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In addition to those forage seeds, Arrow Seed now markets a turfgrass seed line for applications in golf, lawns, parks and sports turfs along with native grasses and wildflowers used in conservation and habitat plantings. The company’s newest product lines—food plots, cover crops and field peas—utilize many of the same species, just in a different way to a different consumer. Referring to the seeds selected for the food plots, Jim Girardin Jr.

said, “We have a lot of experience in all of those plants; we’re just adapting them to a different kind of livestock.” Similarly, the cover crops used to improve soil health are oftentimes the same species used for forage. “There are tremendous opportunities in ag today, if one is willing to look outside the box for those value-added services and products,” he said. Arrow Seed was established in Broken Bow, Nebraska in 1946. The company has been under the same family ownership since 1954. Facilities include a 30,000 square foot seed conditioning and distribution center opened in 1987, a 150,000 square foot warehouse completed in 2013, with further expansion plans underway. While forage legumes, grasses and sorghums are still a major part of the business, related lines of turf grasses, turf fertilizer, legume inoculants, and wildlife foodplot mixes have become increasingly important to the company and its customers . Arrow Seed conditions and packages seeds that are indigenous to Nebraska and purchases seed from established companies in other states of those species that cannot be produced economically in Nebraska. As many as 32 different seed species have been conditioned through company facilities in a year’s time. Products are provided to over 150 dealers in the Arrow Seed service area, which includes the central two-thirds of Nebraska as well as adjacent counties in South Dakota. Other customers include government agencies, golf courses, landscape contractors, and other seed companies.

White Widow was known for its strength and flavor which is present in all offshoots of this strain, Sweet and Sour Widow being no exception! This medicinal strain has a 1:1 ratio for THC & CBD perfect for medical users and the proportionate rating is 70% Indica and 30% Sativa making it an excellent hybrid for all growers. The flowering stage takes approximately 8 weeks to fruition so you will not have to wait very long to be smoking on these fine flowers. It grows quickly which is indicative of most indica dominant hybrids. Solid branches and moderately spaced internodes help with channeling and pruning. The spacing allows the flowers to utilize much of the space and allows light to penetrate lower stems and the sponge-like structures help prevent mildew. This strain would do better than its predecessor, White Widow, in more humid environments. By harvest, the flowers should be oozing with crystals and usually look bleached white turning amber towards the end. This is common in all strains descended from the White Widow genetics. This strain has a high resin content and would make a good choice to make oils, shatter or wax. Edibles and the like would be proudly served with this as the super special ingredient. Again, this is a great physical high, not a head high. The effects are notably different than other strains. By far, this has to be one of the best, most balanced strains available today. The fragrance has been reminiscent of chutney and onions or sour onions. It has also been called a sweet onion scent - sweet, citrusy, and earthy. Sweet and Sour Widow is aesthetically pleasing as well as to the palate. Indoor flowering occurs within 55-60 days with yields up to 400 gr/m2. This regular seed is good for production indoors or out. THC/CBD levels are listed as ranging from 6% to 8%. The CBD content can be slightly higher yet still maintains effectively a 1:1 ratio. While the THC content is relatively low, it still has an impressive high.

The effects of this Indica dominant strain are notably relaxing with euphoric feelings. The higher concentration of CBD, as opposed to other strains, produces a physical effect more than a mental effect. This makes it a great choice for those who need benefit yet still must maintain a relatively clear head. This brilliant balance of THC and CBD makes for a very appealing and relaxing high. The effects are noted to be mostly positive, including happiness. It is the perfect addition to a relaxing evening at home, or out on the go. Paranoia and dysphoria are not noted in this strain. Brand: CBD Crew Product Code: CBD Crew Availability: In Stock £39.95.

Sweet and Sour Widow by CBD Crew has descended from the very famous White Widow strain bred by Green House seeds back in the 90’s and an unknown Sativa hybrid to enhance the CBD content.


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