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You can also order by sending a check or money order to: Heirloom Organics 1806 NW 6th St., Unit A Grants Pass, OR 97526. Patriot bulk seed tenders are built to help you save time and money by delivering seed to your field and getting it in your planter quickly and efficiently. Whether you need two or four seed boxes our easy to load box seed tenders can get the job done. Our bulk Conveyor seed tenders, with their rotating design and hydraulic conveyor lift, allow you to reach anywhere around the tender without the worry of damaged seed. Our conveyor version of box seed tenders allows you to load the seed on to the tender easily without causing the damage to the seed. The long reach of our conveyor makes it easy to reach those places a traditional auger might not. Patriot Weigh Wagons mimic the design of our seed tenders, but include a Digistar scale system, seed ports, and a roll top. Our weigh wagons feature a removable top divider that allows you to use it as both a seed tender and a weigh wagon. Not only economical and environmentally-friendly, but cannabis stem tea also works wonders for your health! For those of us who like to see every last bit of everything we buy go to good use, there really isn’t anything better than cannabis stem tea. The world is full of waste; not only are landfills quickly being piled full with trash, but billions of dollars a year are wasted on products that were bought and not consumed or used. Of course, if you are a cannabis lover, you probably treat your frosty nuggets as if they are solid chunks of gold, savoring each hit you take, but it often feels like those byproduct stems that are left over after you have smoked all the bud simply do not serve a purpose. Simultaneously, it can feel unfortunate throwing them away. Cannabis stem tea has been sparking up globally, consumed as a more mellow alternative to smoking marijuana. Sure, this hot drink will not get you quite as high as a THC-packed chunk of herb might, but stems seem to offer some pretty amazing benefits, especially considering the fact that so many usually just toss them out. Plus, who could resist the idea of a medicinal tea-party with your friends! In this article we will explain to you in greater detail not only about the possible medical uses of cannabis stem tea, but also we will describe step by step how you can make this relaxing, hot drink right from the comfort of your very own home. Keep reading to discover how to make cannabis stem tea with our step by step guide… What Is Cannabis Stem Tea? This dank concoction is actually a hot brew made from the byproduct stems left over from the marijuana plant once the buds have been removed (and probably consumed). It is relatively simple to produce, and sizeable batches can be steeped if you choose to share with your friends or throw a 420-friendly tea party. Unfortunately, it is not as simple as just crushing up the stems and throwing them in some hot water; certain factors have to be taken into consideration when soaking this part of the marijuana plant, which is where our handy step by step guide comes into play. Why Would Someone Choose to Brew Cannabis Stem Tea? Well, first of all, brewing cannabis stem tea is rather resourceful.

You would probably be throwing those stems away anyways, and delicious weed should never go to waste. For this reason, it is concurrently economical, because you might be able to get a bit more time spent high for your money’s worth. This calm-bringing brew also appeals to those who have a difficult time smoking or inhaling marijuana smoke, whether it be because of personal preference or a medical condition. Particularly for those with asthma or other respiratory issues, having the option to drink some tea and get a buzz from it or even medical relief, sounds like paradise. Finally, those with certain medical conditions could actually benefit from this healing elixir’s existence. What Are the Medical Benefits of Cannabis Stem Tea? Although cannabis stem tea on its own has not been researched thoroughly, it is said to possess similar medical benefits to that of other parts of the cannabis plant . Consumers have reported that this concoction has assisted their anxiety, depression, asthma, chronic pain , body aches, migraines/headaches, asthma, nausea, autoimmune disorders, multiple sclerosis (MS), rheumatoid arthritis , and more. Most of all, drinking your cannabinoids is a way for the body to achieve faster acting relief, taking effect quicker than an edible would.

How to Make Cannabis Stem Tea [The Steps] Now that some background information has been explained about the usefulness of cannabis stem tea, here comes the part we’ve all been waiting for… Ingredients You’ll Need: The ingredients at this ratio will produce somewhere between 3-4 cups of brewed tea, but if you desire a greater quantity, simply multiply the numbers to your corresponding preference. Leftover stems from your favorite cannabis, preferably organic (½-¼ cups worth) Purified water (3 cups) Standard sized tea bag(s) of your favorite non-ganja tea for added flavor (1-2 bags) A coffee filter to strain the solid contents from the liquid Either your favorite liquor/alcohol (2-3 teaspoons), milk/non-dairy milk (½ cup) or butter/coconut oil (½ tablespoon) Shake, weed or kief to enhance potency and THC content (really just as much as you want) The Process: It is important to begin by noting that it is not possible to brew cannabis stems without an additional ingredient to bind the cannabinoids , specifically the THC, to the water.


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