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Once the molds are made, parts can be made quickly. They are using their own bolt design that requires a special tool to assemble and disassemble. Cell configurations are using single and multiple cell stacks of 7 plates in series, 8 inches in diameter. They are in this business to stay, and Customer Support is good. BetterFuel / "Green Source" They have changed their World Wide Web address to

This is a good company with a well constructed Cell. They use 7 plates in series, which is very efficient. The LPM statements they use are very close to my Configurator Calculations. I have little information on their Customer Support. But their web site states the following: " If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please e-mail us indicating your problem. Most often, it will be a simple issue, easy to fix.

If we cannot solve your problem remotely, we will authorize a "Return Authorization. " I have one customer of theirs that disagrees with that statement. The following companies are the same company or are/were affiliated at one time: HHO USA United States Out of Business Fuel-Saver - MPG Reliant Fuel Systems Generators HHO Kempco Specialists. Have been in business a long time, helping customers choose the correct EFIE for their vehicle. The plate configurations they use are 7 plates in Series (most efficient for 12 v systems). Also see Top Energy, LLC below, and Advancedhho, which is an affiliate DC Hybrids. They actually understate the LPM capability of their cells. They make several versions of HHO Generators; 12v, 24v, and 150 volt. They now use a Unipolar Cell Plate Configuration; either alternating positive and negative plates or neutral plate columns. A 30 plate configuration, using 6 columns is capable of producing 3.75 LPM @ 60 amps. LPM listings are measured with an Alicat Scientific HHO Flow Meter and with the bottle fill method, and are accurate when calculated with my Faraday Cell Configurator. The Alicat looses its accuracy as moisture increases in the HHO gas. They have positive and negative electrode plates that are wired to a dc power source - with non wired Plate Groups in between the positive and negative plates. The Neutral Plate Groups cause a voltage drop, the same way Neutral Plates do. These companies sell good products and provide very good product support . The late great Michael Faraday gave us the laws of electrolysis of water and they have yet to be broken officially. There was a time when this sites LPM statements were the same as Faraday calculations. Then the products some how started producing more Orthohydrogen, up to 99% more. Now Deutruim levels of HHO gas called Hydroxy GasĀ®. rate 12 amps x 13.8 volts = 1 LPM of of Egas I find no documented proof to support this statement. We break Faraday's law of electrolysis efficiency by about 150% to 200%. A 7 plate cell is the best design for 12v to 14v.s it has the fastest electron flow of any design. PWM makes orthohydrogen, that is 2.4x's to 4x's more powerful than parahydrogen (NASA science ) Gee, so does straight DC. Both produce the same amount of Orth (75%); prove different. They are reliable and have good Customer Feedback and Reviews. No one shows proof of this Orthohydrogen increase in these products. Hydro Bullet Hydrobullet "Athens Greece" Separation Cells are much harder to build.

To avoid water leakage, they glue all of their gaskets. All of their Cells look to be assembled well; HHO and Separation cells. They have changed their wiring connections; big improvement.

Seems to be a reliable seller on LPM is a little off, but within 10% of Faraday calculations. The following companies offer no proof that can come close to substantiating the amount of HHO being produced, or the LPM they say their Cells can produce --- with the given amount of amperage it is fused for.


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