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You found a related video with additional information or grow-infos about Critical Kush on YouTube? The reviews are so confusingly off I have to defend this absolute Legend of a strain. My tolerance is pretty high, so when 3 tokes of this Beauty made my eyes droopy, I knew I'd found Narnia. This is my absolute favorite indica because I've not experienced any negative effects (not even a cough) apart from that I can't find it anywhere anymore.

This stuff I think is top notch, some of these reviews are off, first off it is a great all around strain unlike some that only hit a few symptoms, I think the Critical Purple Kush it's a all around indica dominant,stress, pain relieving, calming, happy relaxing etc. I would highly recommend this stuff to anyone suffering from something tramatic,or medical! 8 Hilarious Stand-Up Comedians Share the Funny Side of Getting High. What's better than getting high and watching stand-up comedy? Getting high and watching stand-up about getting high. Comedians are known for pushing social boundaries, so it's no surprise that weed is a major topic of discussion in many stand-up routines. If you need any proof that many comedians are stoners just like us, here are eight stand-ups featuring some of their funniest marijuana moments. Tom Segura — 'Disgraceful' Since gaining exposure through his three-special deal with Netflix, Tom Segura has been very vocal about his weed use.

In Segura's third Netflix special, “ Disgraceful, ” he cracks some highly relatable jokes about buying weed from sketchy sources, disagreeing with his dad about weed, and how children in the future will never believe our stories about strict weed laws. Segura tells the story of his 15-year-old self buying weed from a guy in a solo trailer. The weed dealer tells Segura to watch the trailer while he goes to retrieve the weed, but before he leaves instructs Segura to “blast” anyone who enters with a shotgun — with the exception of the dealer's mom. Segura stressed out, recounting, “I go, 'Can we get a description before we agree to terms? How about a height and weight on old mom?'” Nick Swardson — 'Seriously, Who Farted?' Though he was upset that he didn't have any weed-smoking scenes in “Grandma's Boy ,” Nick Swardson talks about smoking on set (even though they were given fake weed), getting overly high, and going to the movies stoned in his special, “ Seriously, Who Farted? “ There's nothing worse than being violently too high. Like, you know that feeling when you get way too high and you have, like, that inner monologue where you're like 'Just breathe, man, just breathe. [He makes a terrifying grin.] OK, that was the worst thing you could have ever done. They just called the police.' ” Dave Chappelle — 'The Age of Spin' From “Half Baked” to “ Chappelle's Show,” Dave Chappelle has never been shy about his love for the plant. “The Age of Spin” is Chappelle's first stand-up special following his departure from “Chappelle's Show” and subsequent 10-year hiatus from comedy. It's part of a two-episode comedy special which features bits about Chappelle's pot foibles, his interactions with different social groups, and his career in Hollywood. Chappelle responded to the TMZ headline “Dave Chappelle Drunk Onstage in Detroit” by saying he was actually just really high. He said, “I don't know if you know anything about hanging out with rappers, but their weed is very strong [. ] The article goes on to say I was booed offstage, which is also incorrect. It was a fucking nightmare.'” Joe Rogan — 'Triggered' To say that cannabis activist Joe Rogan discusses his love for weed in his comedy and podcasts would be a major understatement. In his first Netflix special, “Triggered,” Rogan talks all things weed from getting high as a parent to getting ripped on edibles and talking to dolphins. Rogan announces that he's “high as fuck” and starts ranting about how the people making edibles need to slow down. He jokes, “I ask the dude at the pot store, I go 'Hey man, how strong are the gummy bears?' [. How much should I take?' 'Just the leg.' 'Just the leg? What the fuck are you trying to prove, man?' ” Doug Benson — 'Doug Dynasty' Doug Benson is one of the quintessential stoner stand-up comics. His jokes are irreverent and silly but, when you think about it, pretty darn clever. Basically, all of his material has something to do with getting high, so if you're high and want to watch stand-up you can relate to, you really can't miss this one. Benson explained that he used to think meth and marijuana shouldn't both be Schedule I drugs, but then he discovered that meth is actually Schedule IItwo on the Drug Enforcement Administration's (DEA) Federal Controlled Substances Act. He said, “Like, marijuana is considered to be much worse than meth by the DEA. You know, the bottom line is I get high and watch “ Breaking Bad ,” I don't watch “Weeds” on meth.” Katt Williams — 'Pimp Chronicles Part 1' In addition to being a masterful comic, Katt Williams is an enthusiastic marijuana smoker.

This special opens with Williams getting a pep talk from Snoop Dogg over a blunt , and covers everything from weed to the “pimps” running the U.S. government to the trials of being a black American. Oh yeah, and Lil Jon shows up and says some stuff near the end.

Williams tells the crowd that there's a chemical in weed called “fuck it,” and, “If you can just get that in your system, it could change your life.


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