golden glue strain

Strain Review: Golden Glue by Evan’s Creek Farms

@evans_creek_farms has been putting out some really unique, small batch chronic lately. What I have for you today is the Golden Glue purchased from my good friends at @thc.pdx.

Indica or Sativa: Indica dominant Hybrid

Golden Glue Strain Review

The Golden Glue was seriously some of the best looking, smelling, and tasting weed I’ve had in a while. The trichomes were in pristine condition and made the buds really glisten in the right lighting. It had a strong lemony citrus scent that came through clearly even when smoked out of a dirty ass bong. It was smoother than any weed I’ve had with that astringent lemon smell, which tend to leave my lungs feeling a little worse for wear.

The effects were honestly really mild. There was no couchlock to speak of, no real stoniness at all. It was a very functional smoke that wound up being how I’ve started the last few days. I don’t know that I would buy this for myself again, but it’s one I’d still recommend to plenty of people and give a hard 9 out of 10.
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