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It is a slow onset strain, but when its physical effects do kick in, consumers commonly become sluggish, and couchlocked. The nature of Hindu Kush’s effects makes this strain suitable for evening use only. Hindu Kush has birthed some world-renowned and high-quality Kush offspring, most notably OG Kush and Master Kush. This is a heavily indica-dominant (85%) strain that contains between 18% to 30% THC! Unlike Hindu Kush, Skywalker OG is a rapid onset strain.

Consumers will almost instantly feel like they’ve been transported to a distant galaxy, far, far, away. Skywalker OG is the polar opposite of a wake-and-bake strain. A deep body stone and heavy couchlock await those who consume this highly-sedating strain. Therefore, be sure to only consume this strain late in the evening when you want to sit back and relax. As Skywalker OG’s THC content can reach an astronomically high 30%, it is unsuitable for novices. Bubba Kush has been around for more than 20 years and is hugely indica-dominant (80%). This strain is a cross of OG Kush and the Bubba strains. The Bubba strain is named after Matt “Bubba” Berger and is said to be a Northern Lights phenotype. Bubba Kush’s THC content ranges between 15-22%, and it infamously has incredibly potent tranquilizing effects. Therefore, Bubba Kush is unsuitable for novice consumers.

While this strain has powerful effects, consumers say that they remain functional and alert. Medicinal Bubba Kush consumers say that it can help combat stress and anxiety, Due to the nature of its effects, it may offer temporary relief from painful conditions. Also, Bubba Kush has strong, soporific effects in its latter stages. This is why this strain is so popular among medicinal consumers with insomnia. Master Kush was initially known as High Rise because of its origins in an apartment building in Amsterdam. Legendary Amsterdam-based breeders, the White Label Seed Company, are the creators of the Master Kush strain. Although its origins are disputed, some believe that Master Kush is a cross of Skunk #1 and the Hindu Kush strain. Master Kush is heavily indica-dominant (80:20) and has a typical THC range of between 16-20%. To begin with, Master Kush produces an uplifting high, which is euphoric, but not overwhelming. As time passes, Master Kush’s indica effects come more to the fore. Consumers say that they experience a body-numbing high, deep relaxation, and ultimately sleepiness. We have to thank those who made the long journey on the Hippie Trail all those years ago. For it was them who introduced Hindu Kush seeds to Europe and the Americas. When you think about it, there was a very short timeframe for them to do so. Once chaos reigned in Afghanistan, it became exceedingly difficult to transport Hindu Kush seeds to America and Europe. Kush strains retain a special place in marijuana folklore, and there are dozens of strains, if not hundreds, that owe their existence to the remarkable weed that grew in the Hindu Kush region. As you can see from this article, Kush strains have very distinct characteristics and traits. The legendary OG Kush strain is widely considered to be the best of the best. High Times readers also seem to think so too, as they voted OG Kush the number one strain of all time. Such is the popularity of Kush that GW Pharmaceuticals chose it when cultivating marijuana-derived medicine. Without a doubt, it’s some of the best weed around. I t’s safe to say that during the evolution of cannabis strains, certain inappropriate or unappetizing names have surfaced. Among names such as Wet Dream or Agent Orange, not all strain names are created equally. This includes the ever famous Hippie Crippler (HC). While CULTURE doesn’t support anyone getting hurt while consuming cannabis, our reviewers can attest to the strength of this unique bud.

Despite what its name suggests (in a figurative manner), HC is of the sativa-dominant variety. The number of hippies who tried and been affected by it is unknown, however it does gain quite a reputation from its parents, AK-47 and Blue Satellite. AK-47 is often known as a quick-acting sativa with genetics that date back to Colombian, Mexican, Thai and Afghani roots. Whereas the other parent, Blue Satellite, also has potent sativa effects as well. Together they form HC—a heavy hitter delivers strong feelings of light happiness and energy. In the words of reviewers, “ Hippie Crippler doesn’t really cripple hippies!

” The bud has a very unique appearance as well, offering a beautiful exterior of crystals upon crystals upon crystals. It’s literally just a dense nug that’s covered in snow-like frost (although a few green and orange hairs do poke out intermittently, almost as if spring has sprung on the surface of HC). But once you begin to break it up, the magic begins. It actually breaks up more similarly to bubble hash or kief, rather than straight flower. And once the surface has been uncovered, a pleasant sweet and citrus flavors begins to emerge.


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