green haze strain

Because it was dipped in oil, then rolled in kief, it doesn’t have the same touch as hash would. It took on the characteristics like a warm chocolate chip before it really melts. With that being said, I started to treat it like hash. I would pull a piece off, form it into my desired shape, and place on top of another bowl.

This I found to be an amazing combination for everything but productivity. Extreme body high and absolutely zero fucks will be given after you’ve ingested some of this. I would highly recommend this for experienced smokers that are looking to go to the moon. Correction: (April 20th 2018, 5:20pm) Loud Dream, at $800 an ounce, is not the most expensive marijuana like I originally reported. Instead, the top spot goes to Cannabis Caviar, priced at a staggering $1,400 an ounce! The Colorado cannabis retail market generated $1.51 billion in sales of various cannabis products in 2017, according to Colorado Department of Revenue data released in February. Meanwhile, California cannabis sales are estimated to hit $3.7 billion by the end of this year, according to new research from BDS Analytics. E ight states and the District of Columbia already offer recreational sales. Several other states have recreational bills on the ballot. But, no matter where you fall on the support spectrum, support for legalization of marijuana, pot, cannabis, or whatever you'd like to call it, is at it's highest in five decades , according to a October 2017 Gallup Poll.

Just like any popular product, whether it's a piece of gold jewelry, a new travel bag, or anything else, the price you pay can determine the quality. Today, in the spirit of Forbes and 4/20, we'll be showing you what could very well be the most expensive marijuana money can buy. Selling at around $800 per ounce, Loud Dream could be the most expensive weed in the world. Loud Dream is a Hybrid marijuana strain with strong berry flavors and is reported to leave users feeling "both creative and energetic". For context, t he price for "medium to high-quality" weed in California is about $230.50, according to a sample size of 45,707 as per High Times. It's also one of the strongest strains: made of 26 percent THC. Meanwhile, y our average strain has a THC level of just 18.7 percent, according to NBC News. Pocket Guide Club's new Pocket Guide to Marijuana is an affordable, 100% fact-based and easy-to-read introduction to the subject. How to Eliminate THC from Your System the Smart Way. There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding the issue of THC detoxification on the internet. The major grey patches that we find are regarding whether or not THC detoxification really works, how to do it, and how long does it takes to get weed out of your system. These are the key areas that we seek to shed some light on in this write-up. Since we are talking about cannabis, detoxing refers to abstaining from weed to allow the body to flush all THC and its metabolites that may be stored around the body especially in the fat cells. Detoxification is something that the body is designed to do naturally. The liver, which is commonly regarded as the workhorse of the body, is tasked with the responsibility of neutralizing, transforming or getting rid of toxins in the blood. For the record, the liver filters 1.4 liters of blood every 1 minute. In the light of this, you could ask why then we need to detox THC from the body when the liver is bound to do that anyway. This means that as it travels through the blood system, some of it is distributed and ‘trapped’ in the fat cells. These fat cells will eventually be burnt for energy and the THC-COOH released into the blood system for removal through the kidneys. However, keep in mind that the body derives most of its energy from glycogen and will only tap into its fat stores periodically. This means that burning fat can take quite a long time. Consequently, it might take a very long time for the body to get rid of the THC-COOH stored in the fat layers .

This gets more serious especially if you are a regular and heavy smoker who has toked for some years since you’ll have several layers of THC-containing fat cells stacked upon each other.

So, detoxing THC is all about getting rid of those fat cells that contain marijuana metabolites. This process involves improving and optimizing your body’s detoxification system and supporting these systems to enable them to get rid of the THC in the lipids (you could call it a liver support plan).


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