holy cookies strain

As one would expect, this strain is reminiscent of what bubblegum candy. However, it emits a pungent citrus aroma with a hint of pine. It also comes with a sweet, earthy smell that truly makes it a delight. Upon combustion, a sweet, delectable floral taste tingles the tongue. During the exhale, a mild citrusy aftertaste with hints of earthiness passes through the throat.

Bubblegum Kush Odor and Flavors – Image powered by Ilovegrowingmarijuana.com. Users who are not familiar with Bubblegum Kush might look forward to the sugary rush of having candy. Having said that, the effects delivered by this strain is quite the opposite. Being Indica dominant, this strain is perfect to cap off the day and to ease out of exhaustion. At the same time, it is also capable of providing enough energy to still get things done. Though Bubblegum Kush leans more towards its Indica side, the effects start with a mental high. As it sets in, one tends to feel happy and uplifted. For some, this promotes giggles and make people feel socially active. The strain is not to be used for a productive day, though.

Even as it induces a euphoric high, Once the Indica traits kick in, users will feel extremely relaxed to the point that they want to chill instead. The same physical effects of Bubblegum Kush also soothe tired muscles. As the physical effects manifest itself and blend in with the cerebral high, it becomes conducive to a night of unwinding. The body relaxation does not immediately result in sedation. If one opts to be in a state of tranquility, a few more tokes will do the trick. Bubblegum Kush Effects – Image powered by Mmjmarket.com. It has the delectable scent of candy, which suggests childish innocence, it still comes with some adverse effects. Of course, one would experience dryness of mouth and eyes which is common when using cannabis. There are also other conditions that may occur, and usually, it is a result of using too much. If these symptoms appear, they are short-term and at worse, can only be a little uncomfortable. For example, some people may have a headache or feel dizzy. There are also occasions when a few people may feel anxious. Bubblegum Kush Adverse Reactions – Image powered by Budgenius.com. The medical cannabis scene considers a lot of things before tagging a strain as potent enough to be used by patients. In Bubblegum Kush’s case, even if it has a low a CBD level, it still does wonders for medical cannabis patients. Due to its high Indica content, this strain could mend physical aches and pain like no other. Bubblegum Kush delivers narcotic-like effect and has anti-inflammatory properties. As a result, those who are suffering from chronic pain, muscle spasms, and even migraine. These patients would find it easier to manage the dreadful experience they are going through. Besides being able to aid significantly in reducing physical pain, Bubblegum Kush also provides comfort to patients experiencing stress, depression, and anxiety. The gentle euphoric high this strain offers help them relieve the heavy burden of overthinking and melt away emotional turmoil. Thus, one feels lighter, better, and motivated to get up and going. Aside from aiding pain, Bubblegum Kush is also a friend to those with insomnia. A few extra tokes of this strain will lead to a comfortable, good night sleep. Bubblegum Kush Medical Use and Benefits – Image powered by Weedy.com. Bubblegum Kush gives its growers different options for growing if ever one does not have the luxury to cultivate outdoors as it may also be planted indoors.

Either way, there is some work that needs to be done including trimming and pruning. Not that it is difficult, but even beginners should be able to nurture it well until harvest time. Bubblegum thrives well when grown in an indoor setting with the use of hydroponics.

It could shorten the flowering time to eight weeks. Using the Sea of Green (SOG) and Screen of Green (ScOG) techniques, growers can also improve its yield. Once ready, every square meter can produce up to 750 grams of buds. Bubblegum Kush thrives in a Mediterranean climate when grown outdoors. Flowering time is expected by October with yields that can reach up to 850 grams per plant.


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