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One of the most important actions you need to do to blowing smoke rings is to keep the smoke in your mouth and slowly push the smoke out. One of the most frequently asked questions by cigarette or tobacco users is; how to do smoke rings and how to puff rings ? Gently squeeze the cheek of the smoke in your mouth and push it out with the help of your tongue.

But in doing so, your mouth must be in that ‘‘O’’ shape. You can make smoke rings like professionals with perseverance and experimentation. There is no role of your tongue, so you need to consider keeping your tongue out of the way especially when you want to blow perfect circles. So, keep your tongue flat at the bottom of your mouth and just forget it even exists there. Even don’t move the tongue when proceeding to blow the circles of smoke and keep it away as this can break the circle. When you inhale the smoke, you can use the hookah as it can help in the initial stage to get the thick smoke. When inhaling keeps enough smoke in your lungs as this is essential for doing the smoke tricks.

You should have the ability to control the smoke so that it could not leave from your lungs before you get ready to do this trick. Some people cough when they have to place the smoke in the lungs, so keep it in your control. In case, you have enough smoke in your lungs and you are ready to blow a ring then follow the next step of making an O shape of your lips. It means to position your lips out as if you are saying ‘OOO’. Curling your lips while doing show can help you well. You can practice doing so in front of the mirror before doing the final step. Thus, you can make the O shape of your lips in a better way. The closing jaw will also make the smoke to form a ring before you leave. Do practice many times until you manage to create a perfect circle. This is the final step to follow where you need to bring in use your throat to push through short bursts to smoke out your mouth. Keep your lip steady although this is the toughest part of this trick. As mentioned above you have enough smoke in a single drag that allows you to blow rings until you get it right. Place a finger on your lips pressing and pulling down slightly the top lip to split the opening of your mouth into two parts. Now you can leave the O’ shape ring from your mouth using the same trick as given above. For triple ring, use two fingers to split your exhale and try to open your mouth little wider. These will help you make stylish smoke rings from your mouth. Get ready to find a smoke shop near my location and visit to buy a smoking product to start practicing today. (Ismail Alptekin NJ) How to Make Smoke Rings: 11 Steps With Pictures and Video | How to blow smoke rings | Detailed Guide | 2020 | how to make smoke rings from mouth. How to Blow Smoke O's | Best Smoke Rings | Tricks for the Beginners. Выполните вход, чтобы сообщить о неприемлемом контенте. Thanks for watching and supporting MOJO Hookah Lounge. BEST Hookah lounge in Los Angeles | Hollywood | California. Mojo Hookah Lounge is the premier lounge in Hollywood where you can chill in a relaxed atmosphere! Mojo only uses the highest quality hookah on the market.

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