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Click here to go to a page that will let you search for dry ice in your area. Bubble bags/Hash Bags/Pollen Bags You’ll need 3 sizes for this tutorial: 73, 160, 220. Thick, insulating sturdy gloves No latex gloves, you need protection against -109.3°F cold.

A scraping tool An unused paint scraper works great, but a credit card will do. A large, CLEAN, flat surface This will collect your hash, so make sure it’s clean! We used a large piece of new plexiglass (cheap at Home Depot) on a table. Dry ice has some inherent risks due to its extremely low temperature and the fact that it sublimates (turns directly into a gas), but it’s actually very safe to use! Just check out these quick safety tips, exercise a little caution, and this will be a smooth and fun experience! Although it’s a small amount of CO2 and doesn’t really pose a threat to you, it’s better to be safe than sorry! Dry ice turns into gas which will pressurize the container it’s in. Eventually, you’ll get a top shooting off unexpectedly, or worse, an exploding container!

Don’t touch dry ice with your bare hands Dry ice measures -190.3°F at its warmest . It won’t kill you to grab it, but it’s no fun to get freezer burn either. Dispose of dry ice safely If you put dry ice down your sink or toilet, you could freeze your water pipes and end up with a massive repair bill. When you’re done with dry ice, just leave it in a well-ventilated area and it’ll simply turn into gas and leave. Basically, you just shake a hash bag full of cannabis + dry ice and piles of resin will start raining out! You’ve got your materials together and you know how to handle dry ice… let’s have some fun! Dump your (ground up) cannabis and dry ice into the 5-gallon bucket. Take the size 73 hash/bubble/pollen bag and fit it over the opening of the bucket, then shake and swirl the bucket around for 3-4 minutes. The process of shaking the cannabis around with dry ice freezes the resin so it starts breaking off from the cannabis and is more easily collected. Turn the bucket upside-down, emptying both the dry ice and cannabis into the hash bag, with the mesh side facing down. Shake the bag over a clean flat surface.This will cause resin to sift through the mesh part of the bag and fall out onto the surface like it’s raining resin! Keep shaking until you don’t see any resin falling out or you just can’t shake anymore 🙂 Use your scraper to collect the newly fallen resin into a pile and transfer it into a container of your choice. Dump the cannabis and dry ice back into the bucket and repeat steps 2-5 with the size 160 pollen bag. You should now have 3 grades of your own solvent-free, homemade hash: 73 (pure resin), 160 (not as pure but still really good stuff), and 220 (it’s super fragrant and super free!). FYI: Hash can be sprinkled over bud, vaporized, smoked directly with a screen, and mixed into joints. If you’re unfamiliar with hash, starting slowly will help ensure you don’t use too much – this stuff is powerful! Placed on the National Register of Historic Places as a contributing structure in the Old Courthouse and Warehouse District, the 1909 O.S. For many years it served as the area’s fallout shelter. Renovations retain much of its industrial character exposing concrete walls, columns and beams, as well as some of the leftover graffiti on the 2nd and 3rd floor condominium walls. An adjacent building burned to the ground where the new courtyard offers privately owned public space to enhance the growing downtown live/work environment. The Jones 421 project is an Architect-developed project and the first of its kind in Sioux Falls hosting a retail ‘market’ space on the street level, and 32 condominiums located on 2nd through 4th floors ranging in size from 690 sf one-bedroom units to 3,500 sf for the penthouse unit. The project is a 2018 AIA South Dakota Merit award winner. Part dreamer, part doer, Susan is Seed’s founder and strategic visionary, directing the agency’s high-performing cast, rolling up her sleeves and digging in. She revels in delivering success stories—all while sharing the laughs that come with doing something you love with good people. Especially good at: Being a loyal strategic partner. Susan pairs decades of experience across countless industries with impeccable intuition to offer clients the leadership and support to guide them to success, again and again.

Her deep strategic roots and passion for innovation, marketing and advertising provide the perspective and acumen to inspire teams to visualize a clear path forward. Favorite part of the work: Susan loves when the whole team comes together to create something new. It is especially fun when the client is involved in the process and can watch it become something wonderful right before their eyes. “Strong, smart, brave and compassionate, Leia embodies the traits that I not only value, but that have also made building Seed possible. She has the heart of a warrior and the diplomacy capable of bridging galaxies, all while displaying the grace—and sometimes spunk—necessary to achieve her goals.” News Feed. Seed Strategy Creates Sanctuary for Creative Spirit. Since its inception 18 years ago, Seed Strategy has aimed to be a sanctuary for the creative spirit. Today, that vision soars to new heights as the growth acceleration firm opens the doors to its custom-built innovation headquarters at the west end of downtown Cincinnati, Ohio.

Jones Shares Seed Vision in Premiere Issue of “Momentum” By Susan Jones. Seed Strategy is proud to announce that CEO and Founder Susan Jones is featured in the premiere issue of Momentum, a digital magazine published by Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business. Jones Named Kelley Alumni Association 2015 Distinguished Entrepreneur. This past weekend, Seed Strategy Founder and CEO Susan Jones was honored as the 2015 Distinguished Entrepreneur by the Indiana University Kelley School of Business. Pursuing the Dream: Seed CEO Shares the Leap of Faith that Led to Achieving Her Vision.


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