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Over the years, its origins were lost but the "code" stuck. While the term 420 has been around for a long time, the internet hasn't. And many of today's teens are accessing pictures, games, and websites that glorify marijuana on a regular basis.

Of course, many teens have no idea that it's an old phrase. So they use the slang term liberally in front of adults, thinking it's a secret term developed by today's drug subculture. Thinking that it's cool to smoke marijuana every day at 4:20, or assuming you have to participate in smoking on April 20th, can lead teens to join in. Social media often glorifies drug use and it's easier than ever for teens to get caught up in thinking "everyone is doing it." The legalization of marijuana in some states, or the term "medical marijuana," may lead teens to believe marijuana is safe to use. Our strawberry patch is now open and we will continue to pick over the next two to three weeks. *Please know that the amount of folks visiting to pick each day has been overwhelming. Our farm will be closing at noon each day because the supply of strawberries has been too low to remain open.

We hope to have longer hours this Saturday and next week but we will need to assess the fields as time draws closer. We want to give the fields a break for the berries to ripen so that they are super sweet when you pick. Always check our Facebook page for the most up to date conditions. In mid to late June our blueberry and raspberry fields will be opening as well. Our family at The Green Barn Berry Farm wants your experience to be fun and safe each time you visit. Due to Covid-19, we have planned for our operations to change slightly to ensure the safety of our family, employees, and customers. Please read over our changes so that you can be prepared ahead of time before you travel back down our lane. 🍓The stone building will be closed to all retail sales until further notice. All retail operations have been moved to the outside of the green barn. 🍓All customers will park in front of the green barn. 🍓After you park, please proceed to the check in area. You are welcome to bring your own picking containers or purchase our souvenir buckets for $1.50 each as in past years. We will weigh your containers from home prior to entering the field. 🍓Hand washing stations are provided when entering and exiting the field. 🍓A staff member will guide you to a designated row where you may pick. 🍓Regrettably there will be NO sampling of berries at this time. 🍓Check out stations are located outside of the green barn closest to the lane. Please do not return to your car with your berries. 🍓We prefer cash yet accept debit/credit cards, and Farmer’s Market Nutrition Program Checks as forms of payment. 🍓Masks are allowed but not required by our employees and customers. We support whatever you choose as each person has a different level of comfort.

🍓At this time, customers are not permitted to access play areas or outdoor seating spots. *You are welcome to sign up for our mailing list on the right hand side of this homepage. This is an email directly from us to you that keeps you informed about each of our growing seasons. * The Green Barn Berry Farm has been family owned and operated since 1954. Our farm is nestled between the shadow of the Bald Eagle Mountain and along the shores of the beautiful Susquehanna River.

Our family takes pride in offering a pick your own tradition of days gone by to all of our customers. The experience will leave you feeling like you truly took a step back in time. Summertime offers wide open spaces and easily accessible fields to park beside. Please know that children are always welcome when accompanied by an adult. *We prefer cash yet accept debit/credit cards, and Farmers Market Nutrition Program checks as forms of payment.


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