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Grab the unused bucket and stack the remainder of your bubble bags inside. First insert the bag with the lowest number (25-micron), then put the (73-micron) bag inside that, and finally put the (160-micron) bag inside that. Pour the weed-water from your work bucket into the bucket with your stacked bubble bags. You may want to use a little water to rinse the sides of the work bucket to get any trichomes stuck to the sides of the bucket. Now you’ve done everything the washer would have done.

Talk to any food blogger and they will likely tell you how challenging it can be to maintain a healthy lifestyle. From restaurant openings to cocktail tastings to food festivals, there always seems to be some fun, enticing event waiting to steer you off track from your original plan to stay in and eat healthy. Well, what food bloggers don’t always tell you is that the glorious, gluttonous foods they are posting so frequently aren’t always an accurate depiction of what’s going on behind the camera. Because if we’re being honest, no one wants to see my egg white omelet or my salad with grilled chicken and raw veggies. They want the cheese, the chocolate, the ooey, gooey goodness. Don’t get me wrong, I love to indulge in all of that goodness I was just talking about. So while I may go HAM on a burger and fries at night, it’s usually preceded by something SLIGHTLY more nutritious. So today I want to expose the food that you’re not always seeing on the ‘gram.

The food that keeps us energized, healthy and able to power through until that next #cheatmeal. Enter The Yielding Seed, a boutique, Miami-based healthy meal delivery service that has totally changed the game for me over the past few weeks. First let me say that I’ve tried many healthy meal plans in the past and have usually found them boring, repetitive or flavorless. While there have been some winners along the way, it’s tough to find one that doesn’t leave me hungry or unsatisfied. The Yielding Seed offers paleo and traditional meal plans that are made with the freshest ingredients and delivered every other day to your doorstep. It’s insanely convenient, reliable and most importantly- TASTY. Not to mention, The Yielding Seed also produces its own line of cold-pressed juices to really up the ante. With menu items such as beef teriyaki burgers and spinach pesto stuffed chicken breast, The Yielding Seed always keeps it interesting and delicious. Most importantly, it’s a meal plan that I can actually sustain. So if you were wondering why I’m not yet obese from my food blogging side hustle (yes, that’s a question I receive on the reg), here you have it! Jump Start Your “New You” This New Year with The Yielding Seed. For all those foodies out there looking to jump start their “New Year, New You,” The Yielding Seed is a meal delivery plan that features real, wholesome, seasonally-inspired food. While not a weight loss program, the focus is on feel good, fresh soul food. The Yielding Seed takes great pride in providing chef-prepared, freshly-made meals each and every day for each and every client, and, to ensure they are able to do just that, they cap their weekly members at a maximum of 250 people to ensure complete satisfaction. There are different levels of membership options, ranging from $100 a week for lunch and dinner up to $540 a month for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Menu highlights: The Yielding Seed chefs work tirelessly to create surprising and inspired dishes that help members live a healthy lifestyle, creating unique dishes full of natural herbs and ingredients. The menus focus on lean proteins, high complex carbs/grains, and veggies. Each meal is approximately 400 calories and contains four ounces of protein with a large variety of flavorful and fresh ingredients. Obviously, due to the fresh and seasonal nature of the meal plan, the menu changes regularly – no duplicate dishes. So the below highlights may not fully resemble your exact experience. I was surprised by the quality of the eggs in each of the breakfast dishes, as that’s not an ingredient that necessary travels well. But, from breakfast burrito form in the Chicken & Melon Firecracker to Scrambled Eggs with Cilantro Chicken Bites to an Omelette with Peppers and Bacon , they all came through with a simple, yummy breakfast option that was easy to eat on-the-go before work. The lunch options all brought a signature protein side and veggie in a perfect portion size for an afternoon meal that won’t have you begging for a nap afterwards.

I was shocked with the creativity of each dish, including Orange Chicken with Roasted Broccoli and Noodles and Roasted Turkey Breast with Mash Sweet Plantains and Couscous .

The meals continued to satisfy at dinner, with hearty comfort food-style dishes like the BBQ Shredded Pork with Sweet Potato Mash and Corn and Lemon Mint Grilled Chicken with Honey Garlic Brussels Sprouts and Yellow Rice . Standout dishes: While the breakfast options were easy and good in their own right, the true creativity of The Yielding Seed’s dishes shone in the lunch and dinner offerings. Two of my favorites from the week were the Flank Steak Rolled in Avocado Puree and Quinoa for lunch and the Sweet Thai Chili Chicken with Garlic Roasted Carrots and White Rice for dinner. No booze here, which is great if you’re Dry January-ing your way through the first month of the year. And, if you want to take it a step further, The Yielding Seed does offer a juice cleanse option that consists of six different cold pressed juices that range from 100-300 calories each, designed to be consumed every 2.5 to 3 hours, commencing early in the morning.


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