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Haze Square Review

This is my review of the Haze Square vaporizer for dry herb and concentrates. Check out my full review video above for all the details and some demo draws.

Its most unique feature is its four chambers and the ability to switch between them on-the-fly. It may seem like a gimmicky thing to have four ovens but it’s not, the performance is there to back it up and it’s actually very convenient.

You can pre-load all of the chambers and be good to go for your next 4 sessions, and you can mix it up between herb and concentrates if you want to.

There aren’t many things I don’t like about this one so if you’re intrigued please read on…

Nice Improvements From V3

Putting the physical differences aside for a second, the first thing I noticed when I vaped the Square was the great vapor quality.

This is a full convection vaporizer and the new coil heating element performs like a champ, it really is a nice level up from the convection mode of the V3 model.

The other glaring difference with the new model is the existence of four chambers instead of two like the older models. The chambers are also larger now to hold more herb and/or a larger concentrate pad.

Speaking of, you can vape both materials in the Square just like you can in the V3. With dry herb you load it right inside the stainless steel chambers, and with wax you put a tiny bit of it on the top of the concentrate pad they include and then you place that inside the chamber. They also give you little silicone caps for the chambers if you prefer to use them.

The Convenience of Four Chambers

I’m usually a reviewer who puts the most emphasis on performance, but I actually do also enjoy this unique concept of the four chambers.

When I leave home with my portable vapes I’m usually bringing extra chambers or extra herb with me to reload them, so it’s pretty cool to be able to just take this one out and vape 4 times without messing with loose herb.

You can mix up which chambers are holding what material, and each oven is labeled on the outside edge with 1 to 4 dots so that you can remember.

To switch ovens all you do is rotate the two halves of the vape like a rubix cube, it’ll turn without too much force and then click into place when you let it go. You can do this on-the-fly when you’re vaping as well as when the unit is off.

Smooth, Potent, Tasty Vapor

The vapor quality from the Square is actually very good, and it’s impressive for it being a sub-$200 vape.

Full-convection heating does generally lead to great tasting vapor, but sometimes the materials the vapes are made of can get in the way of the flavor.

That’s not really the case with this one which I was very happy to see, it’s made from high quality materials that are inert and don’t give off any taste or odor.

The chambers are made of stainless steel, as is most of the vapor path, and the mouthpiece is ceramic. This vape uses safe silicone (like most vapes do) to create an air-tight seal when you close it up, and the vapor may touch a very tiny piece of it but I haven’t noticed it affecting flavor at all.

Another thing I’m happy about is the smoothness or comfort level of the vapor it produces. With some units the vapor can feel a little hot or harsh, especially hot-air convection vapes, but the Square does a good job of keeping it comfortable and smooth.

I’m happy with the strength or potency of the vapor too, you will generally start to feel it within just a few draws, another characteristic of a good quality convection vape.

Good Battery Life & Fast Charging

The Square is the first vaporizer I’ve reviewed that has a USB-C charging port, which is an upgrade from the standard micro-USB connection almost every other vape utilizes.

This allows the battery to charge up faster – I’m able to fully charge a dead battery to max capacity in

The capacity of the internal battery is pretty average and in my testing I was able to get 37 draws from a full charge, all at high heat levels which use a lot of power. This is enough to vape all four chambers if you load them all, I’m actually averaging 5 chambers per charge.

Even if you’re not interested in the quad chambers I still think this vape is worth it based on the performance alone.

It’s not expensive, it’s easy to use, performs well, and it has a lot of cool features. I’m impressed with what they were able to do at this price point.

Review video transcription:

So the Square has some pretty interesting things about it. One of them being that it has four chambers, and you can switch between the four chambers by twisting the unit like a Rubik’s cube.

It’s pretty cool to open. It’s got this little knob, latch thing in the back which you push, and then you turn the unit until the pieces come apart. You got the business inside the vape here. (see video) This is the heating element or coil. It heats up in there and heats up the air you pull, the hot air, through one of these stainless steel chambers, the little tiny holes in the bottom.

To get to the chambers to fill them, one side of the Square is going to have like a notch where it obviously comes apart. So just slowly pull it apart because it’s held together just by friction. Right now you have your four herb chambers and your lid.

