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Detox pills tend to work by providing the body with a supplemental energy supply, which prevents your body from burning fat cells for up to 6 hours (as a result, no toxins are released into your urine or bloodstream). These kinds of THC detox pills are best used around two hours before the scheduled test. There are also detox pills that are designed to gradually clear your system over the course of a week or so. Typically, these products contain an array of herbal extracts that work to detoxify your body and help you pass the test. Examples of herbs used in detox pills include: Dandelion Leaf: Helps clear THC from your system by forcing it to leave naturally when you urinate.

Rhubarb Root: This allegedly targets and clears cannabis toxins while preventing inflammation in the bladder. Burdock Root: Acts as a blood purifier and cleanses your system. Goldenseal Root: Goldenseal detox products are super hard to come by (as is the natural root itself), due to botanical sustainability, but there are people out there who swear by it in terms of its ability to skew the results of a THC drug test in your favor. And finally, it’s worth noting that detox pills designed to help you get free and clear at the last minute are little more than masking agents – all they do is ensure your urine provides an artificial reading. Meanwhile, seven-day cleanses tend to have higher success rates because they actually remove THC from your system. Reviews for THC detox pills are mixed, to say the least. Detox drinks typically involve drinking even more water than their pill counterparts.

Although some dubious firms on the market don’t have reliable products, there is actually some science behind the claims of the more reputable companies. These drinks should be filled with vitamins and minerals, which can help restore your urine’s composition. Most people believe that detox drinks work in the same way as drinking gallons of water, but this isn’t true. The best drinks flush the THC out of your system and keep your urine the same color. Even so, most sellers recommend drinking liters of water before and after using their product. This instruction has led cynics to suggest that it’s the water that actually helps you pass the test, and not the drink. Ultimately, the low success rate of ‘quick fix’ detox drinks means we can only recommend considering products that are designed to remove toxins over the course of 3 – 7 days. As the lab test isn’t looking for traces of detox drinks, there is little chance that your usage of the product will be detected. A marijuana detox kit is similar to detox pills and drinks, and may actually contain one or both of them. Once again, THC detox kits claim to remove all toxins from your system, including metabolites, in a short period of time. The duration of these programs ranges anywhere from 24 hours to a week, so choose the one that meets your needs accordingly. A significant proportion of the best THC detox kits contain fruit pectin, which is a type of fiber that’s normally used to add gelatinous qualities to jam and jelly. Fruit pectin is supposed to stop THC metabolites from passing into your urine, as it actually forces the cannabinoids out via your feces instead. Other common ingredients include red clover and yellow dock root, which act as diuretics and speed up your metabolism. Verdant Herbal sells a well-known marijuana detox kit that contains 18 tablets that must be consumed in the 48 hours leading up to the test. Despite the rapid timeframe, Verdant promises that its kit will remove all detectable THC metabolites via the rigorous metabolic action of its ingredients, which include Fennel, Coltsfoot, Licorice Root, Chickweed, and Mullein. If you decide to use a marijuana detox kit, though, make sure you choose a product that is safe for your kidneys and liver; other ‘kits’ are little more than detox drinks washed down with water, while the best marijuana detox kits are actually backed by scientific research. Now that you have a little more information, the next step is to learn how to actually detox from cannabis. (A little later on, we’re going to check out natural cleanse options, but first, let’s take a look at a few of the most legitimate cleansing products because some of them are certainly better than others). With regard to the length of time that THC can stay in the body, here are a few things to consider before beginning a marijuana cleanse: Consumption Rate & Frequency. Casual smokers will pass most tests if they abstain for several days beforehand. Frequent smokers, though, will need a faster detox to get by. These are all vital questions because the THC metabolites’ half-life is seven days. (Or in other words, the amount of THC in your body will be cut in half every seven days). Now obviously, if you smoke like Howard Marks, it will take some additional time for THC to leave the body naturally. Technically, it also means that it will take a week longer for you to get clean than it does for someone who smokes only 50% of what you smoke. Since THC and THC-COOH are stored in fat cells, the more body fat you have, ultimately the more THC can (and will) be stored in your body. Individuals with healthy BMI have lower body fat percentages than average, so they benefit from low THC storage. They also tend to have faster metabolisms, meaning they can break down THC at a faster rate than those individuals with high BMI.

There are several ways to embark on a cannabis detox: These products involve the use of herbal supplements to give you the best body cleanse and eliminate THC within 3-7 days.

Make sure you purchase a reliable home drug testing kit to ensure your urine is clean before taking the test. These items are often filled with possibly harmful ingredients and mainly rely on you drinking a lot of water. They mask your urine and do little for your overall health, and are certainly not a substitute for a good THC cleanse.


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