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The lack of a vegetative phase means plants only reach a small size, which results in reduced yields. However, this deficit can be negated by starting many seeds or clones together and cultivating them using the sea of green (SOG) method. OUR FASTEST FEMINIZED PHOTOPERIOD CANNABIS STRAINS.

If this method appeals to you, check out our fastest feminized photoperiod strains to grow under a 12/12 cycle from seed to harvest. If you desire larger yields, you can veg these plants for a regular period of time under 18/6, and still benefit from an ultra-fast flowering phase! ROYAL CHEESE (FAST FLOWERING) As her name suggests, Royal Cheese is quick off the mark when it comes to producing high-quality flowers. The indica-dominant strain was created to resemble the legendary UK strain Cheese. RQS breeders harnessed Old School Skunk and Afghani to get the job done. She boasts a THC level of 17%, which fuels a relaxing and stoning body high. Grown conventionally, she produces an impressive yield of 450–550g/m² after a flowering period as brief as six weeks. She makes an excellent candidate for a 12/12 light cycle from veg.

When it comes to the plantation, no one is patient enough to wait for flowers to bloom. Below are some of the fastest flowering variety of cannabis that will thrive too early as compared to other strains. All strains bellow has a flowering time of 8-9 weeks. This Indica-dominant pot delivers a powerful euphoria because it is high in THC of 22%. Bubba Kush is popular in medicinal aspects; this is because it delivers powerful properties that tranquillisers worry while offering a euphoria that puts its users in a dreamy state. For those fighting the effects of stress, this is the go-to strain of choice. Although its CBD level is reasonably low (up to 0.1%), it also contains some very healing properties. The plant is one of the most successful Indica derivatives, making it one of the best relaxants on the medical marijuana market. Blue Cheese is known for its sweet and savoury flavour and aroma. With a makeup of 80% Indica and 20% Sativa, this hybrid is Easy to grow, Suitable for in- and outdoors and delivers a strong Indica effect. Recreational users love this strain due to its high THC levels of 19%. It also provides a full-bodied, stable, long-lasting high. Moreover, with a medium CBD level of 2%, it is beneficial for treating and relieving various conditions, pains, and ailments, both mental and physical. This strain delivers an effect that’s both heavy and powerful, highly recommended for managing muscle spasms and chronic pain. The LSD strain of marijuana makeup of 45% Indica and 55% sativa. This strain is a favourite of the medical marijuana community because of its high CBD levels of up to 5%. The effect is so intense it creates a heavy-body sensation. With 24% THC, it will uplift and put you in a good mood. Because its THC and CBD levels are so high, this strain is not recommended for heart patients and new smokers. Mango Kush was the breed for tantalising flavours and aroma. It’s an Indica-dominant hybrid that gives a boost of positive energy and best for social occasions. THC levels for this strain of marijuana are generally moderate. It’s very popular and comes highly recommended by medical marijuana dispensaries. That’s because it acts as a tranquilliser, allows to relax and feel happier. Plus, its medicinal properties help to keep users free from stress and physical aches.

Blackberry Kush is another Indica-dominant sweet smelling strain of cannabis. Perfect for growing indoors due it is compact size with its unique fragrance.

Because of its euphoric effect, it is a known strain among savvy smokers.


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