Here is the actual vapor path.The vapor goes in one of these lids, and then travels through here out one of these holes to the mouthpiece. So these are the chambers and they come out.

I’m going to call the capacity of it about a quarter of a gram of dry herb because you don’t want to pack it too tight with convection. If you pack it to the top kind of loosely, 0.25g is what you should be able to fit in there.

It comes with two of these liquid pads to use concentrates, and then there’s these chambers over here, which also have the silicone lid for the concentrates, if you use it with the pad. (see video) You can choose whether or not you want to put the lid on top to keep the pad in place.

What you can also do with the pad (like some other vapes), if you don’t want to load a full chamber of 0.2g, let’s say you just want to put in 0.1g, you can do that. Just spread it evenly across the bottom, and then just lay this pad on top as like a spacer, or something that’s going to keep your herb even along the bottom so that the heat gets it evenly.

I’m starting it (I believe), on the lowest setting or the second to lowest settings, so 400 or 410. It’s an on demand heating vape, so you push the front button three times to get it into standby mode, turn it on, and then when you want to heat it up and take a draw, you press the button down.

The blue light is going to blink while the coil is heating up inside. Then once it’s heated up enough and it’s ready for you to start drawing, the lights turn green and the vape vibrates to let you know. So you start to draw about 10 to 15 seconds and repeat, but you stop the heat after each draw. Vapor production is going to be good, sometimes you know depending on how you pack it and what strain is in there and stuff, you’ll get more vapor like on the first draw or sometimes you’ll have to just bump it up 10 degrees to get all the vapor out of it. So just play around with the settings and you your draw speed, but it’s actually a pretty easy vape to get vapor from.

Now as far as like stirring or how even it vaporizes, I found that it does a pretty good job of vaping it almost totally evenly without having to stir. I would say a nice 75 percent even AVB.

Potency is very good, it’s above average and so is the vapor quality for the amount you put in there. From 0.2g the effects that you get are very good, you’re going to feel it, and you’re going to feel it pretty quick. Usually with convection vapes like this one, you can start to feel it quick if they’re good, and it’s good, so you do.

Now with concentrates the performance was also good. I didn’t put that much wax on it, but with the little amount I did put on there, I bumped it up to the max temp, took a few long draws and I got like three to five nice drops of vapor.

This has five heat settings, right on top of the vape it has a plus and a minus, and you can also customize them with the app they have. I have mine set on the high end, mine are actually set at 400, 410, 420, 430, and then 450 is the max for concentrates.

So now getting back to the vape and its physical properties.

The mouthpiece, it gets stored in the side on the corner of it, it’s pretty cool actually. It’s held in there by these silicone rings, and then it has a little tab that if you just push it, with your finger, the mouthpiece starts to pop up. The mouthpiece is ceramic and it’s quality, it’s inert and has no smell or taste.

To put it in you just push it in, it stays in there well, I haven’t had it come out. You can wiggle it a little but it doesn’t come out unless you really pull it out. Here you have your little vent where you can see the coil, and then then on the other side is the USB connection. (see video)

It recharges very quickly, 45 minutes or less. 45 minutes if it’s completely dead, less if it’s not, so very fast charging. Now as far as how long it lasts, as I said before, I use it pretty much exclusively, or at least through my testing I used it all on high heat settings, in the 400’s, that’s high, that uses a lot of power from the vape.

So I tracked that I got 37 draws from one charge before it died (all on the high heat settings). Then I charged it up and in 45 minutes it was ready to go again. So that’s pretty good, no complaints about that. The vape does have a good weight too, it’s got a good feel, it doesn’t feel cheap.

This is a sub 200 dollar vape, so it’s under 200 bucks, and the quality of the vape itself, the quality of the vapor, and the efficiency and strength, it’s all very good. All above-average.

The cleaning and maintenance isn’t too bad if you brush out the chambers and keep the stainless bowls pretty clean (which isn’t hard). You can clean them with ISO so they come out easily. Then you clean the top part with the screens which are on top, which is the part that’s going to get the dirtiest. So this is all pretty easily cleanable with some ISO, although I’m using an ISO wipe that has like a rough side on one side, and smooth on the other. So with the combination of the wipe and the q-tip thing to get in little creases you’re able to keep that part pretty good looking for a while.

