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If he says "My turn", he will do a Delayed Left Hook; if not, he will do a fast Right Hook. Sandman winks, and then throws an extremely fast uppercut. The side from which he punches is dependent on the eye with which he winks - if he winks with his left eye, he will throw a left uppercut; if he winks with his right, he will punch from his right.

You must dodge this attack to the same side he attacks from. Sandman throws two of these in a row, plus one more for every time he's thrown a Winking Uppercut combo in the match previously, at the start of the round and every time either he or Mac is knocked down. Sandman only uses this move if he's been knocked out twice in one round, or at least three times overall. He will throw fourteen winking uppercuts, with short pauses between groups of two or three. If you are knocked down during this attack, Sandman will switch back to his normal fighting style. If you manage to survive all of the uppercuts, Sandman will be put into an infinite stun, and you will gain a star for every third punch you land on him.

It takes 13 normal punches or one Star Punch of any power to finish him in this state. Use a Star Punch on his Dreamland Express, when he "BOO!"s the first "Dreamland Express" uppercut. Use a Star Punch when he tries to do the first "Dreamland Express" uppercut. Use a Star Punch when he's tired after his Berserk Mode. Glitch: Gain at least 2 stars, and, after knocking down Mr. Sandman twice, use a Two or Three-Star Punch before he returns to center during his Berserk Mode for a TKO. Infinite Combo Trick: When he does his Dreamland Express the first time, dodge the first uppercut, let you get hit by the second, and then dodge the third. After that, simply stun him and hit him like normal, After that, try to hit him again, If done correctly, he should block this hit. While if you normally did it, he would say "MY TURN" and try to counter. Now, if you dodge any of his hits and stun him, precisely try to hit him again, If you done it correctly, he should try to counter. Avoid his counter, and stun him, After you successfully punched him out of the stun, try to precisely hit him again. However, timing all the punches is insanely hard, but possible. Win the fight and evade every Dreamland Express (3-Uppercut Combo). Win the fight without dodging, ducking, or blocking a punch! Come back from almost being TKO'd or KO'd and defeat Mr. He has two different descriptions depending on your console region. NA: This American boxer from Philadelphia is known for his speedy punches and brash style. He takes his name from a children's tale about a mythical character who brought sleep to people. When you face him in the ring, make sure you're the one sending him off to dreamland. PAL: This American boxer from Philadelphia is known for his speedy punches and brash, straightforward style. His ring name comes from a German folk tale about a fairy who makes people fall asleep. When you face him in the ring, make sure he's the one who boards the express train to dreamland. Written by redtom the screenwarrior ([email protected]) It is possible to knockdown Mr.

This stragegy works on the European NES (PAL, 50hz) with the original Mike Tyson´s Punch-Out!! cartridge and with the later (1990) published Punch-Out!! It does not seem to work on the Windows Nesticle (Version ??) Emulator due to timing problems and it is obviously not working on NTSC (60hz) NES consoles, either. Sandman is a tough guy so it is very important to be even tougher to survive. When you want to beat Sandman in round 1 it is a must that you don´t get hit by your opponent. You need almost all your hearts you get at the beginning of round 1. For the first 50 seconds Sandman wants to hit you with the same sort of punch. Dodge (dodge in that strategy always means to dodge left!) these punches and counter attack him once in the face for each punch. (Sandman punches - dodge - hit Sandman in the face once). Repeat this routine for the first 50 seconds untill he changes to uppercut punches.

It is important in the first 50 seconds that you always wait for Sandman to punch.


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