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It was a sweet fruity berry flavor on the inhale and them your classic diesel flavor on the exhale. Also has good dug-out texture for packing and toking. I only rated 4 stars because there is probably something out there better. This is one of the real "crusher sativas" that almost mimics an indica couch lock with its oppressive head high.

The popularity of the standard Sour Diesel has pushed forward the palette for various Diesel varieties. Sour Diesel x Strawberry Diesel x NYC Diesel, Aroma. Soily and slightly sweet in the jar, it breaks up to produce a fresh menthol-tinged soil scent when handled. It reminded one reviewer of freshly torn mint leaves… The pungency was pretty average, but it was enough to be noticed without being right near the bud. Not as tasty as we expected, it was a pretty standard Diesel type taste, with a soil tinge similar to what was presented in the smell. There were no traces of the NYCD or Strawberry Diesel influence with their brand of sweetness, it was mostly just a fuel and soil taste, but not a particularly pungent one. It burned down to a medium-light gray ash, showing that it had an above-average flush job. Major cerebral soaring rush, facial and occular pressure building for 30 minutes or more. The head high stays put but disconnects the legs, so while a crushing sativa experience is had there is no real movement unless it is necessary.

The sativa cannabis strain named Santa Maria stems from Brazilian lineage and is one of a few strains known to be used throughout the Amazon for spiritual ceremonies (thus its spiritual name). Its buds produce a scent and flavor reminiscent of fruit and flowers. The genetics of Santa Maria are highly complex, but originate from crossing the sativa Mexican Haze and hybrid Silver Pearl. THC levels of Santa Maria vary considerably, but its high has a reputation of immediately uplifting both the mood and energy of the consumer. It will relax both the body and the mind, creating a sense of euphoria. As the high transcends, focus will improve in some users along with creative inspiration. However, this strain has been known to be used to obtain spiritual growth, offering the consumer both introspection and deep-thought. Ill side-effects include dizziness if consumed improperly, along with dry mouth and eyes. It takes eight weeks for Santa Maria to fully flower, averaging only moderate yields. Certainly influenced by an afghani or white variety. Electric Green , this stuff is really looking dangerous! Covered with white powder, be careful with this one when you build a spliff as much of the crystals like to drop off! Catch �em in a tin or tray, or at least a beer mat! No sign of spice or soap, simply the smell of THC; like a super crystally WW strain. First hit and you feel as if your lungs are burned out! The second few hits as the herb burns down, really take on more of a tanned leather or woody flavour. Slightly bitter but still with an Icy Burn from the powder. (say "yaa hore" which in this case loosely means Fukn�ell!) Trippy, adventure, acceleration are good words for this strain; I am buggin out as I write this! The pen is slashing across the page, lights and shadows play trippy games on your head. Must go outside� The sun was shining and I was pleasantly zoned out but not really zombified . Really nice mix of visually and physically trippin� but not "wrecked". I dunno if it was cos I�ve been using a lot of Hazes lately, but this seems to be one of the best strains from the "White Family" that I have seen this year . Really well cured, burns perfectly, fresh tasting and of course the FX, oh my, the FX�. Marijuana has been illegal here as in other states, and still is. However, the governor recently signed into law their first medical marijuana bill. The Louisiana House of Representatives approved a bill (62-31) that would make the state the 25th in the nation — and the FIRST in the South — to adopt a workable medical marijuana law.

This is GREAT news for patients in Louisiana, and we’re hoping that this is the first step toward legalization.

As recreational marijuana is not legal in Louisiana yet, here are some facts you need to know. Under Louisiana law, Marijuana is a schedule I(C) hallucinogenic substance. So, that means that possession of 14 grams or less will cost you $300 and/or up to 15 days in jail. Oh, but wait – it gets much more more intense for possession of greater amounts and especially for selling or growing.


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