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Godfather OG weed strain: The Don of All OGs

You have got to pay some respect for the Godfather because of its high potency rate. It has THC content that can reach all the way up to 30% which is one of the types of weed that has the most potency.

This THC level makes beginners shy away from this strain and rightfully so because its high can definitely throw them off. Here is more information about this highly effective pot:

History of Godfather OG Strain

The don of all Kush strains is the result of three powerful types of marijuana being bred together and cultivated to create one strain. Bubba Kush, GDP, and LA Confidential were bred together to create Godfather OG and the results were an Indica-dominant weed.

The ratio of this hybrid is 60:40, with Indica taking 60% and Sativa making away with 40%. It held the title of the High Times Cannabis Cup and it is without a shadow of a doubt that this strain is legendary.

What are the effects of this strain?

Godfather OG Strain Info from exerts states that you can expect some gnarly effects from the Godfather OG weed strain because of its high THC. Since it is Indica-dominant, it has the ability to calm the user’s nerves and relax the individual.

Feelings of euphoria and happiness will start pacing in the mind of the user. The user should be cautious when using this because of its potency. It has the power to know you out permanently when the user is not careful pertaining to his dosage.

What are the medical appointments of the strain?

There are many medical effects that could benefit different types of patients suffering from a variety of illnesses. Because of its happy, euphoric inciting properties, it can be very useful for mental conditions such as depression and PTSD.

Other ailments that are treated by this weed include asthma, loss of appetite, chronic pain and stress. Arthritis can also be treated with this weed as well as insomnia and headaches.


When smoking Godfather OG weed, you are bound to feel some side effects and although this cannabis is strong, the negatives are almost the same as other strains. You can expect negative effects such as:

  • Having a dry mouth and eyes when smoking this weed. The back of your eyes will start building up pressure making you feel sleepy.
  • Another side effect you might experience is dizziness when smoking it. That suggests that you should have a place to sit and rest when smoking this weed.
  • If you are smoking in a place you are not familiar with, symptoms of anxiety and paranoia might affect you.

What are the reasons to choose Godfather OG Strain?

Apart from the strong effects it has, here are other reasons to choose this type of weed:


One of the reasons pertains to the way each bud looks because the appearance is different and beautiful. The dense nugs look very beautiful with thick trichomes with purple toned pistils. It looks very beautiful and has drawn many users to choose it just by its look.

Smell and Aroma

The aroma of it is quite distinct because it has a mixture of grapefruit and pine fragrance. Upon exhale, you might feel an earthy and spicy aroma and the smell has hints of being pungent.


Another great thing about the marijuana strain is the flavor because it has a taste that combines sweetness alongside grapefruit. Other flavors that are detectable when smoking this includes a herbal taste with some pine and woodiness.

Who is more suitable for this strain?

The potency of the Godfather OG marijuana strain makes it unsuitable for beginners because of the risk involved. If you can control your dosage, it is suitable for you. People with the following illnesses might also benefit from smoking it:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Chronic pain
  • Chronic stress
  • PTSD

These conditions can be treated with this strain which makes it suitable for victims of these illnesses.

Opinion by growers

Finding the seeds of the Godfather OG cannabis is quite easy and that satisfies most growers. They also love how easy this plant grows and its yield is just perfect for this type of strain. Growers are only concerned about the climate because it has to be at a specific standard but there aren’t any direct complaints about this strain.

Popularity by growers

The strain is quite popular amongst growers and that community might grow exponentially. Its ease of growing and cultivating makes it a prime strain for beginners to start out their own weed operation. The demand in the market is also rapidly growing this strain’s popularity amongst growers.

Popular Brands/Growers

There are many popular brands that sell this weed but its wax needs to be reduced the THC because it is way over the top. You can also find different dispensaries that sell the oil extracted from the weed strain across the country. Some of the dispensaries include:

  • Cheeba Ganja Store – Los Angeles, CA
  • Buds Master – Hamilton, Ontario

How to Grow this strain?

It is very easy growing this weed and can be grown indoors or outdoors without any major problems. The climate should be mild and dry for the plants to grow successfully and it takes about eight weeks to flower. The strain can also withstand sudden temperature changes that differentiate it from other marijuana strains.

Is it useful to edibles-cooking?

Now that you know what Godfather OG strain is, it is time to find out if it can be used to cook or bake edibles. Because of the high THC potency, the strain maybe a little too much if it used as-is. To avoid adverse side effects, ensure that you have the vaped the marijuana enough for it to be safely used for edibles.

Similar Strains

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  • MK Ultra. More euphoric.
  • Granddaddy Purple.
  • Critical Mass. More humulene.
  • 3X Crazy. More myrcene.
  • Blackberry Kush. More limonene.
  • Critical Kush. More humulene.


If you are not a beginner and can control your dosage, this strain is the best one because it has strong effects due to the high THC. These strong effects have made it one of the best strains to use for medical purposes by treating various mental and physical ailments you could be suffering from.

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