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FaZe Rain demonstrates the weirdest way to roll a joint

Published: 3/Jul/2019 18:13

FaZe Clan‘s Nordan ‘Rain’ Shat might be known mostly for his Call of Duty and vlog-style YouTube videos, but he shocked viewers with a surprise upload on June 29, where he instructed fans on ‘how to roll a joint’ – with a hilarious twist.

YouTubers are known to upload some unexpected things from time to time, but FaZe Clan’s Rain took his June 29 video to a new level, after he taught his viewers how to roll a joint with a hilarious twist.

The 23-year-old was worried about violating the platform’s rules, so instead of using nuggets of weed to make his “joint”, he used pieces of bread instead.

But before he began…

Rain started the video off with a legal disclaimer, stating that his video is not meant for anyone under the legal age. “If you are not over the age, or don’t even know what I’m talking about, get the f*ck out of here. This isn’t intended for you. Although, there’s nothing wrong with this video actually, when you guys see what’s going down.”

He then jokingly put rapper Soulja Boy on blast for his rolling skills. “What is that bro? Come on!” he laughed as he shows a picture of the ‘Crank Dat’ star holding a zoot. “Come on, bro. No offence, I liked Crank Dat, y’know? I got some respect for you, brother. But, chill.”

His hilarious technique

Rain then plunged straight into his rolling technique, and began by showing viewers a genius tip on how he keeps his Backwoods rolling papers fresh. “Turn on the water, literally get your fingers a little wet, and just start flicking [the water] into the pack. Just flick it, flick that shit!” He then went further, dunking a whole paper underwater to show what he does when its extra dry. “Soak that hoe!”

The YouTube star proceeded to place the rolling paper between two sheets of paper towel to dry it off, before moving onto the bread part. “I don’t want to get in trouble. Even though I live in Canada, I don’t wanna get in trouble. So what we’re doing today, is we’re using 100% whole wheat Dempster’s bread.”

Rain then proceeded to squash the bread into little “nuggets” before placing them on his now-dry Backwoods paper. He then grabbed the corner of the paper and began to roll. “You just keep packing and rolling – that’s it!” he explained, as he shoved more pieces of bread into his creation. “Hold [the joint] on one end, and just keep packing – more bread, more bread.”

“Oh yeah, this is looking good, man. This is a FAT Backwood.” he exclaimed proudly, before licking the zoot to seal it shut, and holding it up to show off the finished product. “All I know is that this shit’s WAY better than Soulja Boy’s – come on! Look at this artifact, we got a beautiful Backwood right here!”

The YouTuber hilariously revealed that he was sorely tempted to smoke the bread-filled dooby as it looked so realistic. But instead, he decided to see if he could trick Lucas ‘FaZe Blaziken’ Mosing into thinking it was real. Rain showed off the joint on video chat, before crumbling it up and destroying it. “WHYYYYYY?!” Lucas shouted, before realizing it was just bread.

It’s so funny how far people are prepared to go to avoid any potential troubles, but Rain more than proved his joint rolling skills, since it’s doubtful many people could roll that well using dried up paper and pieces of bread. Props to him!

FaZe Rain demonstrates the weirdest way to roll a joint Published: 3/Jul/2019 18:13 FaZe Clan‘s Nordan ‘Rain’ Shat might be known mostly for his Call of Duty and vlog-style YouTube videos,

CS:GO Talent HenryG Called Out by Cosplayer Kelly Jean for Verbal, Emotional and Mental Abuse

A well known CS:GO caster and analyst Henry “HenryG” Greer has been called out by cosplayer Kelly Jean for verbally, emotionally, and mentally harassing her. She went on to state that HenryG had sex with her when she “did not and could not consent.”

Kelly states that she decided to speak out about all this because “Women, especially vulnerable women, deserve the right to avoid dating and associating with someone (HenryG) who has a very recent past of being abusive.”

Kelly Opens Up About HenryG

Kelly goes on to describe one of her recent experiences which took place on New Year’s eve this year. According to her narrative, she met HenryG at around 1:30 AM after which they proceeded to smoke weed. Kelly goes on to reveal that she rarely smokes weed and hence “is not smart at inhaling the right amount.”

She ends up smoking up too much at once which is pointed out to her by HenryG “because he is aware of how much I do from past experiences.” As a result, she starts feeling bad while also getting spinning vertigo. Kelly describes her position at that moment as “not (being) fully cognisant by any stretch.”

Kelly claims that this is when HenryG got frustrated after hearing her repeatedly say that she is not interested in having sex because she is too high.

Kelly specifically states, “SOMEONE WHO IS TOO HIGH CAN NOT CONSENT. I ALSO SPECIFICALLY DID NOT CONSENT ANYWAY.” She also reveals that this particular incident has had a “pretty profound psychological impact on me.”

Kelly further claims that after speaking to HenryG recently on Discord, he himself does not disagree with her or call her a liar.

Further Revelations By Kelly

Her reason to not have spoken earlier about the incident was that she thought at the time that HenryG still cared about her. But her outlook changed over the course of their next three meetings through January and February as she claims that HernyG broke clear boundaries that she had established.

Kelly says that she was not able to process any of this properly until March-April after which she received help via NHS. Following which the NHS therapist urged her to report the incident.

She further alleged that, “Henry sleeps with a lot of women without protection and was not honest about many of the women he slept with. He knowingly put my sexual health at risk on more than one occasion. He lies when it suits him, which has increased over the years and not just to me.”

Kelly goes on a tangent to also reveal that HenryG had actually cheated on his last partner with her and that she had to force him to tell her. After which HenryG allegedly started seeing another Twitch streamer in secret while trying to get back with Kelly.

Kelly on Verbal and Emotional Abuse

The cosplayer went on to give a few examples of when HenryG was both verbally and emotionally abusive to her.

  • HenryG repeatedly called Kelly a ‘victim’ to insult her as well as to undermine and discredit her feelings. He allegedly continued to do the same even after being told by Kelly that it hurt her.
  • He yelled and screamed at her and although this is claimed to have occurred more often in private, she claims there were a few public instances as well. Some of them include HenryG shouting at her on his mother’s birthday for not being affectionate enough, once in Cancun because he thought Kelly would destroy his phone, and once even in a casino after Eurogamer.

She alleges that he intentionally embarrassed her in public and resorted to emotional Blackmail. Additionally, Kelly also claims being gas-lighted by HenryG as she talks about multiple examples of him telling other people that she has mental illness issues and that she was mentally ill.

Finally, Kelly openly tells HenryG to sort himself out by going to a professional for therapy and to not take this advice as an insult. In her concluding statement, Kelly revealed that if HenryG would have actually shown kindness and a resolve to change she would have not made this post, but instead in their last conversation “he spent two hours insulting me, then blocked me.” She also claims that the last discord call they had, witnessed HenryG “audibly shouting ‘RAPE’ over and over until I was audibly upset.”

Kelly thanked all the other women in the industry and connected communities who have recently come forth to tell their stories, as that provided her with the confidence required to tell her own story.

HenryG has not made any comment or statement from his side at the time of writing this article. These are some heavy allegations against the reputed British CS:GO caster and analyst who was last seen in action at the huge charity CS:GO tournament Gamers Without Borders.

CS:GO talent HenryG has been called out by cosplayer Kelly Jane for verbally, emotionally, and mentally harassing her