To do a deep clean, where you completely take the vape apart and get all in the vapor path, I’ll show you that separately because you use a special tool to get it all back together.

If you have one of these older models like the V3 I think you will notice a difference. If you want to upgrade, this one will seem like an upgrade.

I think that that’s pretty much the important stuff you need to know about this one. The general summary is that it’s a very good vape for the price, and I rate it above average in pretty much every area. The most unique thing about it being the four chambers, which is pretty cool if you’re taking this out and about to have four chambers preloaded. That’s cool, but the fact that it also performs really well, and it’s not just a gimmick, that’s why it’s good, that’s why I like it. It’s got that performance to back it up. So if you have questions about it or comments, hit me up on the forum. I really appreciate you watchin as always, and Stay up!

Haze Square Review This is my review of the Haze Square vaporizer for dry herb and concentrates. Check out my full review video above for all the details and some demo draws. Its most unique

Haze Vaporizer Review (V3):

The Haze vaporizer made headlines when it was released a few years ago as the first truly multi-function portable vaporizer. While the original Haze vape was advanced, there were some issues with its performance. Since then, the portable vaporizer has been redesigned twice, and the new and improved Haze Version 3 is finally available! Let’s take a look at how it works. (Make sure to scroll down to see the Haze version 2.5 reviewed by us below.)

  • Far more versatile than other vaporizers
  • 3 dry herb modes, and one wax mode
  • Above average vapor quality compared to other portables
  • Average priced compared to others, but is a better value due to multi-functionality
  • Batteries are replaceable
  • Above average battery life
  • Longer warranty than most vapes

  • Charging time is lengthy compared to other vapes
  • The vape needs short rests between draws
  • Vapor production is slow to start
  • Large clouds not possible, until the third or fourth draw

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In-Depth of the Haze V3 (Discontinued)

As many say – variety is the spice of life – so why not spice up your vaping with a portable vaporizer that lets you control every detail? Haze V3 vaporizer has been in the hands of numerous Hollywood stars for some time now, so as you can imagine it is also ideal for many other typical users as well. The vape, by a very established brand is a major step up from the average wax and herbal vaporizers, but is still very simple to use. The described, 3rd version is extremely customizable, so you can get the precise results you want or try something new with every session! Even beginners say how much they love the Haze V3, because it allows them to experiment and experience many ways of enjoying the benefits of different vapors. Plus, experienced enthusiasts appreciate how this unique device lets them vape the exact way that they wish. Selling for around $250, it is available for purchase above, right here at, in case you’d like to get your own.

The Haze Vaporizer offers a true multi-function versatility. You can use it as a dry herb vaporizer for aromatic blends, or load it up with your favorite wax concentrates and even latest oils! Because of it’s unique features it has found its way again into the February 21st of 2016 Oscar’s gift bags. Shaped like a box, rather than a stick, the way a vape pen is designed: modern and sleek, the vaporizer first appeared in the Oscar’s gift bags in 2015. The Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Director nominees went home with one of these vaporizers. Plus, complete kits have also been distributed at other events, like the Daytona 500, and was also demonstrated by Bill Maher on his late night television show.

Price – The Haze Version 3 retails for around $250, which is about average for a dry herb or wax vaporizer. What’s unique about this Haze vape is it’s both for wax and herbs. Plus, there is a pad inside that you can use with concentrated oils like e-liquids. As a result, you basically get an e-cig, a wax vape, and an herbal vape for $250, making this model an incredible value.

Vapor Quality – Unlike other multi-function vaporizers on the market today, the Haze V3 works equally well in all three modes. The quality of vapor produced by the Haze vape is above average in terms of taste, potency, and smoothness. You also get a variety of accessories with the this model, giving you the freedom to vape herbs with six different chamber and mouthpiece combinations, and waxes and e-liquids with two different mouthpiece options. Overall, the glass mouthpiece seems to provide a slightly better tasting vapor, while the stainless steel stem will give you slightly smoother vapor.

