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She is not feminized in any way, but we have discovered through R&D how to get this strain to consistently produce 90% females with no chemicals or genetic alterations or engineering. Please note that experienced grower's will have the 90% results. Newbies that introduce stress like over watering/fertilizing, light stress or other newbie mistakes may only find 70-80% females. In my many decades of breeding and developing breakthrough technique's, I can honestly say that I don't think I will ever be able to duplicate anything better than Oracle Bud for the rest of my career. Sadly I think this will be my greatest ever contribution to the cannabis community.

I could not be more pleased or proud to leave behind such an amazing strain that so many of you will be left in complete awe. Plant height: Short, FAT THC level %: 45% Flowering times: Faster than anything ever created 33-37 days Yield: MASSIVE 1200 g/m2 - 1400 g/m2 Grows: Indoors/OutDoors/Greenhouse Strain Genetics: Euphoria Unlimited Bud x Elephant Bud X our unreleased Ultra Fas Feminized Seeds: 90% Female, non-feminized Grow Difficulty: easy Plant Odor: moderate Smoke Flavor: skunk berry, sweet sugar cane and basil among other undertones HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHHAHAH WHAT A FUCKING CROCK . These dudes fucking kill me who in thier right mind would ever send these db money hahahahahahahahahah. Oracle Bud is a three way stable cross between: Euphoria Unlimited Bud x Elephant Bud X our unreleased Ultra Fast Upstate. The results are fabulous; short, fat and ultra fast finishing with a long lasting 8 hour high. She has many wonderful flavors of skunk berry, sweet sugar cane and basil among other less prominent undertones. Oracle Bus Greatest Contribution to the Cannabis Community. Get Our Most Popular Feminized Strain That’s Selling Over $550/ounce Street Prices For Free.

Regular Seeds (Male and Female) 44 Reviews for for Oracle Bud. Kai – September 1, 2019 : Let me know when you have again. George Rogers – September 22, 2017 : George from down south. Seeds arrived on time, and fat good ones, they all made it to the end, 7 females, 3 males and no hermies. Ron Conway – August 28, 2017 : Oracle is the finest cannabis i’ve come across. RichardCooper – May 17, 2017 : Oracle bud is the best. I noticed right from early on during vegetation that it was an outstanding strain. I’m glad I bought this strain and wish I paid the sale price, but they sent me 20 free oracle seeds and 10 elephant seeds with my purchase. Downey USA – March 12, 2017 : I grew this last year And it was the best weed I ever smoked. I’m very happy with everything from this seed bank. Linda Burns – December 2, 2016 : Hi you’all, My first purchase 2 years ago was WWST, a small order to test your genetics. Then i ran out and wanted to try you world famous Oracle, but they were out of stock. I waited 8 months on back order and I’m here to report Oracle Bud was worth all the time and effort. Thanks BC Seeds for really breeding with the magic touch for plants that heal. Joshua Epstein – November 22, 2016 : I use your cannabis for personal recreation, not too often but my job is stressful and I love the ability to be relaxed within minutes of arriving home after an hour of commuting in heavy traffic. I have been using recreational for for about 2 decades, I was too busy in College and did not start smoking cannabis till my late 20’s. I used to buy my cannabis but found they quality and the type of buzz varied, as did the moisture. Often it was too wet and it took a microwave to be able to dry it out enough that it would burn without going out. It’s easy enough, but I thought it would really cut into my career, which it did at first until I gained enough skills to get a small grow set-up that pretty much does everything for me. As a professional, my colleagues are very surprised to find a few plants growing in my small apartment, and it makes a great conversation and I gain their respect when I am about 10 years older they they are. It has helped my popularity among my piers, and they all love your Oracle, more than anything they have smoked. Cannabis has helped my personal life and career and my ability to relax. This is just my little story I wanted to share, and since you helped me out, I thought I would return the favor by posting a review. Josh Craven – November 19, 2016 : hmmm, so much to tell. She is the most beautiful mother a son could wish for.

She is fat, but proportionally of course, like a pear shape. Her colors are better than Autumn during the last week of flowering. But the season is short, which makes this a real income winner for indoor growers, or those outdoor growers that want a very early harvest before helicopter/drone season starts. I will have to agree with some other reviewers, this is the best strain in the world, I personally can’t wait to see who can beat it. Sofia Middleton – November 15, 2016 : For my MS script, i preferred your elephant strain for chronic pain relief. My hubby who is a recreational smoker loved oracle most, but I would usually fall asleep (depending on the time of day I took my medicine) and even after waking up after 5 hours, its effests were still powerful on me.

Pedro Henriques – November 3, 2016 : I’m making a great success with only this strain. My production has substantially increased with my move to higher quality genetics. Alexander Duncan – November 1, 2016 : Thank you, everything looks good. Already got them started, all is good with the Universe. Hong Zhèng – October 30, 2016 : Fast Delivery to Victoria.


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