum der Sorte leider paranoide Gedanken. Daher empfehle ich die Sorte nur zu konsumieren, wenn man erstens Zeit hat zweitens sich nicht in Menschenmassen aufhält.

Fazit: Die LSD war eine langsam wüchsige und sehr kleine Indica Sorte mit einem einem mittleren Ertrag. Auf Grund des starken Effekts und der schlechten Wuchskraft kann ich die Sorte jedoch nur erfahrenen Growern weiterempfehlen. I used a led that was 600 something watts equal to 1000 wts. Which made me have to tuck the fan leaves a lot to get it good. Also very strong, has a musky outdoor skunk flavor that is very earthy and musty and then serious sweat skunk in it. I would recommend taking off 30 percent of fans before flower. Because it's one of those hard to get all buds sites to grow like a Christmas tree. I would supercrop but it was a fem and they herb everytime on me. Had 5 seeds 4 sprouted accidentaly killed one 3 grew fine one seemed to be less than normal yeild. Easy to grow low nutes as she dosent like high dosage. grew fast 50-60 days one ripend sooner than the other 3 it was the one with low yeild. The first time i smoked her and was very high not reccomended for people with paranoia. Once u get used to the dosage u can enjoy a very powerful trippy high. Very strong strain not reccomended for novice tokers/vapers. high - 9 very powerful not reccomended for begginers. Never had any problems with hermaphrodites from seed (feminized)like so many others claim to have. Big buds you want to support for more weight and thick compact buds. And don»t let your humidity run high at the end of your flowering, or you can get mold I«m a Haze connoisseur so I tend to pass on most Indica but LSD has this incredible taste like no other (someting different). short , compact, slowly blossoming indica-pheno is not good for beginners..and can have problrms with mold and fungal diseases. All failed to sink when soaked and none germinated. I»ve been growing for many many years and my germination rate is usually 90-100%. I«ve had problems with Barneys seeds before (Acapulco Gold) so i probably won»t use them again which is a shame because they produce some great strains but what«s the use in that if you don’t take care with your seed production? One tip though: do not cut the fresh growth to have more main buds. I have had no problems with this plant.She was from a feminised seed and responds quite well to all growing conditions.Added another Phenotype since nobody had the Indica dominant type.

Tall, lanky, stretched, ok looking bud but not nearly as much as with pheno #1. Best pheno out of 10 feminized seeds was the best plant in the garden of 30 girls. Yields SUPERB of VERY HIGH quality bud, but needs a bit of space too.

Hermied from feminized seeds in the first week of flower. Available in feminized seed form only, this plant was made by crossing Barney's favorite in-house Skunk strain with a potent Mazar, resulting in a fairly heavy Indica plant that manages to retain some of the Sativa head effects from the Skunk. A hearty plant that resists disease and mold, it definitely gets its structure and height from the Afghani side of its lineage rather than the Skunk, though it is also a good producer thanks to the hybrid vigor of the cross.


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