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It’s an anti-fraud measure that many customers find unusual and invasive. These extra measures are particularly likely to be required if the customer’s order is above a certain threshold, they place a large first order, they have a different billing address than shipping address, or they’re shipping to a PO box. Customers who are unable or unwilling to submit this extra information will need to pay with an alternate payment method or else have their orders canceled. Returns are accepted within 28 days of delivery as long as they are still in their original, unbroken packaging. Customers will need to contact customer service to have their return approved before sending it in.

The customer will also be responsible for the cost of return shipping as GYO Seeds does not offer pre-paid or free return shipping. Returns should be sent via a signature-required service with tracking back to GYO headquarters in the UK. To round out this comprehensive review of GYO Seeds, it has to be said that it’s not a very good choice for anyone wanting to buy some cannabis seeds online and actually have confidence that they’re getting what they paid for. The huge quantity of negative reviews is a big mark against them, but not the absolute biggest. That distinction would have to go to the fact that they operate several different seed banks under different brands, including GYO Seedbank, Bonza seeds, The Single Seed Center, Home Grown Cannabis Co, and some that may not have been uncovered yet. Another huge issue with GYO is the uncertainty that many of their customers have over whether or not they’re receiving the proper seeds. If a customer can’t be assured of product quality, why would they buy? The paid membership they offer also seems a bit fishy.

Paying for discounts seems a bit counterintuitive, and it’s doubtful that the average customer would be able to make the membership worth their while. Their middle-of-the-pack customer service, sales, and the ability to choose some free seeds certainly don’t make up for these major marks against them, unfortunately. Do not buy from this company seeds are duds and they will not refund. It took almost 3 months to get my order, and all 10 of the seeds were duds they refused to give any money back. I normally order from, but they only accept bitcoin now. I guess I’ll just have to start buying that, worst experience ever they were also supposed to be good outdoor growing auto flowers and They were all junk I’ve been growing for 20 years so it’s not a novice mistake just a garbage company with garbage product and I’m out over $100. I had almost $70usd worth of eucalyptus points held on my GYO account as store credit. I have been stolen from to the tune of 55,500 eucalyptus points. GYO and whoever Homegrown are now are shady as f and have no qualms about stealing from their customers. All of a sudden there is a change of ownership and now your "eucalyptus points" that you were "promised" would hold true to their value when you initially made your purchase, no longer count. Literally, just pulled the rug out on it and told me that "we will bring in back in the future but your points don't count anymore". But that didn't stop them from sending out a reminder of those "useless" points balance a week or two ago,"just a click away from our new site! But those balance points we emailed you about don't count anymore, never-mind us having the point system still in place! Im stuffed then i didn't read these… Im stuffed then i didn't read these reviews till now. i ordered 100 dollars worth guess i can kiss that money good bye. I would give 0 stars first germination… I would give 0 stars first germination rate is horrible but expected when seeds are white n tiny but u think they care nope they give u points that are useless especially if they change there website n name to homegrown and the points that u earned from 2 large orders cuz didnt learn after first consider gone and wont reply to u oh n new site there using is gunna rip people off even worse cuz prices are 10x higher so feel bad for people that fall for that n get nothing for there money or tiny white no germinating seeds. GOT DIFFERANT STORIes EVERY TIME I asked why i have not got my order i call ca. GOT DIFFERANT STORISE EVERY TIME I CONTACTED I CONTACTED THEM FEEL LIKE I GOT RIPPED OFF HAVE NOT GOT MY ORDER DO NOT DO BUIESNESS WITH THIS COMPANY YOU MAY GET SCREWD OVER LIKE I THINK I DID WOW GOT ME FOR 250 AND DONT KNOW IF YOUR GETTING WHAT I ORDER IF I EVER GET THM SAD. Horrible customer service and unorganized, my opinion. Also, after I submitted my order it sent me a ticket number but it never processed After waiting 3 weeks expecting my seeds. After I emailed and cancelled, email from Natasha, emailed back and said, "I am pleased to inform you that you order has been cancelled." They just seem rude and unorganized. There are so many banks out there, i would not reccomend them. If you can't get your beans to sprout… If you can't get your beans to sprout you are doing it wrong, GYO supplied me with seeds according to the breeders I selected.

First 3 didn't sprout but germinated easily because I planted them inside a terranium, second try I took them out of the terrarium and they came up within 24 hours. I recommend you ensure that you have a combination of heat, air flow and a strong High Intensity Discharge CMH or HPS to try germinate your seeds, pointy tip up and about 1.5 cms deep in your medium if you are still having issues. But after talking with there professional help service they mailed them out and got them in 24 hours. I ordered seeds an only got half my order sent emails an pictures.

Took awhile for them to get back to me but sent out what I was missing. Just a waste of electricity ,water and time Stay away .


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