Guarantee – It is backed by a 10-year warranty, which is exceptionally long.

Prep Time – The Haze V3 is easy to fill, and it heats up quickly.

Portability, Size, and Privacy – Nicely sized for use on the go, the Haze V3 is rather compact. The mouthpiece is stored inside of the vaporizer to make it more compact. Both the battery, and herb/wax chamber areas stay closed in your pocket when you’re on the go.

Ease of Use – You won’t have any difficulty setting up the Haze V3 or drawing from it; however, it’s important to pause for at least 30 seconds between draws. Otherwise, vapor production may be diminished. You’ll also notice that the first two or three draws from the Haze vape are lighter.

Heating – There are four heat settings to choose from with version 3 of the Haze vaporizer. During testing, level 2 seemed to be optimal when using the vape as a dry herb vaporizer, and Level 3 was ideal for using the vape as a wax vaporizer.

Power Supply – The Haze V3 gives you the convenience of removable, replaceable batteries, and you receive two with the portable vaporizer. On a full charge, the batteries last an impressive length of time and won’t require recharging for at least an hour. Recharging does take a few hours, and because the batteries are charged in an external charger, you can’t vape while you recharge.

Double the Heating Chambers, Double the Possibilities

Truly the next stage in the evolution of handheld vaporizers, the Haze V3 is the first to have two separate heating chambers instead of just one. The side-by-side placement of the chambers allows you to load two different materials into the device at once. You can then effortlessly shift from dry herb to oil, from wax to essential oil, or to and from any other combination of materials that you can imagine. The dual chamber design also allows you to load double the amount of one material into the vape for convenient vaping throughout the day.

Convection or Conduction? You Get to Choose

When you’re choosing from what is available on the market today, it can be difficult to decide whether to opt for a conduction or a convection vaporizer, but with the Haze’s new 3rd generation model, you don’t have to make that decision when buying! That’s because this pocket vape lets you alternate between convection and conduction to suit your vaping material and your needs at the exact moment. If you’re looking for the fast heat-up of conduction, load the two stainless steel screens into the vaporizer. Their design includes two openings that allow your material to come in direct contact with the heating element. When you want the smoother vapor production of convection, swap in the pair of stainless steel convection screens. Their four-sided enclosed design keeps the material lifted and out of contact with the heating element. You can even load a convection screen in one chamber and a conduction screen in the other to get the best of both worlds!

The customization possibilities of the Haze Vaporizer continue with the adjustable temperature functionality. You can pick from 4 different heat levels for the heating chamber of your choosing before you begin to vape. With its advanced programming, the program subtly adjusts the temperature based on air flow within the heating chamber, so vaporization occurs efficiently every time, so you can reach working temperature in 60-90 seconds or even less for your convenience.

When it comes to setup, it is truly one of the easiest. As mentioned before it comes with two cans which can be filled with any material of your choosing and then slipped into the desired chambers. A dabbing tool comes with the kit to further simplify filling. The loading door snaps shut securely, preventing leaks and spills.

Easy-to-Set Best Temperature Level

Setting the heat is easy; as you switch between the levels – LED lights will illuminate. One light corresponds to Level 1 at 250 to 275 degrees Fahrenheit. Two lights will set the temperature at Level 2, which ranges from 350 to 370 degrees Fahrenheit. Three lights corresponds to Level 3 at 375 to 410 degrees Fahrenheit, while four lights indicated Level 4, ranging from 410 to 470 degrees Fahrenheit. The light or lights will blink until your desired temperature is reached, and then will glow steadily to signal that it’s time to vape.

Comfort and Superior Vapor Taste Ensured

Not only can you choose the best material, temperature and heating option to customize this new vaporizer, but you can even select the right mouthpiece for your needs. The kit includes both glass and stainless steel mouthpieces, both of which will help to keep your vapor free of impurities. With either mouthpiece, you’ll benefit from the advanced heat-exchange mechanism built in the all-in-one vape, as it cools off vapor for a pleasing feeling and improved taste.

