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Jet Fuel Strain Review

Jet Fuel is definitely a kush that is worth mentioning in the course of our strain review, thanks to its aggressive branding, miraculous effects, and the nickname of being cocaine of marijuana. Being one of the best choices for daytime use, it is a Sativa dominant strain that has a proportion of Sativa to Indica that is 70% to 30%, respectively.

It is a Sativa dominant strain that makes it an excellent choice for energizing properties as well as states of mind close to being focused and concentrated. This marijuana strain has an average THC content that ranges from 16% to 20%, whereas the CBD levels are estimated to be below 1%. What makes Jet Fuel Cannabis such a worthy kush to review is its background and popularity among smokers. Let’s move on to get to know more about these features in our strain review, as follows.

What’s The History Of Jet Fuel?

If you have specific expertise in growers, you are probably already aware of the masterminds working at 303 Seeds. Those experts gave birth to one of the most renowned Diesel strains by crossing legendary Aspen OG with High Country Diesel. Such a cross has allowed Jet Fuel to obtain properties from other parts of this OG Kush lineage, especially if we consider an infamous East Coast Sour Diesel strain.

Thanks to the continually growing popularity and status of Jet Fuel, breeders went even further by synthesizing its only child, which is Rocket Fuel, another strain that is famous for its euphoric qualities. By making such a cross possible, 303 Seeds have created a kush that is now called to be cocaine of all marijuana, which is a sign of appraisal among smokers.

What Are The Effects?

One of the prominent qualities of this cannabis is bursting energy that kicks in immediately after taking the first puff. This high-energy kush has a pungent effect that encompasses a dazzling array of uplifting and euphoric qualities, alongside memorable happiness that lasts for hours.

You should be aware that Jet Fuel is not a strain that will keep you couch-locked or cerebral stoned since its Sativa dominant qualities evoke more of energetic properties. A notable mention is that Jet Fuel strain also brings one’s state of mind into a sense of complete relaxation, which contrasts with a heavy energy burst on the body’s counterpart of properties.

Are There Any Medical Appointments?

Since Jet Fuel is not medical marijuana due to its low CBD levels and high THC content, most smokers still prefer this bud thanks to its capacities of alleviating stress, depression, chronic pain, anxiety, and chronic fatigue. Those suffering from tension headaches might ease their pains by getting high with this kush, which has remarkable properties in terms of tackling adverse symptoms. In the course of our review, a few respondents also pointed out that Jet Fuel is a top-notch kush for tackling recursive and obsessive thinking patterns as well as eliminating chronic fatigue and tension headaches.

What About The Side Effects?

When it comes to side effects, Jet Fuel may not be the kush that would be so different from other strains in terms of negatives. The most common ones are cottonmouth, dry eyes, and mild dizziness. These negatives can easily be diminished by hydrating and bringing eye drops with you to make the most of getting high with this kush.

Properties Medical appointments Negatives
Happiness Tension headaches Cottonmouth
Euphoria Depression Dry eyes
Uplifted Anxiety Dizzy
Energetic bursts Pain (Rare) Anxiety
Relaxation Fatigue (Rare) Paranoid

What Are The Reasons To Choose Jet Fuel?

Although one of the most common recommendations related to this Diesel strain relates to its medicinal capacities of eliminating chronic fatigue, recreational smokers will still find plenty of reasons to choose this cannabis. Jet Fuel strain is a plant that has fascinating qualities in terms of its appearance, smell, flavor, qualities, and aftereffects, which are to be briefly reviewed below.


Jet Fuel is one of those Diesel strains that are remarkably good looking plants with medium-sized flowers with conical shapes, alongside lines of remarkable buds. While the leaves are usually painted in a remarkable earthy green, pistils usually range from orange to red palettes. Speaking of trichomes, one can mention that they leave noticeable resin when handled, giving the overall look of buds such an appealing aesthetics.

