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Part of the allure of vaping is that you can do some really awesome smoke tricks! Here's a list of the most popular smoke tricks and how to do them! Being a master vaper is not only about finding the right vape pen and good quality vape juice. It's about knowing how to tell great juice from average products and how to do a few smoke tricks, too. These are fun to do when you're vaping by yourself or when you're trying to impress your friends.

You may even find yourself doing a few of them out of habit, without realizing at first! It will take a bit of learning to get to this point, though. Use the guide below to help you go from a newbie vaper to a smoke trick master. Maybe your friends are already showing off their dragon's breath trick or they've been blowing O's for years. They've probably tried to show you too, but tricks aren't the easiest thing in the world to teach. That's why it's better to watch videos and tutorials from people who really know what they're doing, then practice on your own before showing your friends. There are plenty of videos out there that take you through the process of a smoke trick step by step. They're available for anything as basic as how to french inhale to more complex things like a jellyfish and bowties.

These are much easier to follow than watching your friend do a smoke trick over and over. Tutorials break down everything you need to do, from how big of a pull is needed to the way you hold the smoke. They specify the shape your mouth needs to be in and what your tongue should do, too. Such details don't come to mind when you've already got a trick down. When you're learning, though, it pays to understand how every little thing makes a smoke trick happen. How do you know if you're following directions properly? This will feel a little weird at first, but it pays off well. All you have to do is compare your movements and smoke tricks in the mirror to those you saw in the videos. Your reflection helps you notice what you're doing wrong and right. It gives you the direction you need to improve at doing smoke tricks with vape juice. Before you start trying to do triangles in front of the mirror, you should get the basics down. In fact, most of the popular beginner smoke tricks are the foundation for the more advanced things you can do while vaping. To go from a total beginner to a confident vape trickster, focus on this smoke tricks list. Smoke rings have the potential to wow first-time vapers and experienced smokers alike. It's a simple trick that really comes down to the delivery. All of these things start with the basic "O." To blow O's, take a big pull and let the smoke settle in the back of your throat. Then, put your lips into the shape of a ring and gently puff out the smoke little by little. The key is to maintain control as you do this; you don't want to blow all the smoke out at once. Instead, send the smoke out of your throat in small forces of wind from your throat. This smoke trick allows you to pull smoke coming out of your mouth up through your nose, then back out through your mouth. Sounds complicated, but it's easier than you think. You don't want to let your smoke get away from you.

You have to hold it in your mouth for a second then push your jaw out a bit for the smoke to slowly release. As it's moving out of your mouth, gently inhale through your nose.

This is enough force to grab the smoke and move it up for the French inhale. You do bring the smoke back into your mouth (as eventually happens in the French inhale), but first, you blow all the smoke out in front of you. You can't push the smoke out in a traditional exhale because it won't be concentrated enough and it will go too far away.


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