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The next step is to spray the clones with water before moving the clones under the light. When spraying the clones with water make sure you spray the inside of the dome and the base of the cloning tray. Fresh cuttings need high humidity to encourage root growth. Now place the dome on the cloning tray with the new clones inside.

About the lights: If using fluorescent lights or CFLs you can keep the light 1 or 2 inches over the top of the dome. If using a horizontal 400w or 600w Metal Halide light keep the light about 24 inches away from the top of the dome. Make sure the vents of the dome are closed for the first 2 days. Keep the room temperature slightly warm, above 20 Degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit). You’ve made it through the first day, which means you’ve made it through the toughest part of cloning! Remove the clear plastic dome from the cloning tray and spray the clones and inside of the dome with water. It is best if you spray the clones in this way at least 2 times per day.

Spraying a clone with water dilutes the nutrients in the leaves. The clone will be forced to search for nutrients once the leaves have low nutrient levels. Misting also helps maintain water levels in the plant since it can’t drink through the roots. Open the vents in the dome of the cloning tray today. We want the moisture to escape now which will dry out the Jiffy 7 pellets. The drying of the pellets will force the small bits of root to grow quickly in search of moisture. Keep vents on dome open and spray clones once in morning and once at night. Hopefully by this point each clone is standing up on its own. Keep vents on dome open and check to see if pellets are dry. If the Rockwool or Peat Pellets are dry to the touch we will add half a liter ( 2 cups) of water to the cloning tray itself which will fill the grooves in the bottom of the cloning tray. Important: If you add water, add it to the cloning tray itself to fill in the grooves at the bottom of the tray. Do not add water to the tops of the pellets at this point, or roots will take longer to form! The pellets will absorb the water from the bottom of the cloning tray. We want the roots to search for the moisture, and forcing them to move downwards to find water will force the plant to root more quickly. Adding water over the top of stems now will make it take longer for clones to root. Keep spraying clones once in morning and once at night. You should now see some roots breaking through the Jiffy 7 peat pellets for several of the clones. We have closed the dome vents again on Day 6 because we want extreme humidity now that clone roots are starting to show. Trapping the water in the tray with vents closed creates the best environment for roots to grow rapidly. By day 7, roots should be showing on at least 50% of the clones. By day 8 or 9 you should see roots on 90% or more of the clones. At this time you should add half liter of water ( 2 cups) that has been infused with a light concentration of grow nutrients to the grooves in cloning tray. Keep vents closed on dome which will add nutrient to the humidity in the cloning tray. Remove the dome on the cloning tray today to allow clones a chance to adjust to normal humidity.

Clones may be transplanted to dirt or Rockwool anytime when you see roots. I’ve recently been growing marijuana at home in my new condominium apartment. As a result, I needed a place to keep Mother Plants, Clones and a place to Veg the Clones. I discovered that my spare bathroom is the perfect place for the job. The bathtub floodtable is a piece of plywood 2ft x 4ft in size. I’ve covered the plywood with 2 layers of B&W Plastic.

The plywood is raised 2 inches at the front edge of the bathtub which makes the water run downhill towards the tile wall at the back of the bathtub.


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