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This is a simple thing to remedy, just cinch the bag at the top and jerk it upwards about three inches, then let it drop. This will allow the water to drop through while the resin is lifted in the air off the screen. Some nice 73µ full melt bubble sitting awaiting harvest.

This resin up close shows right away that it is of top quality. These photos show really well how cleaning the spoon in the bucket saves you a lot of resin. That’s a whole lot of heads floating around in there. This strain is well known for its alcohol soluble terpenoids, a strain that will thrive in the breeding world of water hash enthusiasts. The 90 micron and 73 micron bags produce some of the finest resin. We clean our 73µ's inside the bucket, in order to once again trap potential lost resin gland heads. This is a great method while the bag is wrapped inside out in the bowl. A few turns inside the water and it’s clean as a whistle.

Also remember to do this immediately after cleaning the majority of the resin off. For those of you that have followed the birth of bubble bag, you would remember the 250µ bag which we discontinued and added a 45µ bag. The 25µ was always enjoyed when it first came out, but we knew we could improve upon that resin by splitting it up yet another size, and what we have is some very consistently nice bubble hash. We can clean the yellow 73µ bag inside the bucket and save any potentialy lost resin heads. Closing this bag at the top and grasping it tightly while lifting it out of the bucket makes for quick and easy draining, the trick is to give it a quick jerk upwards. By dropping the bag down six inches after jerking it upward, you allow the water to pass thru the screen while the resin is floating off the screen. Doing this a few times in a row will quickly drain a slow draining bag. The bowl method is used for removing resin from the screens, we have yet to find something that works better. This time from the 45µ resin heads going into the 25µ bag. As you can see this 45µ resin is absolutely bright beige to white. It's realy a nice sandy resin, i'm sure a full melter by looks alone. You can clearly see that’s a good amount of resin we will trap in the bag. Draining the 25µ bag will be quick and easy with this cinch and jerk method, we drained this one in ten seconds. For those that are wondering what we do with the resin once we have scooped it out of the bags, we will get to that. We take the resin and place it on a pressing screen. 25µ the tiniest of the heads available spread out over the 25µ screen, ready to be removed. Once again the bowl method, a nice tight screen can solve a lot of problems and eliminate potential mess. Cleaning the 25µ bag inside the bucket, not that we will collect any of this resin it still needs to be cleaned off the screen. Once all the grades are on the pressing screen, you can simply place it on a towel, close the screen, cover it with the towel and press lightly with a large wooden roller or what ever you have available. Pressing lightly is important as when you pull these cookies out you want to break them into powder over piece of thick cardboard. Close the pressing screen, cover with the towel and press. Towel covering the pressing screen, ready to be pressed, this should be done lighter with higher quality resin, as it will quickly press together and not break up easily in which case will not dry properly. Finally we have the end results all pressed nicely into cookie shapes. You should note that leaving the bubble in this pressed cookie form is by no means a proper drying process, they should be broken up into powder while still wet and placed over a thick cardboard that will act as a dessicant and remove the water from your bubble.

Be sure your bubble is fully dry before pressing it – otherwise mold can form on the inside.

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