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Some of these reviews are just straight out lies or people that dont know how to grow! Most of the bad reviews are probably coming from a competing seedbank! I usually receive my beans within 15 days but could take as long as 30 days to the Sothern USA and I am always happy come harvest time! Customer service depends on how stoned they are when you contact them.

Not a big letdown but mediocre as far as seed viability. So far the 3 are growing well and look healthy but are displaying characteristics of indica far more than sativa. Im guessing this version of the strain is a hybrid but so far it looks to be indica dominant and since the original Maui Waui was a sativa, I was expecting a sativa dominant hybrid. Seeds are so so, hit or miss, they have lots of early strains that seem to be mixed with ruderalis, though they have not listed it in the description; the result is far less than acceptable. On my third order they completely screwed it up they sent me auto flowering seeds when i didnt even order auto flowering. They must have some disgruntled employees wreaking havoc on the place. I can not order there again as a result of lost quality, it ruined a whole season for me?.

Seeds quality very good, 10 out 11 germinated after putting directly into soil. never received seeds customer service sucked would not return my emails. Nirvana is a great supplier of top quality seeds at the best prices anywhere.the support team at Nirvana is top quality and will go above and beyond to see its customers have a pleasant seed buying experience. First time Ive ordered seeds from Nirvana the seeds germinated, and grew as expected. The second and third year however, the seeds I received were bunk. Some never germinated and even from those that did, very few survived, and no I do not have this problem with seeds from different seed banks. Girl Scout Cookies- Some of the worst seeds Ive ever purchased! They germinated fine, were put into small containers filled with Happy Frog potting soil and they have refused to grow! Ive now planted them in my garden and they still refuse to grow with any vigor. They are now 1 1/2 months old and my tallest plant is now 1 foot high, has 3 sets of leaves on it and NO side branching at all! all the rest are much smaller than that, my smallest is 2 inches tall. This is the second batch of seeds from Nirvana, and the first batch didnt grow worth a damn either. They were supposed to be White Widow but they were anything but. 3 turned out to be some sort of Purple Kush and the other 2 grew deformed with just a single leaf, not the regular 5 and had a single small "pod" at the base of the leaf with a couple of small hairs growing out of it. Ive been growing for 15 years so I kinda know what Im doing but these are the worst plants Ive ever tried to raise. Do these seeds get irradiated through the customs process or something? Out of a 100+ seed order, most of them popped, however,expect slow growth and mutated plants. I was hoping to find a keeper out of 100 seeds for a clone, but had to scrap the project. Id like to know how the "people" leaving good reviews know the ones leaving negative reviews are "bad growers". They are likely the shills for Nirvana trying to cover up bad press on their terrible product. The reason I know this is these "reviewers" use the same wording Ive received in my emails from Nirvana about poor lighting, overwatering, etc. They run you in circles until you give up making you feel like it was YOU. They will never admit it could even possibly be their seeds. Another warning sign related to this is they wont refund your order, or even part of your order, or even try to make amends with you by sending a measly 5 free seed pack with your next order.

They cant afford to send some freebies as a peace offering?

This says to me they are 100% in it for the money and dont care about their brand or products reputation. Second time ordering from nirvana, first time no problems. I contacted customer service and described the situation, was informed that although they have changed their policy to not guarantee delivery anymore they would resend the part of the order that did not make it. I guess it helps to not be a dick when you message them.


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