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The bathtub acts as the reservoir holding the hydroponic nutrients. A submersible water pump forces the nutrients up onto the floodtable through 1/2 inch tubing that leads to spaghetti hose for each plant. Nutrients drain out of the pots while plants are being fed. Excess nutrients are being Flushed out of the Rockwool while the Plants are being Fed nutrients.

Plants cannot be overfed with this method of hydroponic growing. Plants are fed several times per day as programmed by a digital timer. I also have an air pump with air stone in all my reservoirs keeping oxygen in nutrients at maximum levels. More information and instructions how to build custom floodtables are included in my book “Marijuana Mass Production Made Easy”. I was born in British Columbia and started growing marijuana on a commercial scale in 1990. I designed and built grow rooms in nearly 20 different locations over the years, and worked as a consultant for major size grow-ops. The cover of the book has images of my basement which held 24 x 1000w HPS lights.

My education with hydroponic grow systems began in 1991 under the supervision of University Botanists who were developing a special nutrient formula for the cannabis strain Northern Lights. Since then I’ve learned advanced techniques to improve the quality and yield per light. I’ve read dozens of books and always wanted to find one that tells the reader exactly how to get professional results without having to perform experiments, and without having to sort through pages of re-hashed common info about how plants grow. The book I wrote, “Marijuana Mass Production Made Easy” has the condensed instructions of how to average 2+ lbs per 1000w light. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in 2012 and am now Licensed by Health Canada to Grow my own plants. All the photos and videos on my website, www.GrowBCBud.com are from rooms I built and plants I grew. My book “Marijuana Mass Production Made Easy” shows you how to grow 2 lbs or more per 1000w light and includes instructions on how to grow 12 lbs every 3 weeks in 1000 sq ft room. The book includes the hydroponic food formula I use that will make your plants grow Bigger and Faster than ever before. I make growing easy for anyone to understand with basic instructions of what to do so you achieve awesome results every time. Marijuana Mass Production Made Easy is available for $24.95. Cloning Tray (with ridges at the bottom, no holes) & 7” Vented Dome Note: Because these are bulky but lightweight, these items are usually much cheaper to buy in person without having to pay for shipping (can be found at most plant nurseries and gardening stores). Although not necessary, the reason the following tray is white on top is this style helps reflect light back up at the plants (though it costs a little more than a regular propagation tray). Cloning Gel and Cloning Powder Note: Any brand rooting gel and powder will work for cloning. 2 small plastic buckets (or large mixing bowls – to be filled with water) Grow Lights: Fluorescent Lights (including CFLs) or a Metal Halide light (400w or 600w works great). However, you can use almost any grow light successfully as long as you keep it at the correct distance away. Okay so this is where we cue Doctor Frankenstein's lab. The doctor cackles madly and the lighting strikes just as he switches the lever. A moment later there is grunting from the form under the blanket and the doctor screams "It's alive. Cloning a plant doesn't require a cleanroom, it doesn't require a lab. No men in white coats, no special chemicals or treatments. People have been cloning plants for thousands of years and its extremely easy to do. The simplest way to clone many plants is to cut off a piece of a plant and toss it in a glass of water. Stick the glass in the window, wait a few days and presto roots will sprout from the bottom of the cutting.

At this point your cutting is now a clone of the plant it was cut from. For plants cloning and regeneration are a process that is completely natural. It happens to them regularly during the simple rigors of existence. Cloning is the process of replicating the exact genetic characteristics of a plant. If you have found not only a good strain but a particularly fine specimen you can share it by cloning. Or you can keep the fine plant in the vegetative stage forever and only grow out and mature cuttings of it.

Not only do you have a plant with known properties such as potency, potential yield, disease resistance, size, etc but you will be able to have a garden of plants that given the same conditions will more or less grow at the same rate and respond to the same way to different training methods.


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