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The following curated selection are rapidly dispatched within the America. These are not from the above seedbank, just a selection available for fast delivery. If you are based anywhere else in the world, the below is rapidly dispatched from our European facility. USA orders will be fulfilled but please allow extra time.

Below is available for Fast Delivery in the UK, Europe and Worldwide. *The content on this page is provided strictly for educational purposes only. Please abide by and follow the laws in your country. The team behind Ceres Seeds came together in 1988, though found fame in the early 90s after joining forces with coffeeshop Dreadlock in Amsterdam’s Red Light District. Ever since, Ceres Seeds has been famed for producing consistently superior cannabis strains and seeds for new and established growers alike. What makes the difference with Ceres Seeds is the extent to which these guys prioritize strains that are easy to grow, stable, reliable and consistent in terms of output. They’ve also scooped up a long list of prestigious awards along the way, including a handful of High Times Cannabis Cups . Today, the Ceres Seeds collection is dominated by several top-selling strains of immense popularity. For anyone looking to get a taste for what Ceres Seeds is all about, the following heavy-hitters are just about as good as it gets: Ceres Skunk.

An innovative and ambitions take on one of the all-time classics, Ceres Skunk is the ultimate stinker. Not a strain to cultivate where discretion is a priority, Ceres Skunk quickly and relentlessly produces enormous resinous buds that pack an incredible punch. The potency of the fragrance is rivaled only by the knock-out high, which gets to work after a single toke and has the entire body feeling heavy as a rock. Fast flowering times, simple cultivation, huge yields and massive THC production - Ceres Skunk has all the makings of an absolute superstar on the scene. If you’re hunting for a pure Indica with a ton of exotic spice and a near-narcotic effect, look no further than Ceres Kush . Bursting with herbal hashish flavors and plenty of peppery spice, Ceres Kush delivers the quintessential Indica high with a powerful and long lasting body buzz . Expect short, compact and controllable plants throughout the entire growth cycle, which nonetheless produce surprisingly sizeable buds with a dense and chunky construction. Like all strains from these guys, Ceres Kush asks very little and delivers so much in return. The irresistible force meets the immovable object with Northern Lights x Skunk #1 , which combines the properties of two of the most iconic strains of all time. Deceptively easy to grow and beautiful to look at, Northern Lights x Skunk #1 packs the kind of potency that can take even the most experienced smokers by surprise. Suffice to say, this is not the kind of strain to turn to when you’ve anything of importance to do whatsoever. After just a couple of earthy, spicy and piney hits, you’re almost guaranteed to be flat on your back for the duration. Speaking of being taken by surprise, Fruity Thai is an extraordinary specimen that combines all the physical properties of a Sativa plant with a beautifully balanced Indica high. Proud recipient of a prestigious gong at the 19 th High Times Cannabis Cup, Fruity Thai is famed for producing a mouth-watering tropical fragrance, with just a hint of minty eucalyptus in the background. Expect a powerful and long lasting body buzz, coupled with a sense of clear-headedness, creativity and motivation you wouldn’t normally expect from a powerful Indica strain. Simplicity is the name of the game with Super Automatic Kush , which is capable of producing epic quantities of potent weed just 75 days after planting your seeds. Boasting all the spicy and exotic flavors you’d expect from quality Kush, Super Automatic Kush is also great for a welcome dose of heavy physical relaxation at the end of a stressful day. The flower to leaf ratio of this stuff is truly something else, making it great for making the most of limited time and space. Of course, the Ceres Seeds take on White Widow is also worthy of a mention - the all-time classic from every legendary Amsterdam coffeeshop. Over the years, each and every property in characteristic of White Widow has been taken to the next level, resulting in a super potent strain that’s guaranteed to blow your mind. Quite simply, there’s nothing on the market that comes close to White Widow in terms of fragrance, flavor or flat-out power. The fact that she’s so ridiculously easy to grow is simply the icing on the cake. The legacy of Ceres Seeds started in 1988 when its founders started cultivating their first seeds and cuttings.

By the early 1990s, Ceres Seeds worked for the infamous Dreadlock Coffee shop in Amsterdam's Red Light District, as well as reputable seed companies such as Sensi Seed Bank, where they learned how to produce and cross strong, healthy plants. They took their name from Ceres, the Roman goddess of agriculture and motherly love. Her name derives from the Proto-Indo-European root “ker,” meaning “to grow,” which is also the root for the words “create” and “increase.” You can buy Ceres Seeds multiple award winning strains directly from Seedsman today. Cannabis consumption is currently legal for medicinal purposes in more than half of US states, with a growing number of states providing recreational protections as well.

And while marijuana usage is a popular topic of discussion in both social and legislative arenas, there is a common side effect of cannabis that needs to be better understood: cotton mouth. A common complaint of cannabis users is a persistent thirst and sticky mouth, often referred to as cotton mouth or “the pasties”, that just won’t go away.


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