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once you have the oil, it can go into anything and yes, butter works fine too. my first attempts were always with butter but due to my many vegan friends.. You need an oil that will set solid in the refrigerator so that limits you. Also you do not want transfat so you must keep to cold pressed organic.

Olive oil is not suitable because it wont set solid and you cant separate the oil correctly. I would love to make resin but getting pure alcohol let alone a good recovery device in my country is hard. The high is a little slower but that is good because there is no anxiety rush. and wait for the onset which can take anywhere from 20 minutes to about a max at 2 – 3 hours depending on your strain, what you cooked and whether you ate before hand. You can decide on side effects by choosing your strain carefully. chose a mold resistant variety for the above reasons and of course.. Choose and easy to grow variety and if you are just starting out.. experiment with some local weed seeds as they will be free or really cheap.

you should get a near 100 percent germination but then you need to coax them out, then move them about 4 times to varying degrees of light, careful of the temp each time. not enough light they grow spindly like a sprout and fall over and die. Use too strong a lite they grow short and fewer will germinate but those plants will be very strong. lots of light, trim off the lower leaves when they start to reach their normal height.. and wait for the flowers then really pay attention to the tricomes and notice the difference between the natural gold color of some.. and the browning off, which the later is a sign its ready for harvest. If you can cut it up and freeze it, then its fine to cook. but do not dry the weed unless you plan to smoke it as drying removes some turpines. On;y dry if you need to smoke or store away from the freezer and use a dehydrator so they do not go moldy and so you can control the temperature to about a max of 35c. Join our 29,000 email subscribers who get in-depth cannabis guides and news delivered straight to their inbox. Skunk strains are strong-smelling and have been likened to the smell of the spray from a skunk. They are believed to have originated in the United States before development by Dutch growers. Skunk is hybrid of Sativa and Indica, dominating both varieties in different strains. This iconic strain first hit the market in the 1970s and has since gone on to give rise to multiple other strains that most cannabis connoisseurs are familiar with. Like other hybrid strains, it is also known for resin production and good mould resistance. Because of this, Skunk has become a generic term for the most reliable, most potent weed on the market. APPEARANCE: Skunk is rather beautiful crops, radiating with sugar leaves present in colours of light-yellow and faded green, mixed with a bit of silvery-grey and orange. Often the buds contain many patches of bright, bright orange pistils that curl and twist throughout the sugar leaves, and a thick coating of trichrome usually coats the surface of these densely packed balls of herb. The water leaves themselves are often a healthy, dark green colour, and white-orange when the plants are growing, it appears to be typical in height and appearance. AROMA: The aroma of Skunk is a pungent and sometimes overwhelming scent that has become a favourite amongst medical marijuana patients and recreational pot smokers. It has a strong earthy, musky and skunky smell with hints of jasmine, sweet and sour, and fruity aromas as well. FLAVOUR: It has a delightful taste that is a combination between woody and fruity and earthy sweetness. Some strains taste a bit sour and dirt-like, not in an unpleasant way. EFFECTS: Users describe feeling relaxed, meditative, energetic and exhilarated. It offers an intriguing combination of experiences for the mind and body once it is consumed. Meanwhile, it simultaneously acts as a creative, inspirational and motivational mind enhancer, energising the brain and offering a euphoric state. MEDICAL BENEFITS: Skunk strains are very beneficial on a variety of medical disorders.

In small doses it has shown to be helpful against psychiatric symptoms, pain, asthma, glaucoma, in average does beneficial against nausea and vomiting, anorexia, autoimmune diseases and spasticity and in high doses it can help with movement disorders. It works particularly well at keeping depression, anxiety and stress at bay. SIDE EFFECTS: Dizziness is probably the most extreme of all the possible side effects, and sometimes dehydration, cotton mouth and dry eyes. HARVESTING: Outdoor cultivation can only be conducted in areas where the climate is both warm and sunny. To successfully grow this crop in a greenhouse or indoor setting, this surplus of light and warm temperature control must also be present, in addition to. proper ventilation so that the chances of the buds moulding becomes less likely. The flowering period is 7-9 weeks, with harvest falling around mid-October. This strain is an auto-flowering strain, Harvest yields with indoor crops producing around 18Oz/m2, and outdoor 16Oz/m2. POPULAR STRAINS: includes Skunk #1, orange skunk, super skunk, auto bud, auto bomb. Check out this strain profile from our very own Original Skunk #1 on our blog.

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