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It is up to the individual and the needs of the garden. If all other conditions remain the same, only the size of the plants, and subsequently the harvest, will be affected by the length of the vegetative period. Keep in mind that a plant can double or even triple in size after it's forced to flower, so plan accordingly.

If you are growing indoors, you will generally want to flower your plants when they are one to three feet tall. Regardless of the size, once you decide to start flowering you must set the lighting cycle to 12/12 (twelve hours of light and twelve hours of darkness). Ten to fourteen days after changing your lighting cycle, your plants will begin to flower. If they haven't already, your plants will begin to show either male pollen sacs or female buds. You will most likely want to remove the males as soon as they are identified and throw them out or make hash or hash oil out of them. Once they are pulled, the flowering phase has really begun and you will finally see your female plants produce their luscious buds. The length of your flowering phase will vary depending on the strain of marijuana you are growing. It can last anywhere from 39-100 days long, but most indoor (Indica) strains average at about 60 days. Regardless of day/night lengths, a plant is only able to produce flowers when it has attained the minimal vegetative size necessary to support the weight of the buds and a sufficient food reserve to supply the considerable demands of developing reproductive organs.

Most marijuana plants should be induced to flower no smaller than six inches, but the ideal size is between one and two feet tall for standard indoor growing. Week 2: Vegetative growth continues, with plants growing a third larger before beginning to bud. Week 3: Vegetative growth ceases as the plant focuses on developing flowers, resin and possibly seeds. Week 4: Nodes begin to develop buds and increase THC production to protect its seed set. Week 6: If the plant does not become fertilized, it devotes most of its energy into THC production. Week 8: Buds continue to grow in size and ripen as the stigmas turn amber or brown. Perhaps the most successful function of trichomes in plant proliferation is their attractiveness to humans. Trichomes help prevent seed damage from insects, animals, light degradation and fungal disease. To preserve the trichomes on the buds and leaves, wear Some growers run their THC-covered leaves over a rubber gloves and handle with care when examining. Flushing your plants with distilled water two weeks prior to harvesting reduces the mineral taste. Harvesting in the morning ensures that your plants will be at peakTHC content. Most growers harvest when 70-90% of the stigmas turn amber and wither to ensure high THC levels. A pocket microscope works well for getting a closer peek at your trichome development. Deprive your plants of water for six to twelve hours before harvesting to speed the drying time of your bud. Cutting medium-sized branches lets you manicure many Hanging your buds is an effective way to dry them, buds at one time without straining your hands. Step 1: Find an ideal area to cut, then firmly hold the stem above the cut so the cola doesn't fall to the ground. Step 3: Begin manicuring the colas by removing the large fan leaves, then clip the smaller leaves near the buds. Gently place branches on wax paper as you harvest the rest of the plant. Step 4: Use the tips of your bonsai scissors to remove the remaining leaf tips without many trichomes on them. Step 5: Finally, cut the branch into smaller When your blades become coated in resin, segments. The buds are then ready to dry scrape them off using a razor blade or use or can be further manicured. Female flowers consists of two white stigmas attached at the base to an ovule contained in a tiny green pod. The ovule is formed from modified leaves (bracts and bracteoles) which envelop the developing seed.

When seed pods open, you can begin to remove the seeds and dry them in a light-proof container. Seed color and pattern are affected naturally by the need for camouflage. Sativa 50% / Indica 50% Flowering time: 60-65 days. Flowering time: 66-70 days Flowering time: 56-63 days. Flowering time: 63-70 days Flowering time: 63-70 days. Flowering time: 60-65 days Flowering time: 54-60 days. Flowering time: 60 days Flowering time: 56-60 days.

Freshly harvested Sputnik 1.0 bud before drying has begun. Sputnik 1.0 trimmed to a connoisseur cut and dried for over a week.


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