Sleek Design of new Haze 3.0

The Haze Vaporizer is sleek and is stylishly crafted with available 5 colors to chose from: Absinthe Green, Stealth Black, Graphite Grey, Midnight Blue and Orchid Purple. Considered one of the best vaporizers for many years, the Haze measures 4.75 inches in length with the mouthpiece attached and 3.13 inches in length when it is removed, 3 inches wide by 1 inch deep and is exceptionally light.

Charging Made Simple

Every Haze Vaporizer box, new or older models, comes with a convenient wall charger. You’ll know the battery requires recharging when the LED light glows steady red. Once you add the batteries to the charger, the battery indicator lights make it simple to monitor the progress. There are a total of three indicator lights, which will all be flashing when charging begins. The first light will glow solid when the battery is charged one-third of the way, and at two-thirds charged, the second light will begin to glow steadily. When the third light is solid – charging is complete and you’re ready to vape.

Included, are two lithium ion external replacement batteries which are built for maximum performance. Ultra light in weight, the battery pack used in the Haze is shown in tests to power for 35% longer on a single charge than other similar batteries. Plus, the vaporizer features a 5-minute auto shutoff feature to conserve battery life.

Constructed to Last

Due to the high quality components, it can stand up to frequent use without ever showing signs of wear and tear. The superior durability of this superior design vaporizer allows it to carry a 10-year warranty from the manufacturer. The warranty covers all of the electronics, not just the battery as you’ll find with other brands .

On top of all of the great features, it comes with all of the essential accessories needed to enjoy the all of the benefits. You even get a cleaning tool and an instructional DVD to walk you through how to use and care for the Haze V3. Some additional accessories, like a car adapter and extra cans, can be purchased separately above as well.

In conclusion, the Haze Vaporizer gives you double the vaping possibilities, compared to other portable vapes, and is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to be able to vape any type of material. Although it has some minor disadvantages, like lengthy recharge time, this handheld unit has many useful features, like interchangeable mouthpieces, and both convection and conduction heating capabilities, making the Have V3 an excellent investment for anyone who wants a satisfying vaping experience with the freedom to move from one type of material to another. Because there are so many ways to customize it, the Haze Vaporizer is ideal for more experienced users. Beginners may feel overwhelmed with all of the options.

Vaping Industry according to Haze

There are still many questions surrounding the use of different vaporizers, more specifically, the use of herbal vapes. Scott, a prominent member of Haze Technologies gave an interview in hopes of bringing some light to the subject, and we’ve decided to post the information he shared below to highlight some of the important concepts that he has detailed.

From traditional smoking to vaporizing

Basically, any true vaporizer will not combust the materials, but instead properly heat them to where the active compounds are released and nothing else – no toxins or carcinogens. When vaping temperature matters, as with the right temperature the vapor just tastes better, smells better, and is more potent than using combustion known to traditional smoking.

Vaping is also more efficient as you are able to choose the size of the bowl for your materials, the temperature at which it is vaped, and how much you use at once. There is the added benefit of using what’s called Already Been Vaped (ABV) material for making oils that can be used for other purposes.

What to keep in mind when buying a vaporizer?

First, do your research. Check out active forums and website guides, along with many available reviews. Know how much you want to spend and determine the best models for your personal use, from mods to portables and desktop devices. After doing quality checks, it all comes down to personal preference, as all vapes function the same but offer different features.

Keep in mind that desktops will almost always have an advantage over any portables because they use a direct power source instead of a battery, therefore producing a higher quality vapor. Desktop vaporizers are great for sessions at a party or with a large group at home, and will never have you fearing your battery’s depletion.

What makes Haze Vaporizers stand out from all others on the market?

After much research with older models, user feedback, and testing, Haze Technologies came out with the Haze V3, the only multi-chamber model on the market. It is built ready to vape all materials such as dry herbs, oils, and waxy concentrates, making it an all-in-one device. Making Haze engineering stand out by from the crowd, by creating brand new products to introduce to the market and prioritize the satisfaction of the customers over everything else, as evidenced by the third generation of the Haze Dual, meticulously crafted around ideas for improvements from customers.

