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GYO Seedbank is the best thing to happen to the online cannabis seed community since the big bang. As a marijuana seed retailer, we are second to none, and perfect for those weed seed collectors that love to buy cannabis seeds online. If this is you, we would like to invite you to explore what we think is the best online cannabis seed shop around.

We approach things a little differently at GYO Seedbank. We house all of the cannabis strains and marijuana seed banks you could ever wish for, and our aim is to provide a galaxy-class customer service experience, the best of any marijuana seed retailer in the global weed seeds marketplace.

Our cannabis seed bank reviews (nearly) always give us cheer, and it is thanks to this happy customer feedback that we can continue to make things better. We provide cannabis seed delivery to all corners of the globe and and we’re devoted to our mission to seed the world!

We stock superb sativa strains, solid indica strains, amazing ruderalis strains and pretty much every hybrid cannabis strain one could imagine, and our selection of medical cannabis seeds will leave your jaw on the floor.

Our carefully selected marijuana seed breeders offer only the highest quality weed genetics available: feminized cannabis seeds, regular marijuana seeds, and autoflowering weed seeds, we have the whole lot. The cannabis seed banks in our online cannabis seed shop are the world’s best, and we hope you thoroughly enjoy exploring the site, unearthing the best cannabis strains around today.

You’ll find lovingly-curated rooms housing lots of different cannabis strain types and our top-class search engine will help guide you to the specific cannabis seeds to suit your needs. You can filter by cannabis plant yields, thc levels, flowering period, medicinal cannabis benefits, cerebral marijuana effects, weed strain flavours and much, much more.

Buy Cannabis Seeds Online

Confession time. We are not the biggest cannabis seed bank online. That’s right, our focus is on offering you quality marijuana strains from quality cannabis seed banks rather than the number of different strains.

That said, we believe very strongly that our first-class customer service experience is the best in the cannabis seed industry and that our carefully-selected catalogue holds the best cannabis strains and weed seeds online, sourced from the world’s best cannabis seed banks.

With our cannabis seed bank you will always save money, secure in the knowledge that nowhere is better for those lucky cannabis seed collectors to buy feminized cannabis seeds or regular marihuana seeds online.

We supply the best cannabis seeds available and ship them in tough, rigorously-tested and ultra-discrete packaging, custom-built and meticulously researched. Your pick n mix cannabis seeds come brilliantly presented, with breeder packs that rival those supplied by the world’s favourite seed banks. Sound good? Absolutely!

If you are forever frustrated at paying inflated prices for delivery in the guise of increased “stealth” then look no further – we are the marijuana seed bank where stealth comes as standard!

At GYO Seedbank, every cannabis seed delivery is shipped the exact same way. Every purchase is packed with the utmost care and despatched with the ultimate discretion in mind. We don’t charge extra for stealthy canabis seed delivery and you can choose from a selection of shipping tariffs, each one designed to cater to your needs – free shipping with qualifying orders, un-tracked shipping, tracked deliveries or insured shipping (for resends, free of charge, in the event of misplaced or otherwise lost packages).

Our opinion is that these things should be a natural part of the service. It’s an opinion we think you will share.

Your go to Cannabis Seed Bank UK

As a GYO customer you’ll always receive amazing value but our overall service includes a help and support centre with caring staff ready to answer your important questions – and a live chat facility for those who just can’t wait. Customers can raise support queries and questions (tickets) straight from their GYO Seedbank accounts – getting the help you need has never been easier!

Raise an enquiry, share your concerns or just have an informal chat with like-minded friends – our team loves to listen and is ready to assist you with your purchase and your cannabis seed delivery.

And what about the real GYO? What kind of set-up have you got? Our first-class heat and humidity-controlled storing and sorting facilities are shiny, new and a joy to work in. The are the envy of the entire cannabis seed industry and they guarantee your weed seeds will arrive in the very best of health. Not only that, our warehouse team is full of highly-trained go-getters who take an enormous amount of pride in getting it right for every GYO customer, every single time.

Our entire range of premium cannabis seeds is sourced either from the biggest and best distributors or directly from the marijuana seed breeder, ensuring the highest quality premium marihuana genetics for the healthiest and strongest cannabis plants possible. We love to hear your thoughts and opinions and we really value your feedback about our site and the weed strains we sell. We also welcome all requests to add new weed strains to our ever-growing catalogue. So if you can’t find your best cannabis strain for sleep or your best marijuana strain for anxiety, for example, let us know and if we can find it, we will add it.

You will encounter all of the seedbanks expected from a top cannabis seed store, famous cannabis seed breeders like GreenHouse Seeds, Barney’s Farm, and Dutch Passion Seeds, as well as a host of the smaller, contemporary and more boutique marijuana genetics masters like Archive Seeds and Rare Dankness. Join GYO’s marijuana seed revolution and start building your souvenir weed seed library today!

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