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Now, start to roll a joint, but before you bring it all together, place the bamboo skewer on the weed running through the joint. Finish your roll, pack the weed down and then pull out the skewer. What you will be left with is a perfectly rolled joint with a hollow center.

This will help you achieve the best possible burn and help you take big hits with ease. If you really want to get serious about having a good time, you take knowing how to roll a joint and make it into a piece of art. For the windmill, you will need a piece of card, that you roll into a conical shape, and tape together. You can cut the gum strip off some rolling papers and use them if you need to, to act as the tape. Then you need to use some more card to roll two long tube shapes. Cut a hole through the middle of these tubes and four holes into the wide end of your cone. Connect the two long tubes through the cone ensuring that all the holes line up.

This is important because this is where the hit is going to come from. Take six rolling papers and connect them to form a large rectangular paper, and wrap this around the wide end of the cone. Twist the papers to seal everything together and you are ready to add the weed. These can be classics or cones; whatever you feel most appropriate. Slide these into the four tubes you created, to finish the windmill look, and you are ready to smoke. Light all four or just rotate the joint lighting each one, in turn, the fun is never-ending when you start smoking windmills. A Pinner Joint is Perfect for When you are Running Low. If you are running low on bud, and want to make it last as long as you possibly can, then a pinner joint is the best choice for you. When you roll a pinner joint what you do is essentially roll a classic joint, but you put less weed in there and roll the paper as tight as you can. This thin joint still packs a punch and will have you feeling great, but will save you on weed and let you stretch your supply that little bit longer. Amazon Advertisement Raw Cone Variety Pack Rolling Papers. Different joints have different names depending on which circles you run in and where you live. The steamer joint is one such smoke that has several different names around the world. Named because the three funnel joints look like the chimney stacks on an old steamer ship. Easy to roll and fun to smoke, all you need is three joints, rolled anyway you would like, be it classic, cones or even plumber joints. You then need to roll along empty joint with some card. Cut three holes towards the end of this funnel and insert your three joints into them. Light up and smoke away, because it is smooth sailing from here on out. Ultimately, if you know how to roll a joint, you will always be the fun guy at the party. With this basic skill, the only thing holding you back is your imagination. There are people out there who have taken knowing how to roll a joint and made it into an art form, creating entire, fully smokeable sculptures. Grab your bud and a pack of papers today and let your imagination run wild. It doesn’t matter if you want to become a licensed supplier, producer or just looking to get some quality weed for you and your friends, we have the services that can help you. Get in touch today and let’s see what we can do for you.

For more articles from Quantum 9, please check out the following links: Nepal Cream Charas. Very dark and oily exterior with a more sandy-coloured, "fudgie" interior. See the pic at right and notice how gooey it was as I twisted off a few pieces for sampling. The hash looks clean and free of contaminants; I even made the "Pablo Hassan test" and sucked a piece to see if any colour disappeared but it still looked great! Even better, it tasted really fresh and peppery in the back of my teeth.

It lights up quite easily and stays burning in a proper manner. You can smell the richness and know the quality of this hash immediately. There was however, a slight amount of black smoke in one of the test burns but as you'll see, the taste and FX were definitely NOT related to anything that would blacksmoke.


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