Even after understanding the basics described above, you might still have a few questions lingering regarding the overall dynamic of the vaping industry. One of this questions might be: Why are some vapes better than others, and how to choose a vaporizer?

That is why Scott from Haze has shared this information, and what some of this means from the standpoint of an industry leader, leaving all of us feeling a little more confident and knowledgeable about what we are getting into by stepping into the world of vaping.

Original Haze 2.5 Version Reviewed (Discontinued)

The Haze Vaporizer is a unique option among portable vaporizers that is designed to offer a fully customized vaping experience for users. The vape has a two chambered design, making it possible to vaporize dry herbs in one side and waxes, essential oils and ejuice in the other without having to put a new bowl or chamber inside when you want to mix things up.

  1. Two separate chambers: one for waxes and eliquid and one for dry herbs
  2. Highly versatile with glass and metal mouthpieces
  3. Conduction and convection screens for dry herb
  4. Extra long battery life
  5. User replaceable batteries to extend the life of the vape
  6. Easy to draw from
  7. Simple design
  1. More expensive than some other portables
  2. Batteries can take 5 or 6 hours to recharge
  3. Vapor quality and quantity is not as high as some other small vapes
  4. Huge customization options; may be overwhelming for new to vaping
  5. Mouthpieces can get stuck inside.
  6. To avoid this, wipe the stem after every use and let it cool down before you put the mouthpiece back inside

The dual chamber design and versatility of the Haze are some of its many benefits. Read on to learn more and find out about the potential drawbacks of this unit as well.

In-Depth of the Haze 2.5

Price – The recommended retail price of the Haze Vaporizer is $269, which is much more expensive than many other portable vaporizers; however, if you were considering buying two portable vapes for dry herbs and an oil pen for ejuice, purchasing the Haze model will likely be a more cost effective and much simpler solution.

Reputation – It receives good ratings in reviews from customers. While its vapor production is not as impressive as some of the higher end portable vaporizers, it does produce above average amounts of vapor with a pleasing taste. The vapor can be a little hotter than what you’ll experience with other vapes, which makes it slightly less smooth.

Prep Time – The Haze Vaporizer is fairly easy to load; however, the mouthpiece can get stuck inside of its internal compartment. Ways to remedy this are discussed in the Pros and Cons section. The unit gets hot in about 60 seconds, which is about average for a high quality portable vaporizer. The first two or three draws usually produce only scant amounts of vapor, so you’ll need to take a couple of hits before you can truly begin to vape.

Versatility – Where the Haze 2.5 model really shines is in its versatility. The vaporizer makes it possible to customize every aspect of your vape. Not only can you vape any material you wish with the Haze, but you can also choose from a glass or metal mouthpiece. When you’re vaping dry herbs, you also get the option to use the Haze as a conduction or convection vaporizer by selecting the screen of your choosing. There are also three temperature settings available to ensure optimal vaping results. For an experienced vape enthusiast who likes to mix things up and vape in different ways, the Haze Vaporizer is a great choice. Newbies might be a little overwhelmed with all of the choices and may need to experiment before getting the perfect combination of screens, mouthpieces, materials and heat levels to ensure optimal results.

Power Supply – Another unique feature of the Haze Vaporizer is that it includes two batteries, each of which can power the device for about 60 to 90 minutes. This makes it possible to vape for an incredible 2 to 3 hours before recharging. When it is time to recharge, the Haze Vaporizer will be out of commission for about 4 to 5 hours, a longer charge time than what you’ll find with comparable vapes. The batteries are user replaceable, so when the ones provided with the unit wear out, it’s possible to simply get a fresh set without having to buy a whole new vaporizer.

Ease of Use – The Haze has a very straightforward design. The different chambers are clearly labeled, and there are indicator lights for setting and monitoring the heat. There is very little resistance, so even people with limited lung capacity should be able to get deep draws with this portable vape.

Guarantee – With a 10-year warranty on the electronics, it has a generous guarantee from the manufacturer. Few other portables are warrantied for as long.

Haze V3 Vaporizer Review and its functions. Get info and learn about recently updated worlds 1st Portable Vape with Dual Chambers before you buy anything else! Haze Square is the New Updated version, and is now offered Instead of Haze V3!