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I didn’t want it to be loose, as that would render the product pointless. I think the design of the brace might be an issue for some people (including me). Because the design puts pressure on the back of the neck, it can reduce the effectiveness of the brace.

I would say this is more like a product that “reminds” you to stand or sit up straight rather than something that will miraculously help your back pain or medical conditions. I would also recommend that anyone buying the Royal Posture use it for short periods. It makes sense to wear it less than an hour at a time because the straps can come loose. You’ll find it uncomfortable after long periods, even if you wear a T-shirt underneath it. The old saying “you get what you pay for” rings true here. For the price, you can’t expect miracles from the Royal Posture! While users of the product have mixed opinions if you wish to have a cheap brace that you wear for short periods of time the Royal Posture may be for you. What do buyers think of the Royal Posture back brace? For example, one female buyer that is suffering from scoliosis says that it works well for her.

But, the disadvantage is that the strap going around the armpit can hurt after a while. She did suggest that wearing a T-shirt underneath seems to cure the problem; something BulbHead also recommends if you find it painful to wear after a while. In fact, quite a few buyers experience the same issues and have to use the same workarounds if they wear the Royal Posture back support brace for long periods. On a more positive note, one customer said they noticed an improvement in their spinal alignment and even muscle relaxation after one week’s usage. Another stated that they used to have back pain in the evening until they started wearing the Royal Posture back support brace. Pros: It’s an affordable back support brace; You can easily buy it from retailers such as Amazon and Walmart; It’s available in two sizes. Cons: Other higher-end braces on the market are better and more comfortable; It can become painful when worn for long periods; The mixed reviews could put some buyers off it. It’s not possible to put the Royal Posture in your washing machine along with other garments. You can hand-wash it with cold water and hang it out to dry somewhere. The brace cannot be put in your dryer, so you’ll need to wait for it to dry naturally. The Royal Posture support brace won’t perform any miracles on your back. But, for the price, it’s an excellent idea if you only want support for a few minutes a day while sitting down on a chair or at a desk. The Royal Posture is an As Seen On TV product that is sold by TELEBrands Corporation and is quoted as the “Amazing back support that aligns your spine.” TELEBrands is a television marketing company that has promoted hundreds of ASOTV products through out the years. In fact, they were actually the creators of the “As Seen On TV” brand. The company works closely with inventors to promote products that they believe to be useful. Since this product is marketed and sold exclusively by Telebrands, we have little to no insight when it comes to who the inventor is or what their credentials may be. Best described as a posture support, the Royal Posture is designed to support your lower back, neck, and spine. Three materials are used to make the support including neoprene, nylon, and a cotton blend. Because of its construction, the manufacturer advises that you do not machine wash this support. Instead, it should always be hand washed and hung up to dry.

The support has twelve magnets sewn into into the body, six that run horizontally across the back area and six that run vertically along the spine. In order to use it, first put it on over your back as you would a vest and fasten around the torso using the provided velcro strap. The shoulder straps can be adjusted using the plastic slide buckle. You will want to tighten the straps until your shoulders are pulled back and into the good posture position without over-tightening. It’s usually helpful to look in the mirror when adjusting to ensure that you are using good posture. From here, the support does the heavy lifting by holding your body upright and preventing shoulder slump.

Perhaps one of the most eye-catching features of this product is the embedded magnets that run along the back and spine.


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