fish smoking weed

Cruel men ‘force fish to smoke cannabis’ in appalling act of animal cruelty

WARNING DISTRESSING VIDEO The shocking footage shows two men pushing the cigarette into the animal’s mouth as they laugh hysterically

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  • 12:45, 2 JUL 2015
  • Updated 13:26, 2 JUL 2015

An appalling video shows the moment two men apparently force a fish to smoke cannabis – as they laugh hysterically.

In the shocking clip, one of the unidentified males holds the fish in his palm, while a second person prises open the fish’s mouth.

They then force the cigarette in and laugh loudly as the fish appears to ‘puff’ on the cannabis.

Moments later they remove the joint from the animal’s lips and hurl it back into the lake they are stood next to.

It is not clear whether the fish survived following the incident, which appears to have taken place in Brazil.

The video was uploaded to by Zoideira and has more clocked up more than 53,600 views in 16 hours.

Last month, viewers online were shocked when a man posted the clip of his dog after it had sneaked into his bag and devoured his cannabis cakes.

The Siberian Husky was seen in the video with its tongue lolling out of its mouth and its eyes rolling back in its head as it struggled with the effects of the drug.

The RSPCA advises any pet owners who suspect their animal has ingested drugs to seek professional help.

A spokesperson added: “Never ‘watch and wait’. If you suspect your pet’s been poisoned, contact a vet immediately.”

WARNING DISTRESSING VIDEO The shocking footage shows two men pushing the cigarette into the animal's mouth as they laugh hysterically

Smoked salmon gets new meaning with cannabis-infused fish

Another seemingly normal food has been infused with cannabis.

In celebration of the unofficial stoner holiday on April 20 last month, Rosenberg’s Bagels owner Joshua Pollack and its general manager and self-proclaimed “Salmon Messiah” Nicky “The Fish” created what is most likely the first smoked salmon that will also get you stoned.

The bagel shop and delicatessen, located in Denver where the consumption of recreational cannabis is legal, decided to combine two of their favorite pastimes: marijuana and smoked salmon.

Prior to the fish being smoked, the team took two ounces of marijuana trim and infused it into the alcohol Everclear, a common household technique for safely extracting THC, the psychoactive chemical found in cannabis. The trim was then strained and most of the alcohol was cooked off.

Next, the extract was spread over the fish and the fish was cured for 72 hours and later smoked.

While this process may seem great, it is not a recommended way to consume cannabis edibles. The method allowed for many inconsistencies, and a final THC content for the product is unknown. The shop was not selling the smoked salmon to its customers, which made it all legal.

The state of Colorado strictly enforces marijuana edibles sold in shops, requiring that products be clearly labeled and packaged in single dose packages of 10 mg or less.

Rosenberg's Bagels in Denver, Colorado created what may be the world's first marijuana-infused salmon. ]]>