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Go ahead and pour all of bucket 2’s contents into bucket 1. 5.) Pull each bubble bag out one by one, letting the drip fall into the next smaller screened bubble bag below it. The first bag is just the ice and cannabis so that will drain out pretty fast. You can work that mix again later for your next run. The hash gets weaker in potency each time you do this, but sometimes the second run yields better than the first!

You can lightly squeeze the bags to help them drain faster, but don’t let the hash water come out of the sides of the bags. Short firm downward “shakes” do a good job helping bubble bags drain faster. 7.) When collecting hash from bubble bags, the goal is to stretch the filter screen tight to release as much water from the hash as you can. There’s an easy way to do this with your bucket – stretch the sides of the bubble bag over the outside of your bucket, pulling all sides downward. This will get the screen nice and tight, with the hash easy to collect using a spoon. 8.) Take what you get from the spoon and slop it onto the 25 micron pressing mesh screen in a pile. Now use a towel folded over it to press this stuff dry and into a ball. Use all of your body weight, you want to get out all of your moisture.

Work more to shape the ball and there you go – you just made bubble hash! Repeat, reuse and enjoy your freshly-made bubble hash collection. Bubble hash (also known as ice hash, water hash, or simply “hash”) is used for smoking, consuming or even for making rosin . Remember to clean the bubble bags after you’re done making hash – once that sticky hash material is dried inside the bag it is harder than normal to get off. Wash your bubble hash bags in water and scrub them with a brush. Regularly cleaning your bubble hash bags will help make your filtering process go faster because your bags are not clogged up and will drain fast. Cold water works better for cleaning bubble hash bags, as hot water heats up the hash and makes a stickier constancy. For heavy clean-up, try using 99% isopropyl alcohol and gently scrubbing residue off with a soft brush. BHO, ISO, RSO… Dry and water based processes of making hash (Bubble Hash, Kief, etc.) are some of the cleanest extration methods available that are safe from any unwanted contamination. liquid-gas solvent based extraction including BHO (Butane Hash Oil), ISO (Isopropanol Oil), RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) and CO 2 based ‘ CO 2 oil’. can be pure and clean, but there are chances of residual solvent contamination. Chemical contamination of extracts and concentrates is a growing concern for medical and recreational legal marijuana users. A recent study in the Journal of Toxicological Sciences describes USC and a cannabis testing lab’s analysis of 57 different cannabis concentrates on the California medical marijuana market. Fifty-seven samples of cannabis concentrates from California medicinal cannabis users were used. 48 of these being solvent-based, while the remaining 9 were dry or water-based hash samples ( named the “hash” group). They were measured for presence of residual solvents and/or pesticides, and cannabiniod levels. All of the hash group samples (dry or water-based extraction, bubble hash) tested clean from unwanted contamination. The hash samples were described as “exceptionally clean compared to the solvent-based concentrate”. As for the reason why, the researchers theorized that “Most hash processing uses large quantities of water which could potentially wash away pesticides which are water soluble while the non-water soluble cannabinoids remain behind”. The concentrates tested (solvent-based extraction) did not have the same luck. “Over 80% of the concentrates were found to contain residual solvents, including isopentane, butane, heptane, propane, and other solvents.

Additionally, nearly 40% of the concentrate samples contained pesticides”. Name Price Range Link BUBBLEBAGDUDE Bubble Bags 5 Gallon 5 Bag Set Mid VIEW PRICE ► VIVOSUN 1-Gallon 4-Bag Herbal Ice Bubble Hash Kit Low VIEW PRICE ► Bubble Machine 5 Gallon 5 Bag Ice Bubble Bags Mixing Kit High VIEW PRICE ► iPower 5-Gallon Herbal Ice Bubble Hash Kit 8 Bags Mid VIEW PRICE ► Geneva Barns Herbal Ice Bubble Hash Bag Essence Extractor Kit Low VIEW PRICE ► BUBBLEBAGDUDE All Mesh 5 Gallon 8 Bag Hash Ice Extractor Kit High VIEW PRICE ► Disclaimer: We do not promote or undertake in illegal activities. 5 Gallon 8 Bags Herbal Ice Bubble Hash Bag Essence Extractor Kit Bucket Filter. Our bubble bags system provides multiple layers of industrial grade filtration which allow you to extract the essential oils from almost any plant! Bubble Bags offer a simple way to remove dust, leaf and other contaminants from your final product.

- Compatible for use with 5 gallon buckets or tubs. - Bags are labeled and color coded to corresponding micron rating. - Larger bag assortment allows for more exact filtering into different grades. - Purple - 25 Microns - White - 45 Microns - Yellow - 73 Microns - Black - 90 Microns - Orange - 120 Microns - Red - 160 Microns - Green - 190 Microns - Blue - 220 Microns - Includes black carrying bag for easy storage.


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