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Germination rates have been 100% so far from my own germing and others. Substantial yields from even 400 watt lights are very promising only indicating that even heavier yields can be had from higher lumens. Aromas from the Blueberry Blast have been Blueberry Skunk while growing and dry. A dry toke gives one the impression of a Blueberry cedar wood aroma/taste. This Blueberry cedar wood taste does seem to translate to the palette.

The high from the Blueberry Blast is up and soaring, slightly trippy but with a level of comfort from the blueberry end. The initial high will take you for a several hours and come down to a comfortable manageable high which induces munchies. Flower time is roughly 9 to 12 weeks indoors and outdoors the mother harvested in the northern hemisphere in mid October. Blueberry Haze sativa dominate hybrid Outdoor finishes: Mid to late October in Northern Hemisphere Its a hybrid: a 70 % uplifting hightype with 30 % body effect Bloom Length: 9 - 12 weeks # of Phenotypes? Many and some crinkle phenos reported to finish at 8 weeks Describe each phenotype expression: Many phenotypes ranging from blueberry skunk to extreme blueberry sativa Stretch: 1 - 3 times stretch once place in flower Resin Profile: Copious Resin Odor Score: 3: A very fragrant strain but not enough to require charcoal filters Odor Description: Blueberry, Blueberry Skunk notes, Raspberry sweet candy Flavor Score: 8 Flavor Description: Candied blueberry musk, Cedar Potency Score: 8 High Type: A relaxing, euphoric, multi-sensory up high-type, with good medicinal qualities followed by munchies. Genetics: Blue Dream (Super Silver Haze cut) x Johnny Blaze (male) Strain Review: Blueberry Blast. BlueBerry Blast is a RARE sativa hybrid (70% sativa/30% indica). The parents of BlueBerry Blast are Blue Dream and Johnny Blaze, these two create a strong hybrid that give you a literal blast of blueberries and sweet candy. The buds are tight and the size of grapes they have a lush blue undertones with white trichomes. The THC % is 28 with affects making people more social a head spin effect and making you want to come back for more!

It helps with chronic fatigue, migraines and headaches, along with chronic pain and nausea. #weed #review #blue #blueberry #blast #blueberryblast #oz #cannabis #cannabiscommunity #cannabisreviews #weedstagram420 #weedcommunity #weedsociety #weedreviews #stoner #stonernation #stonersociety #canadacannabis #canadianstoner #strain #strains #strainreview #strainoftheday #strainspecific #strainsaturdays. CBD Review: Terpin Gorilla CBD Shatter by Steve’s Goods. Here’s a quick review of the Terpin Gorilla CBD Shatter that I got from CBD Oil Solutions. This CBD shatter is perfect for when you[…Read more] CBD Review: Watermelon OG CBD Shatter by Steve’s Goods. Here’s a quick review of the Watermelon OG CBD Shatter that I got from CBD Oil Solutions. Have you ever really needed the calming effects[…Read more] Vape Review: O2Vape Ceram-X Compact Concentrate Vape Pen. O2Vape’s Ceram-X is a tried and true portable concentrate vaporizer with a ceramic coil. I’ve been a ceramic coil fan since they first started hitting[…Read more] Best Crank Weed Grinder – Reviews & Buying guide. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your own personal grinder to use, wherever you are? Luckily for you, crank weed grinders are suitable for that purpose, alongside a few other features that you can take advantage of. Some features that come alongside the best crank weed grinders are multi-layer filters and crank intensity. With multi-level filters, you won’t have to worry about chunks of marijuana in your final product, as it will have gone through several levels of filters to allow you to have the absolute, best result. The result will be a fine grain of marijuana that you can use to roll up a joint. The crank intensity is also a feature that is great to use. If you don’t want your result to be a fine grain, then you can slightly turn the crank, so that it doesn’t grind the weed as hard. Below, we will be reviewing some of the best grinders out there. As everyone has their own preference, we recommend that you read our reviews to see which one fits you the most. Bluesky New 4-layer Multi-function and colors Aluminum Hand Crank Herbal Herb Tobacco Grinder Smoke Grinders. Bluesky is a crank grinder that comes with a 4-level filter. It is a quite heavy duty as it is made of high-quality aluminum and comes with an anodized case. The quality of the crank of this product is also quite high, allowing you to grind to your heart’s extent without worrying about it breaking on you. Lastly, if you have arthritis in your hands, then this is the product is the one to go for, as others have stated that this grinder is a lot easier to crank than others with this condition.

Overall, this grinder is great for its price and the build quality is excellent as well. Best NEW Grinder-Herb Grinder, Spice Grinder, Coffee Grinder with New Crank for Easy Grinding. The grinder from Your Daily Grinder is also a product that comes with a high-quality build. This is because it is made of high-quality metal and is finished in five colors: green, silver, black, blue, and red. Alongside the original product, you will also get a pollen catcher which is added as a bonus. We consider this product to be one of the best out there as it has a clear, white case in the middle. This will allow you to see how much you have ground so far, and will also give you more storage for you to keep some of the ground material.

This is so that you can keep it for later use, or you can use it as a temporary storage unit so that you can constantly grind without having to empty it often. Overall, we love this product due to its high-quality build and features, such as the clear case. SharpEdge Super Premium Hand Crank Top 4 Piece Herb Grinder.


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