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Humboldt Vape Tech not only carries its exclusive designer products; but also vape accessories of some other leading brands in the market. Humboldt Vape Tech provides a wide range of Atomizers, Coils, Kits, Mods, Accessories. from many famous brands such as Sequoia, Sai, Divine Tribe, Eleaf. All the atomizers and vape products are definitely made in the United States.

Humboldt Vape Tech always puts safety and quality first. So, all the atomizers are produced with the highest quality. When it comes to Humboldt Vape Tech, it often thinks Sequoia and Sai Atomizer, which are one of the best-sellers at Humboldt Vape Tech. The Sai is a 22mm cannabis concentrate atomizer, with adjustable bottom airflow. Humboldt Vape Tech offers 4 colors: Stainless Steel, Gold, Black, or Titanium. Due to higher production costs, there are different prices. Titanium will cost most, following by Gold and Black. Therefore, you can choose The Sai suitably with your budget.

The Sequoia atomizer is bigger compared with The Sai with a bigger coil. The Sequoia price is as low as $54.95 while The Sai Price is as low as $38.99. If you want to purchase at the lowest price, keep an eye out for the Humboldt Vape Tech coupons on their website. They often update coupons, discounts, and promotions for customers. Sai Wax And Oil Atomizer By Humboldt Vape Tech (In stock at Toronto, Ontario, Canada Location) ✓✓✓ VERDICT: Splendid flavor profile, Awesome!! Humboldt Vape Tech's Sai Atomizer is a 22mm herbal concentrate vaporizer attachment with a large bore drip tip and splash guard, with adjustable airflow and 510 connection. ✓✓✓ *NOTE: The Sai Atomizer is designed for use with wax, shatter, or other (semi) solid zero residue herbal extracts, and should not be used with low viscosity oils. If product isn't thick enough, airflow channels at the bottom of the coil will allow it to run through into the atomizer base, and out the airflow. Fire Bubba is the union of two potent indica-dominant specimens: White Fire OG and Bubba Kush. This combination has created a therapeutic variety rich in flavour. Gold Leaf Gardens - Fire Bubba: Rare And Tasty Indica Genetics. Fire Bubba is a rare indica-dominant strain that will pique the interest of even the most fastidious indica lovers and seed collectors. She was created in the breeding room via the crossbreeding of parent strains White Fire OG and Bubba Kush. Fire Bubba flowers produce a rich terpene profile that emits scents and flavours of sweetness, earthiness, and wood. Stepping into a grow room containing this strain hits you with a wave of sweet aromas, and smoking her flowers will stink out a room much like an incense stick. As such, she's not the most discreet variety when it comes to scent. The THC level within her buds can reach over 20%, placing her on the higher end of the potency spectrum. A heavy bong hit will leave you feeling euphoric, happy, giggly, and definitely hungry. This heavy stoning effect is amplified in edible form where her high lasts hours longer and produces psychedelic-like effects. As well as being a fun recreational high, her effects have a therapeutic aspect that can assist with symptoms of chronic pain, insomnia, and loss of appetite. Fire Bubba is a rare indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing White Fire OG X Bubba Kush strains. With its crazy potent THC level of 20% + and high-powered effects, Fire Bubba is one bud that is not to be underestimated. Fire Bubba high comes on quickly with a clear-headed effect that pulls your mind out of mental fog or depression and leaves you with a bright and happy mental state. Fire Bubba is said to be perfect for treating conditions such as chronic pain, insomnia, appetite loss, and chronic stress or anxiety. Fire Bubba has a sweet citrusy pine flavor and a spicy lemony kush aroma to match. THC Very High (20% or +) % THC 20% Lineage White Fire OG x Bubba Kush Flavor Sweet, Earthy, Woody.

Oaseeds is an online store specializing in the sale of cannabis seeds. We have varieties of all kinds: feminized regular autoflowering and rich in CBD. Our catalog has more than 3,000 different cannabis seeds.

We only sell you cannabis seeds as souvenirs or collectibles. Or you may purchase to store, in case the law changes. Germinating the seeds is illegal in most countries so we urge you to check your local laws in the event you intent to germinate them.


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