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When the waitress let my companions know that the $3 martinis were only eligible in the bar area — a distinction drawn arbitrarily, it seemed — we relocated to the bar. There, the din was more familiar, but I was high enough to stare vacantly at a Rockies-Cubs game. My ribs (not baby back) were feeling better after bruising them in my latest attempt at kickball, but my head had a dull ache that wasn’t suited for such an immersion in faux-Americana. In the cloudiest of judgment, I decided an espresso martini would A) give me a boost of caffeine to stave off a headache, and B) pair well with breaded chicken.

My stomach, however, saw the plate as its Manifest Destiny. At this point I had unknowingly checked out of conversation several times, and not the silence you attribute to a good meal. I was firmly entrenched in the munchies, the act of chewing more marking the passage of time than an attempt to sate myself. After 19 boneless buffalo wings, three loaded potato skins, and one pot sticker (of which I peeled like a banana and slurped the turgid insides), my high had worn off and a different type of ennui had set in. Being post-stoned and overstuffed, I realized there was still another hour left. I had no desire to fire up the rest of the joint in a TGI Friday’s parking lot. I didn’t have a lot of desire, period, even when an unexpected game of bar trivia started. Even the DJ pronouncing our team name “ace” when we wrote “Team ACYE” didn’t elicit a reaction from me. I begrudgingly ordered my third plate, almost gagging on my first bite but powering through five before calling it quits. The bartender hauled the wings away in an act of mercy I imagine isn’t often seen at the establishment.

I’m not sure if iVita plans on scrapping this strain, but they don’t have much other than a meandering high without much redeeming aesthetic quality. If you’re looking for Black Rhino, stick to the Blackberry Kush cross. Much like the Great Buffalo, it’s possible to use every part of the marijuana plant — including those useless, useless stems that are always clogging your grinder and ruining your spliffs. Luckily, those same no-good stems can be transformed into the most universally-beloved and cozy beverage: tea. Doesn’t matter if it’s hot or cold, winter or summer, the process of pouring water over leaves to make a cozy beverage is nigh universal. So, stop throwing out those stems and start brewing ‘em instead! - Stems, ground or broken by hand ( - Any flavorings (i.e. another tea you enjoy) - Filter (coffee filters work fine, but maybe you’re fancy and have tons of cheese cloths on hand. Maybe you’re super fancy and only have paper towels. Any will work.) 2-3 tablespoons of your fave alcohol, or ½ cup of whole fat milk/creamer/coconut milk, or ½ tablespoon of butter/oil) Related: Edibles That Look Like Real Food Products. Cannabinoids readily bind with fat molecules, which is why edibles are usually made with weed infused oil or butter. There seems to be conflicting views on the necessity of a binding agent in tea: some say alcohol is the best ; others warn adding milk will decrease the potency . We say give both a shot and let us know, because we are nothing if not high-caliber investigative journalists. Put the water, non-marijuana tea bags, and non-alcohol binding agent into a pot. (If you elect to use alcohol, adding it too early will cause it to simply boil off immediately). After about ten minutes, remove the pot from the heat. If you chose to use alcohol, now’s the time to add it to the pot. Once your elixir is complete, it’s time to strain (this is where that coffee filter/cheese cloth/paper towel comes in hand). If using a kettle, rubber banding the filter around the spout is a good way to keep your skin unburned. Add sugar or honey or a little cinnamon or whatever you want — you homemaking, gender-neutral ganja-lord! THE EASIEST WAY TO MAKE WEED TEA / CANNATEA WITH LEFTOVER STEMS (STEP BY STEP TUTORIAL !!) Хотите сохраните это видео?

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