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We are not generally able to process FHP applications on the same day they are submitted. We appreciate your patience as we process each application as quickly as possible. Please note that Salem is a medical and adult-use dispensary while Salisbury is adult-use only. However, batteries and cartridges have been known to fail from time to time. We are happy to exchange defective cartridges or batteries within 30 days of purchase.

Please bring the defective item and original receipt to the dispensary where you made your purchase. Sorry, the sale of seeds and plants is not offered at this time. The following articles have been compiled here for your convenience. ATG has no affiliation with the providers of this content, nor do we take responsibility for the accuracy of this third-party content. Please consult with your physician before making decisions about your health. The unfolding coronavirus pandemic [COVID-19] poses significant risks for everyone. The risks are even greater for our patients over age 60 and those being treated with immunosuppressing medications. As a result, we are changing our procedures at MMJ Medical Practice to reduce the risks to both our patients and our staff.

Beginning on Tuesday, March 24 th , the following procedures will be in effect: We are still here for you but patients will not be seen in the office. We continue to certify new patients and re-certify existing patients. As always, we prefer to see you in person, but during this time we are not seeing patients in the office. We are using “telemedine” to certify patients which means that we are completing the process over the telephone or with a video conference. (It has been working out for great for our patients!) Appointments can be made by calling 978-594-0816 during our business hours [Tues, Wed, Thur: 12-6 pm and Sat: 12-4 pm) Renewal and new certifications will be done by phone. You must make an appointment for the scheduled certification. You need to be at home with your phone (and a computer if you have one). You should arrange to be available for 30 minutes to complete the process. The telemedicine procedures will be same for most new patients. Registration assistance will be provided by phone if needed. Wash your hands frequently (warm water and soap for 20 sec). Find ways to help family and friends cope with the stress we are all experiencing. Together, we’ll get through this, and come out stronger. Our regular hours are: Tues, Wed & Thur (12-6 pm) & Sat (12-4 pm) CALL FOR AN APPOINTMENT DURING BUSINESS HOURS. YOUR MEDICAL CARD ALLOWS YOU TO: SKIP THE LINE, SAVE TIME Recreational users wait in lines for 1-2 hours, sometimes longer! SAVE MONEY, NO TAXES Patients do not pay the 20% sales tax, this translates into a significant savings for most patients, especially those who use their medicine every day. HAVE BETTER SELECTION OF PRODUCTS, WITHOUT RESTRICTIONS Many products are reserved for medical patients only TAKE ADVANTAGE OF SPECIAL PATIENT DISCOUNTS Some dispensaries offer fabulous cost-savings programs, vouchers, and discounts up to $200 simply for recertifying! VALIDATE YOUR USE OF MARIJUANA TO TREAT YOUR MEDICAL CONDITION Sometimes requested by employers GIVES YOU ACCESS TO MARIJUANA SALES IN OTHER STATES Maine has recently allowed Massachusetts medical card holders access to their dispensaries. Massachusetts has eliminated the annual registration fee for all patients in the Medical Use of Marijuana Program. Certification is what doctors and nurse practitioners do. It is an online process that identifies you as having a condition that qualifies for the medical use of marijuana. It is an online process that tells the Department of Public Health (DPH) who you are.

Both certification and registration need to be renewed each year. Your medical marijuana card also has an expiration date which is usually the same as your registration expiration date. Both your certification and registration need to be “active” to gain entry to the dispensary as a patient. Your connection to the medical use of marijuana program requires an active certification, an active registration and an active medical marijuana card. If one of them expires–or if all three have expired–it is relatively simple to renew them. Renewing your certification requires a visit to our office to confirm that you still have a qualifying condition. Certification becomes ACTIVE at the time of your visit. Renewing your registration can be done simply by logging into your Virtual Gateway Account, choose “renew registration”, then follow the prompts. It may take up to a week to become ACTIVE and allow you to print a temporary card. If you come to us with your login and password to your Virtual Gateway Account, we will assist you with re-registration at no charge.

Our fee for recertification (for patients we have previously seen) is $170. Registration is designed for patients to do themselves, online. If you want, we can assist with your registration for a fee of $20. Does health insurance cover any medical marijuana costs?


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