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Best Books for Marijuana Growing in Canada

The internet is an amazing place to find any piece of information imaginable, including info on cannabis cultivation. But not all growers learn best by browsing the web…

If you’re the type of person who gets more from flipping the pages of a book than you do from clicking through web pages, this post is for you. Here are the best cannabis growing books for ACMPR growers in Canada.

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What Marijuana Growing Book is Right for You

Even if you’re a die-hard bookworm, there’s no need to invest in more than one or two informational books on growing weed. So how do you decide on the right one?

The first step is to consider your level of expertise. If you’re brand new to growing, you’ll want a book that caters to beginners who aren’t yet well-versed in concepts like pH, climate control, or ventilation systems.

Newbies should look for basic books on how to start growing weed. Experts, on the other hand, can take it to the next level with growing and harvesting cannabis books that contain advanced concepts on how to increase yields.

What to Look for in a Book on Marijuana Growing

Your expertise level is important when browsing books on growing cannabis, but it’s not the only consideration. You’ll want to choose one that is specific to your grow op – like whether you’re growing indoors vs outdoors or hydroponics vs soil.

Find a Book That’s Fun to Read

On top of that, you’ll want something that’s relatively entertaining. No matter how much of a weed fan you are, books on equipment for growing cannabis and hydroponic weed growing books can get a bit bland. Find something that you actually enjoy reading.

Sure, books on growing cannabis indoors aren’t likely to be page-turners, but they shouldn’t put you to sleep either. In many cases, it’s possible to read the first few pages online, so try to get a feel for the overall vibe before buying the entire book.

A Hard Copy Is a Must

The other suggestion is to always invest in a hard copy – no Kindle readers! Kindles are great for so many reasons, but having a hard copy will help for taking notes and finding quick references. Plus, there’s no place for small, non-waterproof electronics like a Kindle in the grow room.

Avoid Outdated Information

Lastly, try to avoid any super outdated books. Even though books from the 80s or 90s may have some helpful information, the cannabis growing industry is constantly evolving with new information and practices. If you do invest in an older book, find the most current edition.

Best Book Overall for Cannabis Growing

If you’re looking for a New York Times Bestseller on this list, you’ll have to look elsewhere. Books on growing weed aren’t for the masses – they cater to a very specific group of people. But out of all the indoor weed growing books, there’s one that we love most.

In this guide to marijuana growing books you'll find some of the best information on growing by the most experienced and insightful writers out there.