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NB: According to UK law & the Rhino Seeds TOS, any form of Sour Turbo Diesel grow is strictly prohibited. If we get wind of it, we'd have to cancel your order & who wants that? Sour Turbo Diesel is a premium Sour Diesel X Black Domina mix with hardcore stones, unbelievably good flavour & insane resin levels.

The yields are definitely generous at 450 gr/m2 inside & 550 gr/m2 outside, which is a very good thing! You won't get tired of this savage beast any time soon. If you're into SOG or like extracts, Sour Turbo Diesel Seeds are designed specifically for you. These are relatively fast with a 60 day finish, but you control the flip & the training. Resin levels are incredibly thick, sticky & extra dank - you won't be disappointed with these amazing 100% feminized seeds . this one is rather weak, gave horrible cotton mouth, disappointed overall, BUT had an interesting taste. don’t recommend for anyone who’s been smoking pot for 30 years. 😕 Definitely a euphoric rush feeling after the onset, then very relaxed.

Great for listening to music, slightly sedated, but still able to get up and boogie if the mood takes me. It is possible to go OTT with this stuff, so get used to it first. Let's start with the taste, so sweet, and like actual bubble gum, I'm talking the bubble gum that came from baseball cards in the early 90s, amazing. The high is, so relaxed, chill, calm and most importantly soothing. Indica normally gives me anxiety, nervous feelings, contemplation. All around YESSSSSSSSSS ✔✔✔✔✔ The bud looks real nice by appereance. It has an interesting smell, but nothing to strong. I use it as a mixer if i want to smoke a Sativa later in the day. Had some wax of this strain a while back with a buddy of mine. It's a very mellow and euphoric high that's great for unwinding at the end of the day, and for those that suffer from chronic stress and anxiety. The wax itself smelled very sweet like it's name suggests, but the flavor when smoked is another animal entirely. This strain is very calming and is hard to overdo it with, becoming neither overly sedating or stimulating. The high simply becomes more and more relaxing and euphoric as you smoke, easing any worry from your mind. Inicio » Crop articles » How Long Marijuana Plants Take to Grow. Are you not sure how long marijuana plants take to grow? Well, the first thing we recommend is to have patience , something that applies to pretty much everything in life. Plants need enough time to grow and develop correctly, and time is what can tell a nice productive plant from a pile of branches lacking in both foliage and yield. Today we’re going to talk about normal growth times and the different stages that your plants will go through. Maybe some of these questions sound familiar to you; How long does cannabis take to germinate/flower? These questions are probably best answered with the age old phrase, time is gold. Obviously a lot of the answers are quite subjective and we can’t give any absolutely concrete times, but we’ll do our best in this article to provide you with a general idea of how long a marijuana plant takes to grow. Firstly, we’ll begin by dividing the plants’ life cycle into a series of phases: Germination: Germination is defined as the period and process through which the seed changes from a seed to a sapling. If you’re planting cuttings, then the germination period is known as the cloning and rooting period . Germination techniques are varying in method, although the one we tend to use the most and is the most recommended involves damp kitchen paper as a base for the seed; many people use other methods, like damp cotton, straight into the earth or a jiffy, or in water. Some growers even use germination stimulators that work with the seeds initial metabolism and reduce the germination time to about a day in most cases. It will depend not just on the strain, but the actual quality of the seed itself.

Some determining factors are the age of the seed, how fertile it is and how it has been kept. Saplings tend to take around 24-72 hours to sprout, although sometimes it can take 5 days and in extreme cases it can take up to 15 days. Make sure to pay attention to the water and humidity conditions, as well as the temperature which should be at around 21-24ºC. Growth Period: This is also called the vegetative phase. It’s the main period of growth that your plant will go through , and probably the most important. After managing to get your sapling to sprout and transplanting it (into soil or a jiffy), the growth period begins. Just like the name says, your plants will grow the most it’s ever going to grow and stretch upwards during this period, allowing it to get the correct shape and size to proceed to the next stage; flowering. Like many of you probably already know, your plants will need more light during the growth phase than any other phase.

Generally, 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness are recommended per day. A proper balance between light and dark is the key element to a successful growth period. The light is obviously very important in as far as photosynthesis, but those hours of darkness are incredibly important as well, as during that time there’s an exchange of essential elements in your plants’ metabolisms. This period will take more or less time depending on the seed, strain and growing method.


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