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While some cultivars can grow clones with nothing but water, rooting helpers and cloning products with rooting hormones help the clone to establish its roots faster. Rooting helpers are available in gel or powder form. You dip the bottom of your cuttings where you made the cut instantly into the gel or powder to seal the cut off. Some use both types and dip their cuttings into the gel first and after that into the rooting powder. Read the instructions for your products so you know how to use them properly.

As a guideline, cover the entire area of your cutting that you will put into the starter cube with gel. Carefully place your clone into the moistened starter cube. You should slightly press the bottom of the cube to make sure that everything is tightly sealed. If you have an automatic cloner, humidity dome, or mini greenhouse, place your new clones inside. This helps to keep moisture trapped around the clones. The young clones don’t have roots yet, so they need to take in moisture from the air to grow. Although not required, a humidity dome or mini greenhouse can greatly help with growing your clones. Your clones should be placed in nice warm and wet conditions. If you don’t use a humidity dome, mist your clones several times a day.

The perfect temperature for your clones is slightly above room temperature, 22-25 °C. If you grow in cooler conditions, you can use a heating mat to keep the temperature in-check. Some commercial cloners and propagators come with an integrated heater and adjustable heat setting. As for the right light for your clones, they won’t require light for the first couple of days. After that period, you want to use a weak CFL bulb or special grow light for clones and seedlings to keep them growing. If you want to use your existing grow light, you may need to move it further up to decrease the light's intensity. What’s important is that you don’t supply light 24 hrs a day but keep an 18/6 light schedule for your clones. The period of darkness is where most of the root growth happens. Your clones are ready to be transplanted when you see roots coming out the Rockwool or starter cubes. Remember that your new clones don’t have roots, they need moist and misty conditions. Frequently mist to keep their leaves moist especially in the first week. If the clones are under a humidity dome, lift the top several times a day to prevent mould from growing. Not a requirement, but it can help your clone’s growth when you spray them with a mild nutrient solution. Make sure to never contaminate your rooting gel or cloning powder. The slightest dust or dirt in the jar can spoil your cloning efforts. Never dip the clones directly in the jar with the gel or powder. Always take the required amount of gel or powder and put it into an external tray. Store cloning gels and powders in a dark and cool place. When you clone a cannabis plant, the clone will always be the same age and at the same growing stage as the parent. One of the best times to take clones is just before you flower the mother plant. Don’t hesitate to grow more clones than you think you will need. Not all clones will always turn out a success, especially if you’re still new to cloning. It can be a good idea if you grow more just in case you should lose some.

Most clones should start rooting in several days, but some can take several weeks until they grow roots. You can keep desired mother plants for your clones in the vegetating phase for a long time. If you prevent them from flowering by keeping them under a vegging 18/6 light schedule, you can have mother plants that will give you clones for several years! With our marijuana cloning guide, making clones from your favourite cannabis plants should be easy.

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