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Before you can consider growing your very own Orange Cookies, you need to think about how you are going to plant it. Unfortunately, Orange Cookies is not yet available in commercial seed form, forcing you to use cloning methods . It works fine both indoors or outside, though of course, you are going to get a better yield indoors if you monitor and control the temperature and humidity levels to its liking.

It has a reasonably typical temperature preference, taking about eight weeks to flower from planting. As Orange Cookies is derived from Girl Scout Cookies, you can expect some of the same problems that arise when trying to grow that strain, namely the fact that it tends to try and overgrow itself and droop over other, underdeveloped branches. Make sure you pin it to trellises so as to ensure it doesn’t smother itself under its own weight. If you want to ensure you get a deep and rich coloration on your end product once you have harvested, make sure that you can dry it thoroughly , as this strain can suffer from inadequate drying methods. Though the flavor might not be impacted as much, you won’t get as brilliant a purple hue if you don’t put special effort into your drying. As long as you give it the necessary care that any good marijuana strain needs, as well as utilizing the occasional trimming method like topping so as to remove the very top growth and encourage lateral growth instead. With these techniques, you can expect a hearty and rich harvest at the end of your efforts. How many cannabinoids are in the Orange Cookies strain?

As Orange Cookies is a hybrid, you might expect that it doesn’t have an unusually high THC content – most of the time, these kinds of hybrids are created with the purpose of dulling down the effects of one particular strain, mitigating the quantity of THC within it for the goal of creating better results. Well, Orange Cookies proves the conventional logic utterly wrong with its astronomical average THC content of 21%. Compared to the average THC content of Indica-leaning hybrids of around 12.5%, Orange Cookies can actually get as high as 24% THC content. This makes this strain an extremely powerful smoke, so make sure you don’t smoke too much on your time without realizing the potential effects it can have. As is ever the case with breeding hybrid genetics for the most potent strain possible, Orange Cookies’ monstrous THC content has to come from somewhere; in this case, the cannabinoid balance has to rob CBD. On average, Orange Cookies presents only about 0.02% CBD content, making this strain an extremely low source of CBD . This means that, if you are looking for a marijuana strain that can use its CBD content to help treat your medical condition, then you should probably look elsewhere. Despite Orange Cookies’ intense THC content, it just isn’t any good for those looking for plenty of CBD. What kind of medical conditions can Orange Cookies treat, then? As an indica hybrid, Orange Cookies works pretty well to its expectations, providing a release from stress and depression in its patients. However, there is one quality that many are divided on, and that is Anxiety. For some users, Orange Cookies seems to be a great strain to try and treat anxiety. However, others report that seemingly no effects were had on their anxious thoughts. This could be because the low levels of CBD, as it is thought that it is the CBD content in marijuana that helps tackle issues with anxiety. Even though it has a low average quantity of CBD, some plants can present a higher than the average amount, resulting in this disparity. One other condition that Orange Cookies is excellent at treating is helping deal with fatigue . Thanks to its uplifting, energizing aspects, you can safely utilize Orange Cookies to help combat issues with chronic tiredness or an inability to function during the day. The best part is that it doesn’t leave you racing around the house, desperate to use your newfound energy – instead, it gives you a moderate amount of energy, enough to enable you to get done what you need to get done. Considering all these blissful effects, what kind of side effects can it cause? Are there any actual problems with taking Orange Cookies? Orange Cookies is, once again, fairly typical and in keeping with its Indica origins, as you can expect the big two: Dry mouth and dry eyes . These two side effects are present in just about every single marijuana strain with even a hint of indica within it, so you don’t really need to worry about it – if you want to enjoy marijuana, you need just to get used to it. However, one other possible condition that might be exacerbated could be people’s issues with paranoia. A lot of research has been conducted into the possibility of the CBD content within marijuana doing the majority of the work fighting against symptoms of paranoia. Due to the fact that Orange Cookies is exceptionally low on CBD, some users report an increase of paranoia if they use the strain frequently enough.

If you struggle with paranoia issues when you over-use marijuana, Orange Cookies might be a strain to avoid. The Orange Cookies strain is perhaps one of the strangely named strains that exist; who would have ever combined orange and cookies? However, the flavor combination absolutely works together, providing a mellow sweetness to help undercut the tangy intensity of the citrus flavor that forms the majority of the experience. With powerful, mesmerizing effects that will leave you happy, relaxed and energetic, this is one hybrid strain that is somehow classified as an Indica, despite its intense sativa effects.

Whether you want to take a relaxing walk in the woods with a new perspective, or you just want to enjoy the smooth flavor of sweet oranges, Orange Cookies is likely a fantastic strain to try out.


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