Smell and aroma

Smell and aroma of Jet Fuel are similar to OG Kush parenthood, especially in terms of fuel-like Diesel strains with similar chemical odors. Once you grind a few buds of this plant, you will recognize a sharp and skunk diesel aroma. Another palette of scents is a hybrid of lemony and pine smells that are remarkably prominent once a smoker burns a few buds of this kush.


Taste is one of those properties of OG lineage of this weed that is recommended by thousands of smokers across the United States. It has sharp underlying mixtures of skunky and pungent tastes, which incorporate a notable kush flavor that is enjoyed by most experienced users who smoke Diesel strains regularly. Although the immediate flavor might be a bit harsh, it is quite a common practice among other Diesel strains with potent Kush flavors.


You shouldn’t expect to get high and to lie on the bed all the time! Although this marijuana won’t keep you cerebral high, it will certainly help your mind relax for a few hours to come, whereas your body will surely experience increased alertness, focus, and concentration. We can even say that this Diesel kush gives smokers a feel of emerging into a creative environment. With its help, users can have fascinating free-flowing conversations that are susceptible to brainstorming, visualization, and even artistic expression.


A notable property of this Diesel kush that should be mentioned in the course of our review is its social essence. We wouldn’t say that this cannabis is a 100% best choice for parties, yet it can assist in overcoming shyness in social environments, making it a superb choice for shy individuals

Who Should Choose This Cannabis?

What we can say for certain is that this weed should not definitely be used in the before-bed environment since its THC content and energizing properties won’t let you go into a state of a full-blown sleep. Instead, this weed is a great choice for social environments, parties, or creative settings, where focus and concentration are helpful qualities for users. By stimulating one’s creative capacities, this marijuana won’t get you cerebral high, instead offering a pleasant sense of being euphoric high. It is a top-notch choice for all artists who are looking for sources of inspiration with a bit THC in them.

What Growers Think About It?

By conducting a manual review on the popularity of Diesel phenotypes on the market, we found out that Jet Fuel is on the rise among growers’ portfolios. Thanks to its availability in terms of seeds, growers feel that the future is definitely on the side of Jet Fuel and other Diesel phenotypes.

Is It Popular Among Growers?

Growers are in love with what Jet Fuel offers to their yields. Not only is it a perfect diversification of their cultivation portfolios, but it is also a majestic weed that is never getting low in terms of demand. These reasons make it a relatively popular kush among growers, both large-scale and individual ones.

How To Grow This Strain?

The process of growing Jet Fuel is not that hard if compared to other weed hybrids. Not only have 303 Seeds been enabled to purchase packaged seeds online, but they also gave detailed instructions on growing. This plant requires close monitoring of temperature and humidity, meaning that it is a better option to cultivate it in an indoor setting.

Although the outdoors yield is possible, the usual flowering time will take no less than nine weeks, whereas the harvesting time is closer to October. It offers at least 14 ounces per square meter of a plant. What makes growing Jet Fuel cannabis such a fascinating experience is its height, which can reach up to 10-feet tall in some cases. We can also recommend to properly cure the harvested buds to feel the maximum of its taste, properties, and content.

Can I Use It For Cooking?

Once you realize you want to feel a unique experience with Jet Fuel, baking a few brownies of this weed is a fascinating idea. You can either make oil or milk as well as add it to your favorite recipes to have a tasty (and energizing) lunch at work or university.

What Are The Alternatives?

The possible alternatives that have almost identical properties are mostly of Diesel origins, including infamous Allen Wrench, Tangerine Dream, White Fire OG, SAGE, or Sour Tangie.

Final Remarks

What do we think about Jet Fuel, after all? It is balanced marijuana that can evoke unforgettable euphoria, alongside amusing relaxing properties for one’s body. Not only is it a perfect plant to grow, but it also has a dazzling array of medical appointments, especially for people suffering from anxiety, stress, depression, and fatigue. By having an average THC content, appealing aroma, and unforgettable flavor, Jet Fuel is perfect for renewing focus and concentration during day times. That’s why we absolutely adore this kush as well as its properties for casual fans of Diesel Kush hybrids – highly recommended.

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